Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed

Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed

Following on from the announcement that GM is looking at redesigning the Chevrolet Volt’s lithium-ion battery system in the wake of several highly publicized fires resulting from test crashes, comes further news that both the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration delayed disclosure of their original findings by months.

Apparently, way back in June, General Motors heard about a Volt fire that happened three weeks after said vehicle was crash tested, yet it wasn’t until November that the company, or NHTSA disclosed there was a potential problem, urging both dealers and customers to drain the battery pack immediately following an accident.

As a result the public relations nightmare surrounding Chevy’s halo vehicle appears to be deepening, though a good deal of the blame in this case also rests with NHTSA.

Joan Claybrook, a former adminstrator at NHTSA believes part of the reason for the delay was the “fragility of Volt sales.” Yet she also believes that “NHTSA could have put out a consumer alert, not to tell them [customers] for six months makes no sense to me.”

GM designed a complex cooling system for the Volt’s lithium ion battery pack to help regulate its temperature (lithium-ion units are known for overheating), yet until July it hadn’t finalized a standard proceedure to power down the battery system, the Volt had already been on sale in the US for six months at that juncture.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, which crash tested a Volt back in February reported no incidents of fire as resulting from the accident, yet when a second crash test was performed in August, General Motors sent a technician to power down the battery.

An interesting point on the subject been raised by Clarence Ditlow, executive director for the Center of Auto Safety in Washington D.C. He said that he is “surprised that NHTSA didn’t drain the battery after crash testing as it is standard procedure to empty the fuel tank on conventional gasoline powered vehicles.” He also says that the NHTSA incident underlines the need for “greater transparency when conducting crash tests,” as well as setting proper industry standards when it comes to new technologies.

A spokesman for GM said the company felt it didn’t need to initially disclose the issue because the original fire was an isolated occurrence and happened some time after the vehicle was crashed. “It’s kind of odd in many respects,” said Rob Peterson. “The question became: What was making this happen and what do we have to do?”

Nonetheless in wake of the findings; GM is now working with both NHTSA and the Society of Automotive Engineers to develop standards for all electric vehicles when it comes to crash testing. It’s also continuing with its program of providing concerned Volt owners with free loaner vehicles; so far 33 of roughly 5,000 customers have signed up.

[Source: Automotive News]

Correction Notice: The original article claimed that 5,000 customers has signed up for loaner cars. That information was incorrect. In fact, 33 of roughly 5,000 owners have requested loaner vehicles from General Motors.

  • coryabel

    GM engineers warned the company that the commercial prospect is very poor, not entering HEV may be fatal down the road and a catastrophic battery failure is just a matter of time!!!
    You know what, the management won’t listen, they only care about ballyhoo!!!

  • orlandorays

    Of course it was suppressed. Do you honestly think Government Motors is going to allow their own agencies to pan their products?

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    The car is a POS. an average of 410 sold/month since they went on sale – with half being glommed by Gumbint (your tax $). What a joke.

    Hey arm-pit hair braiders – where do you THINK the electricity comes from when you plug in the olf Volt after a 40 mile romp? Hint: FOSSIL FUEL.

  • ouldbollix

    OK lets see, we have a gubmint agency giving us a bs story about a gubmint bailed out auto company to make sure sales don’t drop off so as the gubmint don’t look bad.
    Well nobody ever saw this coming hahahahahhahahahahahhaha.

  • MDKing

    Hitler had the VW, Obama has the Volt

  • Reality Check

    First we had Obama-care now we have the Obama-mobile.

    Obama is working hard to screw up both our health care and our cars.

    The best part is we are going to be paying much more, both in therm of deaths and money, for far worse health care and far worse cars.

    Thanks again, Obama.

  • mr bear

    Auto Czar Steve Rattner in Nov 2011 described how he documents the terrific success of having the govt. help GM and Chrysler get their priorities right. I wonder if his book “Overhaul” also describes how to get the govt. watchdog to close their eyes. I think we will discover that govt. motors will be as successful as govt. education! Just make sure the watchdogs know to whom they *actually* report!

  • MDKing

    H it le r Had what later became know as the “Thing”
    O b am a Has the Volt.
    One and the same….

