Bridgestone’s Air-Free Tires Will Make Flats A Thing Of The Past [Video]

Bridgestone’s Air-Free Tires Will Make Flats A Thing Of The Past [Video]

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about getting a flat ever again? That’s a possibility for the near future, thanks to Bridgestone’s Air-Free tires.

Making an appearance at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the Bridgestone airless tires are puncture proof and super flashy. Employing a detailed resin spoke system, these airless tires offer the same shock absorption as the inflatable type. And thanks to these neon green thermoplastic resin spokes, the airless tires can rollover nails, broken glass and other road hazards without fear of springing a leak. Since these tires are made from recycled rubber and plastics, you can toss the worn out tread in the blue bin once it has become worn.

The Bridgestone airless tires are still in development (the company needs to work out a few kinks), but you can see them in action on an electric cart – check out the video after the jump. Would you switch to these new tires once they become available? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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  • King Thomas E.

    Hurry up and make the airless. Flat free tire and everyone will buy them ” hands down”!!!!


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