Aston Martin V8 Vantage to Join Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge

Aston Martin V8 Vantage to Join Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge

Aston Martin has announced a pair of V8 Vantages will be joining the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge with Multimatic campaigning at least one of them.

For those wondering who Multimatic is, they’re recognized as a world leader in composite technology and recently worked with Aston Martin to develop the full carbon fiber monocoque chassis found on the One-77. Multimatic is also well known for their advanced vehicle analysis and dynamic simulation, helping Aston Martin to bring unrivaled specialist capabilities to the One-77 model.

Another collaboration between Aston Martin and Multimatic includes their DSSV Dampers on the V12 Zagato Concept. Multimatic Motorsports is in charge of designing, engineering, building and campaigning several race cars in North America and Europe, and seeing a Vantage V8 in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series will be a nice addition.

Aston Martin won’t be the only original ones joining the series next year either, with Audi-tuner APR Motorsport prepping their R8 to go racing.

  • ron lazell

    just watched continental tire new jersey race. whats going on? thought these cars were basically stock. how can a subaru sti out accelerate an aston vantage. on road this would not happen. suba ru must b modified, even goes past camaros and mustangs. what r eng specs of these vehicles? must admit this seems absolutely ridiculous.

  • Artz12

     It’s all about balance of performance(BoP).  The Aston Martin runs pretty true-to-stock with a couple of hundred pounds of added weight ballast.  The Subaru runs with less weight, and a longer list of  approved modifications and replacement components, additional boost etc.