  • Henson

    Anytime Obama sends recovery money to an organization, you can be assured that it is for votes, not quality. The GM bailout was intended to mollify the union hoods that control and wrecked GM’s viability. The Volt is what comes from that process… a hurried, shoddy, overpriced “technology” that will long be forgotten among the millions of mis-spent waste ordered by our fraudulent president.

  • Earl

    Do you suppose that GM and the nut job are capable of saying Edsel?

  • ExDetroiter

    Maybe the growing pains of a new technology are too much for the U. S. media? No one has any surprise when a gasoline powered vehicle catches fire with a full fuel tank left open in the after the crash storage area. So why are we surprised that leaving the volt charged after a crash for weeks out in the open has potential for fire. You do understand that lithium ignites when exposed to water right? Just because you put the chemical into a battery doesn’t alter it’s basic properties. We saw this with sony lithium batteries burning up dell laptops about five years ago. The more energy you put into anything the more care you have to take safeguarding how that energy is released. I don’t even want to think about how dangerous those first glass head manual gasoline pumps at the old filling stations were. Does anyone else remember how the attendant used to fill up your tank while you sat inside and half the time the guy had a lit cigarette in his mouth or even his off hand while pouring the gas. Safety procedures are built up over time and the NTSB has not yet figured out it’s own testing and storage procedures.

  • Rob

    I bet, if the safety issue was for an SUV, the NHTSA would have been criticizing the vehicle at the earliest opportunity. POLITICS!

  • Andy

    Another Obama green initiative success story. LAMO!!!

  • motorman

    the govt(obama) bailed out GM to save the union(democrat votes) because if GM went thru a regular bankruptcy the union would have been gone along with their cadillac benefits

  • rdixonjr

    does anybody remember the “Yugo” . had to be rebuilt in the U.S.A. to be sold here. It wouldn’t run the way it came from the factory. I’m not looking forward to the gubment moters yugo (and this may be it) I’ll just buy Ford (who took a small amount of gubment money) or Toyota or Nissan. I’m not going to pay for a car twice regardless.

  • showmerancher

    What? Government motors perpetrating a fraud on the people with an unsafe vehicle? Where’s Ralph Nader when you need him?

  • George M

    Saw this coming 40 miles away.

  • Ellie Light

    once more a failed product of OBumbles administration covered up by his Union Stoogies — just so the could look good to the public and pay big bonuses to the GM execs that contributed to OBumbles election – a vicious circle of back room deals and coverups that go hand and hand with the current administration — swamp draing — Ha — open transparent goverment — Ha — tax increases for the middle class — heck yea ( but hidden in a bill – “you gotta pas it to know whats in it “

  • glenp

    LET’S HEAR THE MEDIA CRUCIFY GM(GUMINT MOTORS) the same way Toyota was crucified for some nebulous claims of safety

  • snapperboy

    Government Motors and the UAW-backed administration in cahoots to cover up problems? What a shock –

  • glenp

    Obama-mobile Obama-motors ObamaNocare Obamavilles where we all suffer equally!!!

  • SomeDude68

    WOW… MORE fraud from this elite controlled government?

    Too late! We have been assimilated. Our rights as citizens are no more.

    ~ Freedom of speech… nope! – National Defense Authorization Act eliminates that… an american citizen can now be detained, by the US military, for ANY negative remark or text about the government.

    ~ Innocent until proven guilty? – NOPE! Same act eliminated due process and even eliminates your access to a lawyer or right to trial. They can detain you as long as they like even with no grounds.

    America is no more.
    It has become something else… something dirty and corrupt.

  • Chippy55

    Well now it looks like all those Dealers who were buying the Volts AND TAKING THE $7,500 CREDIT FOR THEMSELVES are going to get burned when the Volts start burning, no? Those p igs were then selling the Volts as ‘used’ and that means the buyer could no longer take the credit. But wait, what happens when the consumer tries to take the credit next April on his taxes, and the IRS says, “Sorry Charlie, the Dealer already took the $7,500”. What happens then? Will there be a $15,000 credit on one vehicle? If you purchased a Volt, check your paperwork to see if it says New or Used, and then call the IRS to report the Dealer.

