Volvo Looking To Refine Image With Redesigned Styling And High-Tech Engines

Volvo Looking To Refine Image With Redesigned Styling And High-Tech Engines

Over a decade ago, Volvo’s vehicles were known to be some of the safest on the planet, but were seen as boring and economical family sedans.

Then they tried to change their image some by adding sportiness to their models and turning towards premium vehicles and even adding some luxury to their brand. Now it just seems like Volvo’s a little bit confused but the manufacturer claims to move further upscale with a new design language and more fuel-efficient engines.

Volvo’s lightweight SPA platform will be seen in new mid-sized and large models starting in 2014, and with those vehicles we’ll also see Volvo’s new generation of smaller, four-cylinder engines. Volvo will also be turning towards turbochargers and plug-in hybrids in search for more power and fuel efficiency.

They also announced that a diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain that’s currently in development will be shown off at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Volvo is boasting 123-mpg with 440 lb-ft of torque out of this powertrain, with an electric-only mode giving it a range of 30-miles.

Volvo will also continue aiming towards being a luxury brand worldwide and “will go upmarket if the market will bear it.”

The next-generation XC90 will arrive in 2014 while the redesigned S80 will come in 2015. One thing is for sure, Volvo doesn’t have any plans to return to the old-school “brick” look but continue to broaden their new, rounded style.

[Source: Automotive News]