2013 Honda Civic Refresh Confirmed

2013 Honda Civic Refresh Confirmed

In a completely unprecedented and unexpected move, Honda has announced to its dealers to expect a new Civic by the end of next year. That’s right, the all-new 2012 Honda Civic that just came out is already getting a makeover.

Honda is clearly doing damage control by saying that the revamp is coming early in order to stay ahead of the competition. But there’s little doubt it’s coming because the all-new Civic was so disappointing. In fact, many believe that it was a step backwards from the previous generation’s offerings and that Honda really missed the mark on their iconic model.

At least Honda is being proactive in recognizing that a change needs to be made, hopefully it’s for the better.

As for what we can expect, Honda recently previewed a new lineup of engine and transmission technologies, including a new direct-injection 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine. In addition, Honda has produced a new CVT transmission for use in compact cars and so its possible that will replace the current 5-speed automatic unit. These changes come as a part of Honda’s new Earth Dreams Technology plan where it aims to deliver vehicles that are not only fuel economy leaders, but performance leaders. too.

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  • Elankum Vairavanathan

    Article from Autoguide

  • Dan Cronan

    As if I didn’t already love Honda already, I am sticking by them for life now with this news!!!!!!!

  • steve

    Will see! CVT=less sales in my book!

  • leslie

    i love my 2112 civic. first honda i ever had. to many blinde spots in rear view mirrow and front mirror.

  • Martin

    Smart move, the 2012 was a disaster, the car was actually ugly and most definitely a step back from a great looking car. What were they thinking??? With Korean auto makers being bold and progressive with their designs honda decides not only to stay boring and ugly? My girlfriend just got a new elantra and honda better step it up cause I might get a hyundai next. (I own a 2000 honda civic which i love)

  • Ray

    @Steve, how does CVT=less sales?

    @Martin, I agree, the 2012 Civic design is ugly. Honda could’ve done a much better job with the 9th gen civic, it looks way too much like the previous version. It’s like they shrunk the 8th gen civic and gave it a facelift. At the moment Hyundai is doing much better with design, just look at the 2012 Hyundai Sonata…it’s hot!

  • Colum Wood
  • Don Hickey

    Ugly? Are you serious? The Sedan in particular was the nicest and sportiest looking Civic ever! Honda is making great strides in appealing to the younger demographic, without whom the future of Civic Sales would look pretty bleak.
    With Bluetooth, windows media and USB connectivity standard equipment, a 56 MPG rating and new ECON feature, how could anyone say it’s a step backward.
    5 years from now it will still be worth more than any of its competitors!
    #1 selling car in Canada 14 years running. Enough said.

  • IG

    All the people bashing on the new civic clearly either don’t own the car or don’t know the first thing about what makes a car good. I completely agree with Don Hickey, the new features that 2012 civic has makes it a huge step forward from the 8th gen civic. How can anyone call integration of iMid screen, econ mode, bluetooth handsfree link integration, USB connection and 40+ mpg a step backwards? 8th gen civic didn’t have any of these features. I do agree that the 8th gen looked nicer, but thats not enough to call the 9th gen a “disaster” or a “step backwards”. People always have problems whenever honda changes anything even in the slightest, but almost every civic ends up being bestselling.

  • Marc

    I’d really like Honda to replace the reflector headlights with projector headlights in the 2013 model. I want to put in hid’s without blinding people and save money in having to buy projector housings. I also think that it will get an increase in looks.

  • Todd Weaver

    My wife and I bought a 2012 knowing that several review magazines did not like it AND the dealership told up that Honda was planning to redesign and reissue to model for 2013. I guess they were right but honestly we love the car. The only thing I would change is to ad a 6 speed transmission – a CVT, I dunno sounds like too much change. a simple 6 speed transmission would change the shifting and deceleration characteristics of the car. It definitely is the best looking Civic in over a decade. we traded a 1998 civic for the 2012 and we are very happy.Having the only model year for a car can be a good or bad thing at time-of-resale. I guess we’ll see; people seem to love it and hate it. We like that the car doesn’t stand-out and get noticed, it’s a good thing for a car owner in South Florida. It just looks like a Honda, not a cartoon. It’s not a child’s car, and that is just what we wanted; we’re 37 and 38.

