2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets New Security Features

2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets New Security Features

Maybe it’s the price tag. Maybe it’s the chrome. Regardless of the reason, there’s a big risk that your Escalade won’t be making home.

For the fourth year running, the iconic Cadillac SUV topped the list of vehicles most likely to be stolen. Thankfully, GM isn’t sitting idly by while their loyal mix of suburban socialites and grill-sporting rappers get their prized rides snatched by car thieves— at least not anymore. In August GM announced that the 2012 Escalade would sport spiffed up security features to fend off fiends in the act. Details around those features finally came to light today in a press release.

“The goal is to make the Escalade a very difficult target for thieves without any added inconvenience for customers,” Bill Biondo, General Motors’ global leader for vehicle theft prevention told CarScoop. “The new systems work in the background and few people realize they are there, but they are strong added protections.”

Those added protection measures include a standard encrypted key system that prevents drive-away thefts and an improved column-lock system that makes pushing the trucks onto flatbeds almost impossible. Owners can also opt to pay more for a system that senses changes in the vehicle’s angle as would happen during a tow-away or flatbed theft and triggers an alarm, a shock-sensing system that detects “shocks” like breaking glass and finally a wheel-locking system to keep your Escalade from ending up on cinder blocks while you shop.


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