2013 Dodge Viper To Debut In April

2013 Dodge Viper To Debut In April

There’s no arguing with it— the Dodge Viper is a badass beast that churns out tire smoke faster than a hillbilly bonfire.

That’s why it was such a disappointment when it briefly disappeared from the Dodge lineup, but fear not for the snake will be back soon. Chrysler has been pretty careful about keeping their mouths shut, but Chrysler’s SRT Brand President and CEO Ralph Gilles spilled the beans to Viper magazine. The next generation will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April.

Rumors grow like a virus in a petri dish when such an iconic car gets shrouded from the public, and grow they have. We don’t know much about the car, but rumblings of an 8.7-liter heart under the hood are certainly at the top of the list. Along with that, some are speculating that the new Viper will be based off something from the Fiat line like the Maserati GranTurismo.

Some of that might prove to be true, given Chrysler’s partnership with the Italian automaker, but don’t expect to see anything less than brute force from the new generation.

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[Source: AutoBlog]

  • Kyle

    The Maserati rumor is backwards. The new platform will underpin a Maserati or two.