  • Giuseppe in Stati Uniti


    Planned obsolescence then, planned obsolescence now, planned obsolescence forever.

  • Tom

    More Union Made Garbage Out Of POS Detroit, Bought And Payed For With Our Hard Earned Tax Money. Hey, Union Scum Bags, It’s Almost Lunch Time, Got Yur Doobies Rolled & Your 40oz Gettin Cold?



  • WilliamPenn

    The GM ObamaVolt. Communist Party-approved car for the masses. Shove it, Barry!

  • Lyn

    More of Obambi’s transparency…………..what a joke

  • carrx

    Last time I heard this was still a free country and we are free to purchase other makes of vehicles, there are many options out there for less money. And from manufacturers that the goverment did not bail out.

  • Obamaroid Ointment

    Community Organizers and eco-moonbats make bad engineers.

  • Nick099

    Reading this article only confirms that politics was the root concern…not the product. Last November Obozo visited the factory and ordered the Volt production doubled. Not one sale had been made then. The Board was appointed by Obama. Management appointed by Obama. GM is a political arm of the Government at certain levels and the electric car fantasy is one. This is a case study why the Government and politicians should not be involved in the private sector by using Taxpayer monies to purchase companies… matter what the claimed outcome will be….the ends do not justify the means. The result is always a disaster. By the way. What does “draining the battery” mean when we are talking lithium/Ion hmmm?????? Especially to all of the enviro-fascists.

  • bytejockey

    Maybe Government Motors can ditch the batteries and power it with the leftover solar panels from Solyndra. Rebadge it as the Daylight Volt, which will be commonly referred to as the “Dolt”.

  • Longawaiting

    Obama Motors had an idea. Let’s sell our electric vehicle for $40,000. Federal government can pickup the first $10,000. Then we can sell the Volt (almost the same car as a $26,000 Toyota Prius) for $30,000. Our automobile is untested and may blowup, but what the heck, the feds can always make good on what we lose. Just look around if you are skeptical.

  • rob clay

    Divorce American Style- Buy your wife a volt.

  • jim nase

    I blame Bush

  • Dignon

    “so far more than 5,000 customers have signed up” Wrong. Only 33 Volt owners have succumbed to the hysteria of the anti-Volt crowd.

    If my Volt is in a serious crash, I think I’ll be able to get out of the car in less than three weeks.

    This is much to do about nothing, but rave on.

  • Born in Detroit now in FL

    My 5 year old Prius is better designed and safer than a volt.

  • Stoddard

    Rename it the Chevy “Dolt” and make Muscles Michelle the spokesbabe? Hey, it can’t do any worse.

  • dave campbel

    Something is badly wrong with the plan for the “owner to DISCHARGE the battery pack”

    thats a crap-load of electrical energy, wheres it going to go? How long does that take? Will they leave the radio and GPS on and doors open with dome light on to drain it in, oh, say 3 2 days?? Sheer stupidity, this is the ol “:blame the victim” play (its the buyers problem now to deal with our dangerous vehicle).

    The faster a large source of energy is discharged, the more HEAT and SPARKS tend to be generated and thats counter to the intent here.

    EVs will never work not because of the vehicle, but we can never generate enough electricity to power mass EV transportation, which is the critical fact these crooks are covering up.

    I did a rough calculation (with an energy conservation and automotive engineering background, but a Fifth Grader can repeat it) of how much electrical energy in KW-h is required if all the passenger cars in the US were replaced with EVs, assuming the power use of the new Lotus EV with top speed of 30 mph (and this is a gross under-estimation because the top speed is half or less than a gas powered vehicle)

    based on an Govt estimate of 127 Million passenger vehicles on the roads today in the US, asuming the KW rating of the Lotus, and a couple other assumptions I dont recall right off hand, the estimate of total electrical poer needed was 5.19 x 1-^19 KW-h

    NINETEENTH POWER. And it makes no difference if thats off by two or three decimal places, its LUDICROUS to think that the already failing power grids we have today can handle that ADDITIONAL power load.

