2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept to Bow at Detroit Auto Show

2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept to Bow at Detroit Auto Show

Honda has announced it will debut an all-new Accord Coupe concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January and if past concepts (above) are any guess it will bear a close resemblance to the production model. In a press release Honda calls the concept “dynamic and aggressive”.

The concept foreshadows a production version of the 9th generation Accord, which will debut as a 2013 model and will go on sale in the Fall of 2012.

No details of the vehicle have been provided but Honda recently announced details that it would add direct-injection to much of its lineup, including its V6 and 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engines. Also look for the use of a CVT transmission as opposed to a conventional automatic. Honda has announced a commitment to be a leader in both fuel economy and engine output

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  • Chris

    If this is the next gen accord, someone in Honda land should look up the the current 8th gen concept sketch and compare notes – seems like something is way off with this being the next gen accord, since nothing has really changed and with the addition of the cvt transmission i see people switching brand favorites of the masses – hopefully we are not watching Honda dwindle right in front of our eyes (and why they wouldn’t learn from the civic styling disaster) now having to refresh it a year later because of heavy criticism is beyond me

  • Dilan

    Hi Chris – I picture in the article IS of the 8th gen concept. I believe the author is saying that since since the sketch is so similar to the production 8th gen, the forecoming 9th gen concept (of which we have no pictures yet) will be similar to the production 9th gen.

  • Lee

    Doesn’t really matter witch concept sketch it is, the bottom line is Honda is failing to see the bigger picture. Their idea of changing a generation of a vehicle of late is to make it the same darn thing it was before. I believe the idea of if it aint broke don’t fix it is applying here for Honda.

    The big picture is Honda has been dropping the ball since 2001 with the departure of the Prelude, then dropping of the S2000, then in 2005 when a game changing Accord was seeing signs of poor quality control and then the abortion of the 8th Gen came. Now we have the Civic witch missed the target by generations and miles off target. The new redesigned but yet agin the same damn things CRV. If Honda can not deliver a game changing Accord like they did ten years ago with the 2003, Honda might as well close up shop.. It use to be Honda drove the edge of future and quality cars now I have to rank them with the likes of GM and Fiat. Hell if Dodge can deliver a 300/Charger with almost 300hp v6 power plant with a matted 8 speed transmission and to see 30+ mpg, there is some thing wrong with the picture in Japan.

    Honda cant blame their bad decisions on natural disasters and supply issues. Not when we all can see the decline since 2001. Will they pull a 180 and deliver a car that will change the way Honda does its business and R and D I do hope so. I love Honda vehicles my family been loyal to the company and I want to continue the tradition with what I hope will be my next purchase of another Accord coupe.

    God I hope Honda is reading these post and listening to the consumer who really buy and love their products. Cause if not the company is never going to be able to get out of its hole its digging its self into. Hell I will come in to help you get real world logical ideas and put the company on track for success.

    I know I got off track but just saying what we all know is the god’s to honest truth. The Accord is the make or brake time for Honda. And yes that is the same picture I saw in car and driver back in 2007 or 2008 or something I still have the article some where.

  • carguy

    Another wrong move from HOnda instead of doing dual clutcha and 6-8 speed automatics with paddle shifters–it appears to be going with CVTs — the type of transmission that all enthusiasts detest. Honda also needs to add twin scroll direct injection turbos and need new design studios as HOnda/Acura products are usually either bland or ugly when compared to the rest of the industry.

  • Pawel

    Top Quality, fuel efficiency, and safety are Honda’s main objectives I think.
    Although the quality might not be as it used to be, but it’s still above par than most other’s.(Please Honda, show what quality really is).
    The idea of CVT tranny is for fuel efficiency(sorry enthusiasts).
    Like seriously…Most of Honda’s lineup of cars is not meant for ‘performance'(but only enough to be up to par with the rest of the class).
    As long as they stick to their 3 main objectives, consumers will stay loyal.
    I wouldn’t sacrifice reliability and safety for V6 300HP/8Spd tranny.