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 |  Dec 19 2011, 6:30 PM

The Lamborghini Aventador has inspired yet another flashy accessory that fans of the supercar will have to keep an eye out for – the Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch.

Designed by Marko Petrovic, this timepiece is still in the concept stage, but pictures of the Avenger Vertical Tourbillon promise great things from this luxury watch. Outfitted in black and orange, this watch takes style cues from the Aventador’s engine. Its face is styled after the Aventador’s engine cover and even features an engine roll bar. Holding it in place is a tire tread-like wrist band.

Since it’s still just a concept, there are no official specs, prices or a release date. But if it’s anything like its inspiration, it will be expensive and exclusive. We’ll keep you posted on updates and availability when they become available.

[Source: Top Speed]


  • Stew L

    Do want! How much? I need to know this!

  • Amy Tokic

    Hey Stew,
    It’s just a concept right now, so no price as of yet. I’ll keep you posted.