2013 Ford Fusion To Get Lane-Departure Warning Device

2013 Ford Fusion To Get Lane-Departure Warning Device

The lane-departure warning system will soon be found in a mainstream American family sedan as Ford introduces the new 2013 Ford Fusion at the upcoming 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The 2013 Fusion will feature a digital camera mounted on the windshield that will detect lane markers and position itself between them. If the driver allows the Fusion to cross a lane, then the steering wheel will vibrate to alert the driver with a “rumble strip” sensation. If the Fusion drifts across the lane a bit too frequently, a chime and a coffee cup icon appearing on the instrument panel will politely suggest the driver pull over for refreshments.

Ford will bring its lane-departure warning system to other models in the line-up as well, starting with the Explorer SUV and will also include the technology on some new Lincoln models.

Ford Development Engineer Michael Kane said, “We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the accuracy of the lane-detection and the smoothness of the assist.”

The NHTSA has estimated that drowsy drivers have caused 100,000 crashes every year, 1,500 of which were fatal, 71,000 of which resulted to injury. These accidents also cost about $12.5 billion in losses.

GALLERY: Ford Fusion Lane-Departure Warning