    Nothing short of distributed nuke plants can handle that, then more power transmission must be installed, all to power a vehicle with a top speed of a few tens of MPH speed capacity and essentially no load capacity.

    Absolute green hysteria.

  • Dignon

    Rant away. I’m over 10,000 miles in my Volt and it’s been flawless.

    I rarely use any gas, and my electricity is cheap. The car is a champ. Fit and finish are superb, the ride excellent. Sales have been increasing every month, customer satisfaction is the highest of any new car, and now I know I have three weeks to get out of the car after a serious accident before the battery must be drained.

  • Massimo Deportado

    “Nonetheless in wake of the findings; GM is now working with both NHTSA and the Society of Automotive Engineers to develop standards for all electric vehicles when it comes to crash testing.”

    In other words, make new tests that the crap can pass.

    Liberals are going to get us all killed.

  • No GM for me

    Where’s Ralph Nader? He got famous by killing the Corvair, why not the volt, too?!

  • Stupid sexy Flanders

    Drain the battery pack? That sounds like a pretty simple operation, draining liquid, charged lithium. Just that will take a Hazmat team. Performance is a joke, range is non-existent, costs gigantic, dangers catastrophic (and for those comparing gas cars to Volts, don’t forget that only a few thousand Volts have been on the road FOR A MATTER OF WEEKS!). There is no reason for an electric car except as a toy and even then they need massive subsidies.

  • Johh Wolf

    President Obama at his best.

  • John Wolf

    Dignon: do you work for Government Motors, the unions, GE, or President Obama and Soros et al.

  • Marc M

    @Dignon, customer satisfaction surveys on a car like this is pointless because the people buying them are never going to say negative things about them because they bought them for an ideal and an image and will allow nothing to tarnish it.

    I find it funny that you are excited because a car has had no problems in 10,000 miles… WHAT CAR WOULD?

    Your electricity is cheap? Where do you think electricity comes from? What do you think the cost will be if everyone follows your “load” and buys these ridiculously overpriced cars?

    Somehow I doubt you would have bought your Volt if it was not subsidized since it would have been 2x more money or more… but I guess that doesn’t matter does it?

    You aren’t saving the planet, deal with it.

  • td1

    Why do these idiots think that a fire that happens “later” is better than one that happens immediately? Does the “later” fire not STILL BURN STUFF??? And at a completely unexpected time, when no one is around to put it out or call the fire department? “sorry your house burned down Mr. Voltowner, but after all, it was THREE WEEKS after the crash! We can’t be held responsible for our customers going on vacation you know.”

  • tdrag

    MSNBC did a report on GM and the Volt a few years ago. At the time the GM Big Wig they talked to (a retired Marine General) told them that a replacement battery pack for the Volt would cost at least $15,000.00!!! Now THATS economical! In light of the recent fires maybe they should rename it the Spark.

  • Government Must Downsize

    Ecology Industrial Complex cover up driven by conflicts of interest and social engineering. Nothing new only the names of the players involved.

  • John Wolf

    I plan to buy a Volt when the price drops to $20,000.00. As long as government motors will warrant it for at least 100,000 miles.

  • Michael

    Funny how quickly these same government agencies were all over the competition (Toyota), and even had the Sec of Transportation urging people not to buy and not to drive Toyotas for the phony acceleration ghost issue. Oh, I forgot, Toyota workers in the US are not union members!

  • USA

    obama motors. is failing, just like the country with obama at the helm. when will democrats use there brain. you are un-american at best.

  • Katz P. Ajamas

    Li Ion battery:
    Short life relative to an automobile.
    Short life shortened by high temperatures.
    Will usually burn rather than explode!

  • William

    What are the contingencies for firefighters if one of these vehicles is on fire. Are they safe to extinguish the battery fire?

  • Bilious Bill

    Look at the bright side! Chevy can boost its extremely “fragile” Volt shipments with those loaners. Just get their accountants to list them as “vehicles shipped” and ignore the returns. For each sale, they can get two shipments to report to their gullible customers and concerned investors. After all, the Volt has been a stoned loser in the showroom and then need to boost its volume to hide the fact that it’s a and engineering and marketing disaster.

