2013 Kia Forte Design Sketches Leaked?

2013 Kia Forte Design Sketches Leaked?

If this is a hint of what the 2013 Kia Forte may look like, the Korean auto manufacturer might have a winner on their hands. Despite only being on the market since 2009, Kia is looking to refresh their Forte by next year, as a 2013 model.

The sketch shows off the supposed new 2013 Forte sedan, clearly getting some inspiration from their fellow Korean counterparts at Hyundai. The front grille is also very Optima-esque. It might be a few more months before we’ll see more on the new Forte, but if this is the direction that Kia is taking with their design, we approve.

[Source: Kia World]

  • Vijendran_k

    I hope the end product would be it. Anything less then this sketch would be disaster. Its looks ten miles a head of the Japs latest civic and altis. I hope this sketch will end up in production. WELL DONE KIA. FAN OF KIA FORTE, and driving one.