Aptera Employees Destroy Prototype Electric Vehicles On Camera

Aptera Employees Destroy Prototype Electric Vehicles On Camera

Maybe the staff at Aptera watched the printer-smashing scene in Office Space too many times and felt like taking some frustration out on inanimate objects.

Whatever their reason the video footage of their antics is creating a stir. Last Sunday we reported that Aptera, the environmentally focused startup responsible for building funky-looking 3-wheeled EVs would cease to exist. They had no choice but to shut their doors after failing to find investors willing to match a $150 million Department of Energy loan offer.

Had they succeeded, Fox News reported that the company was aiming to market a family sedan similar in size to the Toyota Camry.

Aptera co-founder and former Chief Technical Officer Steve Fambro expressed his dismay on the Aptera forum yesterday, saying These were beautiful, fully functioning vehicles.” He went on to say that there was “no viable or logical reason for this to have been done, only to prevent the founder from ever seeing their functioning [cars] work again.”

Fambro left the company in 2009 after a failed coup attempt aimed according to him at trying to save the company “from team B’s failed path of waiting for the DOE.”

The videos feature unnamed employees destroying what looks like body shells of the raindrop-like 2e. You can watch them below.