  • J.V.

    Gee, what would have the federal government done if this happened at a private/free-market auto company, say it Ford Motors and Ford executives withheld safety reports damning their vehicles. . . an AG/DOJ investigation, WH demanding the public to rally congress to do something, and congressional members demanding a federal take-over (a la Congresswomen Maxxy Waters)? Just a thought . . .

  • Regulas

    I sold my Fiat, I mean Chrysler right after the fascist in the White House took over GM and gave it to his commie loving union buddies. Will never buy another GM or Chrysler or Ford. Sorry Ford but the UAW scum makes your cars too.

  • No Loaner For Me!

    How about checking your facts Mr. Evans! 5,000 letters went out to owners but less than a dozen confirmed cases of loaners have gone out. Sheesh! With those reporting skills you might get a job a Faux News!

    While likely only a few posters here could actually afford a Volt, it’s sad that some would write it off due to political or other ignorant misinformation. Your loss! My Volt amazes me with every drive. It makes me so happy to drive by gas stations day after day!

  • NoLoaner

    How about checking your facts Mr. Evans! 5,000 letters went out to owners but less than a dozen confirmed cases of loaners have gone out. Sheesh! With those reporting skills you might get a job a Faux News!

    While likely only a few posters here could actually afford a Volt, it’s sad that some would write it off due to political or other ignorant misinformation. Your loss! My Volt amazes me with every drive. It makes me so happy to drive by gas stations day after day!

  • Stupid sexy Flanders

    No Dignon, they want you to drain the battery pack WHEN you have the accident and if you DON’T and there is a fire? Guess who’s on the hook then? I’ll bet no sort of insurance will cover that, given your reckless indifference to well known dangers. But drive on, bruh! Do another 10k at 40 and check back in.

  • joe

    what a joke.. where does electricity come from?…people don’t want these coal burning garbage electric cars anyway… even with the mass push on the public,

  • bullrider

    What’s the difference between a Chevy Volt and a steam locomotive? The Chevy Volt burns its coal someplace else.

  • tonyguy01

    paragraph 2: “As a result the public relations nightmare surrounding Chevy’s halo vehicle appears to be deepening, though a good deal of the blame in this case also rests with NHTSA.”

    Listen up Huw Evans:

  • Tim

    Do you realize there were 250,000 car fires last year in the USA? All of those were from gas cars. That’s 680 fires per day. For some reason I don’t see 680 different news articles per day about gas car fires. So remind me why 2 Volt fires is such a big deal. Oh yeah, I remember. There are people who hate electric cars because Obama likes them.

  • RWS

    It’s required to discharge the batteries after a crash. This was not done. Hence the fires.

  • Doug Rose

    Suppressed Information……….Imagine that !
    Not with the openness and Transparency of our Government ! LOL

  • rick

    The Chevy Volt – A piece of sh$t brought to you by Obama Govt Motors.
    Lets just skip the free market and fatten up the Unions.

  • M.X.

    What it needs is a new name, something that catches your attention:

    The Chevy Fireball

  • tonyguy01

    @No Loaner For Me! – rather rude of you not to thank all of the taxpaying posters who can’t “actually afford a Volt” for subsidizing your recent purchase.

  • snoop

    Would never buy a car the UAW built.

  • MikeMca

    Joan Claybrook, a former adminstrator at NHTSA believes part of the reason for the delay was the “fragility of Volt sales.” That is just one of the problems of the government owning a business.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Just think what GM could have been without a bailout. The company could have reorganized and tossed the shackles of socialist union and Obama administration control. They could have had a chance to be a great American company once again.

  • John

    Dave Campbell
    I own an conversion from gas to electric. I have not used 1 watt of electricity from my utility. It is recharged from solar panels. 50 percent of our electric capacity is idled at night while you are sleeping and could be utilized to recharge electric vehicles. There are safer lfe4 lithium batteries that do not burst into flames as do the lithium manganize that gm chose to use with the same capacity. Like it or not we will all be driving some form of electric car in the future the limited supply of oil will assure us of this. There are hundreds of car fires every day in the US that don’t give you three weeks to get out but no one says anything about the danger of driving gas cars. I agree that the volt is the worst of both worlds, gas/electric. Either make it all gas or all electric. It will be some time before we have electric cars that can compete with gas cars for range but my electric conversion is just the ticket for driving to work or around town and it is the best feeling in the world to drive by gas stations and not having to change oil or anti freeze ever.