  • Dave

    I like my 2012 Si Coupe, with the exception of the following:

    I wish the iMid also displayed engine temp, oil pressure, etc;
    Some small light for the change bin in front of the shifter;
    A glove box light;
    LEDs for the tail, brake and turn signals, plus side marker LEDs
    Map lights for the rear seats.

    Other than that, the car is AWESOME! The 2.4L KICKS and gets 30mpg! A turbo and direct injection would have been cool, but it is zippy enough as it is!

  • Xue

    Look Honda. Start making some civic type r and we will see sales go up. Please make them hatchback styles. Just think about it for a second. You think you got more old people driving them or younger. Wrong. Aim towards younger groups with civic type r’s hatchbacks. I will trade my 2000 civic with 200 horsepower in for an R hatch.

  • Tommy

    Having owned both a 2006 and a 2009 (both Civic LX 4drs) I have to say the following. At first, I thought that my 2012 Civic LX 4dr in “Urban Titanium” was a handsome car, but not as good looking as my previous ones. I felt that the previous ones had a “quirky but agressive stance” and that they looked really cool, while the 2012 looked like most other cars on the road with the forward leading body crease.

    But, my thoughts changed, especially when EVERYONE commented on how good looking the car was, especially in the color that I have. When I park next to a previous generation, I now feel that the 2012 is a better looking car

    Also, the new equipment (iMid, econ button, etc.) are awesome features. Plus, the interior is way quieter, even it if it has tons of hard plastic and carpet that looks and feels like felt. Oh yeah, the headliner is really cheap looking too.

    Overall, I do like my 2012 a lot. Plus, I have been getting 41 mpg on the highway, and about 37 mpg overall. THis is way more than my previous two

    I highly recommend this car. Much better choice than the Elantra. Remember it’s a HONDA… and that means it will hold its value and give you years of worry free transportation

  • Jim Molesworth

    Bought my 2012 Civic last spring. Love it. Like the looks and get compliments from strangers. Mid 40’s hiway mpg! Mid 30’s around town. Bought the EX-L which should have offered electric seat adjust–not an option. The dash goes dark when the headlights are on during the day (as req’d many places I drive)–almost dangerous with sun glasses on. Gas mileage beats the pack with ‘old’ technology. When Honda really tries to max fuel economy, look out!

  • SI..owner

    Alot of people with bad comments about the ’12 civic. I own the Civic SI and have driven almost all the others that have come before. The mechanincs alone in the ’12 version beats out the rest. the 2011 SI was a disaster. any civic after 2000 has been basically the same. Drive a 2012 Civic SI and you won’t be thinking about hundai or KIA.

  • Windy

    I love my 2012 honda civic. I’m a mom to 4 boys..we have plenty of room for 4 growing boys…. One already 5’11 at 15. I drive alot! The car is excellent on gas mileage, and compfort. Like someone said earlier…I get compliments on my car. I had a 2009 bmw and the met alone was expensive, let alone filling up…with my honda its a breeze 🙂

  • Tf

    If the 2012 models are so good looking, why do Honda have to redesign it ?

  • knowledge

    I love the new body style I looks like a space ship I love is much I bought 2 one in silver and
    one in blue for me and the wife FYI it’s great on gas

  • ClementZ

    All this is going to cost Honda a crap load.
    All new RL
    All new Accord
    and now, an all new Civic
    All in the same time frame?
    I’m glad that mechanically, this Civic is the best yet.
    But I’m kinda sad that Honda’s just realizing that people dgaf about the mechanics of a car if it doesn’t look good.

    And one more thing, if the redesign is coming next year, does that mean that the MMC won’t come? And that this new one will last until 10th gen, with no changes?

  • JayO

    I Recently Purchased A 2012 Honda Civic Ex and I honestly say that i LOVE my car. i blacked out the front grille and the Honda emblem in the back i also debadged the “civic” on the back. i recently put Visors for doors and sunroof, fog lights, a wing spoiler, ambient lighting in the interior, some official civic floormats and a trunktray. this car is definitely a Plus in my life and i recommend it to ANYONE. very roomy, veryyyyy smooth ride, engine is nice, Econ mode is a huge plus since you only utilize 90% of your engine. its an overall plus for me. i definitely want to see the remodeled version though.