  • Emw

    Amazing how incorrect most of the comments are on this website. The Volt was started under the hitler Bush Administration. How convenient the inital statement about how many volt owners wanted loaner cars was incorrect.

  • StandingO

    Looks like the Volt is infected with The China Syndrome. In more ways than we thought.

  • Spanky

    Barry will be out of office on the afternoon of January 20, 2013.

    The Democrat majority in the Senate will be gone on January 3, 2013.

  • jimmydidit






  • stratabuse

    Nice job Obama and the United Auto Workers Union, give us back our tax money and jam this car where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    By comparison: two years ago the mainstream media allies of the Democrat owners of General Motors went on a volcanic eruption on assertions that Toyota autos had accelerator pedals that stuck down and caused wrecks. Turns out after investigation that those events were mostly driver failures, but the media (with GM cheering behind the scenes) kept the hue and cry relentlessly – costing Toyota much money, and damaging its sales. Can’t help but think that wasn’t the reason all along, a tactic in GM’s Chicago-style ‘competition’ with Toyota.

    Proof? The near silence by the MSM on the Volt battery fires, which deserve an equally hysterical media reaction.

  • Kiawah Bulldog

    @no loaner…People like you are what is wrong with this country. Keep believing in Barry and MOOchelle you twit…Go smoke another joint….

  • treemail

    Remember all the concerns about living under power lines and holding cell phones to your head? Where’s the concern for siting on a six foot long battery for several years. Talk about prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields!

  • Xman

    Fuel tanks aslo catch fire after crash. Who cares! read the warning labels on all batteries. This is a ploy to end electric vehicles.

  • Scudbuster


  • Soapy Johnson

    Sales failed to rebound and demand has been non-existent since February’s Chevrolet Volt 400 disaster …

  • Illogicbuster

    A prime example of why a government should NOT own businesses. Socialism at work. Welcome to ObamaoNation

  • Mark

    Obama operatives suppressing information? Say it isn’t so!

  • No Loaner For Me!

    Thanks for the correction!

    “Correction Notice: The original article claimed that 5,000 customers has signed up for loaner cars. That information was incorrect. In fact, 33 of roughly 5,000 owners have requested loaner vehicles from General Motors.”

    …and ok thanks for the tax credit! 🙂

  • Paul

    Why should I go and purchase a Chevrolet Volt with it’s un-proven Beta-Test stage technology when for far less money I can get a Toyota Pirus which has functional technology that has been proven and tested before the car was put on the market?

  • deerhound

    I wasn’t going to buy a Chevrolet Obamaton from Government motors anyway. Like all things Obama it is a failure.

  • No Loaner For Me!

    Wow! Sure is a lot of hate from the right wingers!

  • Richard

    I hear that the battery pack in the Volt weighs 500 lbs. Good for a whole 40 miles of green, feel good driving. How many pounds of coal does it take to go 40 miles? I don’t know.

    Now 500 lbs of gasoline equals around 83 gallons. That’s equal to 2500 miles of driving at 30 miles per gallon. I guess that’s bad in the eyes of the greenies.

    Recently an Arizona company was formed to service battery powered cars that run out of their charge on the road. The scheme is to provide a 15 minute charge so the customer can travel another 5 miles. Of course there will be a service charge cost involved. I can see the service truck following the recharged vehicle with another 8 charges, until they got home.

    Maybe a better plan would be to manufacture trailers with another 500 lb battery to extend the driving range another 40 miles. Any investors on line?

  • David

    Sounds like it’s time for “Cash for Clunkers II.”

  • No Loaner For Me!

    More Facts for the FOX challenged:

    Volt is pre-Obama! Get over it!
    GM had paid back their debt!

    How can you be so anti-American manufacturing! You should be proud of this great engineering feat by GM…

  • Rusty

    Hmmmm………another Corvair or Chevette. Never again will I purchase a Government Motors car or for that matter any other car that is manufactured with UAW employees.