  • Dave Ottawa

    i owned a 1986 Prelude…. wonderful car.. superior handling.. why? low profile car and double wishbone suspension…. in 1987 the car was mad a little more square and longer,,, amazing car..!
    In the early 80’s the civics were cheap but eclectic looking and I would love to have one now..in the 90″s the civics took a drastic change in appearance and they looked fantastic… well they changed the pre-ludes also..and here’s where HONDA started to epically fail in their designs..
    the 92-96 Preludes.. the back end was ugly with it’s triangular tailights with a very functional and sleek front end design..!! Then arrives the 97 Type SH, from the front… it was a confused and pathetic design … however the rear end received wide skinny tail configuration which was a sexy sporty addition to the new body… SO my question is..why didn’t they marry the 96 front and the 97 ass together and have a sexy car design that would have lasted for at least 5 generations with minor mods..!!…
    Back to the civics.. HONDA basically stayed safe WITH DESIGN AND DID A a great job keeping a well designed car and a good looking car until 2006..
    In 2006 HONDA started doing the same thing they did to the preludes… chopped the nose giving it a weird front end and apprently difficult to determine where you front end is when parking.. gave it a very sllek and Honda style rear end .. in 2012 they got much closer to correcting the problem but ultimatly failed again… I love my honda’s but we need them to do a few things..
    1. bring back full Doulble wisbone suspension
    2. Have a new designer make both ends sexy not just back or front on different model years
    3. Bring back the Prelude
    Thanks for listening…!!!

  • Scott Monroe

    I had an 93 Prelude Si Dave, and while the tail lights could have been better, all-in-all, I still think it was the most attractive Prelude model. I also had an ’87 Si. Hands down the 93 was a far better, more advanced car. The 97+ models were a bug step backwards IMO, which is what sank a previously successful model.

  • Tom A

    At least is has a nice steering wheel.  Can we put the outside rear view morrors back where they belong (at the front of the door) and loose the fake vent windows.

  • ken

    I hate FWD.  I know it is great in snow and it was in the last singular snow of significance we had in our neighborhood a dozen years.  We get ice storms, yes, storms!  Rime coatings which destroy power lines so the garage doors don’t open so I can’t get the car on the road, but that is okay because only suicidal people try to drive on those roads.  FWD doesn’t help a bit on those surfaces. 
    I hate the additional front weight and eventual, but certain, expense of replacing CV mechanics.  That is one of the major reasons I don’t like most of the current automotive products.  
    Where is the RWD, 4WDB, mid or rear 6 cyl. engine.  Deutsche motor werke has some excellent, pricey products, but the German maintenance manual for BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz,VW, etc. is exhausting.
    It would be great to find a two-seat, 5/6 MT, RWD, R/ME that doesn’t cost the appendages necessary to own and operate it.
    Nissan 370 NIMSO is nearly perfect, except for price.  Mazda Miata has RWD, as I have read, but I hardly need a ragtop.
    Any advice?

  • the new subaru brz . i think it comes with rwd

  • I own a 2006 Civic, and I wanted out of that ’12 at the dealer’s lot and back to my ’06 as fast as I could get there. I hated the ’12. It felt so cheap. It felt uncomfortable. Everything felt like such a step backward. I wanted an update, this was a complete retrograde! My 2006 is running perfectly.. and i’m thankful.. and I’ll keep it. This ’12 made my ’06 feel like a Lexus luxury car, compared.

  • danwat1234

    I can’t wait for the Earth Dreams engines to come to the Civic, Accord and Hybrids. The new Civic will probably beat the Cruze eco in MPG, maybe even the Passat TDI. Now all that will be missing is auto start/stop, electrical system recuperation and A-VTEC (continuous valve lift (not just 2 stage like before, but infinite) as well as the normal continuum valve timing).

  • I disagree, In general most hondas feel cheap for they are not luxury cars simply commuting cars sort of like daily drivers something to beat up..Ive had a few hondas and although i wasnt a fan of the 2012 it had some good technology that the 06 lacked..as far feeling cheap like plastic stuff and so on..well thats honda there is no way you can say the 06 doesn’t feel cheap and plastic.. alot of people get personal when comparing what they own to whats new, we as humans tend to defend what we own even though its old and tired..The 2012 civic is definitly refreshed but not where it should be the civic is expensive for what its offering..

  • BRZ seems awesome, im not a fan of the look but Subaru is superb.. I DID NOT like the move Subaru did with teaming up with scion i think it cheapens the brand..Most of us when we think scion we think high school kid cars..when we think Subaru we think quality young adult cars by mixing i think BRZ lost alot of potential buyers..NO one wants to drop 30k on a Subaru when you will see a scion roll by you thats the twin brother of your Subaru LOL stupid move suby keep your ideas to your self.

  • Because there greedy and didn’t like the sales.. since they spend so much money on it they expected more..The world is in an economic crisis did they expect to sell a shit load on a car that’s directed for young people, young people are among the most financially struck right now. And lets not get ahead of ourselves ive seen shots of the new cars it looks like a beefy Ford Fiesta..Not really a big improvement.. Honda is fucking up they havent done nothing worthy since the 2000 civics

  • I Agrees, although i think the 2012 si could use some changes i dont believe changing the look will do much to sales.. So far the pictures i have seen looks like the 2013 civic will look like a ford fiesta i mean honda is going from fair to shitty fast..

  • Rest Assured regardless of what happens to civics in 2013 your civic will run forever and always have great resale value and trade in value superior to any car in its class thats a fact

  • Poplintu

    older one’z looks seem better…>>

    sorry HONDA………………………..
                                                     poor design@//////////////////

  • Garland

    The 2012 Civics are just plain homely. They took everything that was RIGHT with its predecessor and, essentially, undid it. And the already tacky, arcade-style dash design…well, they managed to find a way to make it even chintzier. Drove me straight into the driver’s seat of a Hyundai Elantra GLS.

  • kazo

    i really disappointed in this new design…i am a big fan of the previous honda civic and this new design is totally a SHIT!!!

  • Bobo Fango

    so glad i went with the hyundai elantra instead of this crap

  • Yeahhh

    JayO your so gay

  • Justinc

    The 2012 Civic sucks. My 2006 Civic interior is much nicer. I couldnt even remotely consider buying a 2012 Civic. It felt like a cheap rental car.

  • Parth Pathak

    If this is the final look of civic 2013, shame on u Honda 1st time.!! U must continue the current model besides this. & should launch diesel version with the same model with new interiers & some other changes or upgrades.

  • Jason Li

    oh hell no. don’t you try to start that whole human nature shit. that’s not even close to what this is about. we civic owners wanna see the car progress and compete so we can be proud honda owners 😛 

     “even though its old and tired”  if the 8th gen is “old and tired” then so is the 9th, cause there’s really not much difference between them. see my point? 

    the new civic IS in FACT cheaper made than the previous generation in order to cut costs and save weight. Honda aren’t known to be luxury, but when you take a STEP BACK from what was “acceptable” on the 8th gen and go even cheaper, WHEN THE REST OF THE OTHER COMPANIES INCREASED QUALITY, AND HAS WAY MORE HORSEPOWER FOR THE SAME COST, you fucked up.

  • Jtmackie

    ,, most reliable car on planet earth ,,, ’nuff said !

  • Bobbbyyyy

    the car in the picture is the model they are redesigning. It’s a picture of a 2012 honda civic, not what the 2013 is going to look like.

  • Flyhi152

    the 2012  Civic  generation  is  going  to be  the  shortest generation they  ever  made…   I  was  just  wondering  what  will  happen  with  the  resale  value  of   these  models

  • Anonymoue

    I wish Honda would go back to their previous style. They are starting to look like a prius
    without the color options. I really want to get a new civic but the body style is getting ugly and the color options are dismal.

  • ithinkyoustink

    I’ve Been Driving Civic’s for Years.  I Do Not Like The Way The New Hood Drops Down.  I Won’t Buy A New Civic Until They Change This.