  • Gene

    Wow. Reading these comments makes me worry about the future of mankind. God forbid the facts of the situation have anything to do with the events. Instead, let’s immediately start believing in conspiracies.

    The fact is the Volt was begun during Bush’s administration. Courtesy of the morons in government and Wall Street, who destroyed the economy, GM and Chrysler had to go into bankruptcy as no regular funding was available in terms of loans, etc. Then, once GM was re-organized under bankruptcy every wingnut starts calling it “government motors” ignoring the fact that it takes 4+ years to design a car. They also ignore the fact that the Volt is the first of its kind, an extended range electric car.

    Then, we see this tidbit about a Volt crash tested months ago by the NHTSA. There’s a fire three weeks after the crash. In the real world, gasoline cars typically catch fire at the time of the accident — 300,000 in the US per year no less. Yet, this fire 3 weeks AFTER the crash test is somehow more troublesome to folks than a fire IMMEDIATELY during an accident. Obviously, one would rather be caught in a conflagration RIGHT NOW as opposed to after the car’s been dumped at a scrap yard.

    Furthermore, they don’t crash test cars with fully loaded gas tanks. A fire in a test facility would be, well, rather dangerous. Yet, the Volt was crashed with charged batteries. So, the tests aren’t even comparable or fair. And, the NHTSA doesn’t freak out because of all the fires that result from car crashes.

    Add to this the simple fact that there must be ways of handling the packs, much as there are ways of handling gasoline tanks so they don’t leech gas into the water tables while sitting at the junk yard.

    Plus, GM and the NHTSA tried to replicate the result from May/June and were unable even after repeated attempts UNTIL NOVEMBER. And then, from what can be gathered from other articles with more detail, the tests were done by damaging the packs themselves, outside the car. It would seem they couldn’t get the same edge case to reappear and so decided to just literally hammer, shake and spin the pack to get it to fail. It’s extreme, but that’s how you find out HOW MUCH damage something can take. From the reports on what the NHTSA in particular did to the packs — impact, impact, rotate 180 — and a fire would only happen sometimes, and then only hours, weeks later one has to wonder why people are so hot and bothered by this except that they have some odd, perplexing and tortured hatred for GM. It’s utterly bizarre.

    Or maybe for some it’s just way better and more fun to believe in conspiracy theories, complain that the car is inferior in build quality, and a million other little ignorant statements as opposed to comprehending the car, the technology, etc. Better to live in the bigoted world of one’s own mind. And find similarly small minded folk on the internet.

    Additional proof of the stupidity of so many is that the new Prius plug-in costs pretty much the same as the Volt. This for a car with a 10 mile or so range in electric, and then not during all driving conditions as opposed to the Volt which drives electric until the range is depleted. I don’t see anyone bashing Toyota for not being able to build and sell the new plug-in for $20k and yet somehow GM was supposed to do a much more advanced car for LESS than Toyota is doing their less capable new plug-in. I don’t see these self-same self-righteous individuals complaining that Toyota was subsidized repeatedly by Japan’s yen manipulations. No, better to rag on Detroit. Kick ’em when they’re down. It’s so much fun.

    All I see here is someone looking for notoriety.

    As to sales, the plan from GM re: the Volt from day one back in 2008 was to BUILD (yes, build) 10,000 Volts through the end of 2010 — they’ve already built 11,000+. Then, the plan for calendar year 2012 was to build 30,000. The current plan is to build 60,000 with 15,000 going to other markets. But it’s much more fun to fixate on sales in its first year, ignoring how bad Prius sales were the first year when it came out years ago. Or how bad any new technology’s sales are initially. How bad were LCD and Plasma sales early on? I’m sure most of you are glad that wasn’t all tossed when the screens exhibited burn in, excessive heat for plasmas, prematurely burnt out pixels, etc.

    Or, perhaps we should look at Toyota’s sales plan for the NEW plug-in Prius. Which is less than GM’s production and sales intent for the Volt. How is that possible. Toyota is almighty. Toyota does everything right.

    BTW, the US tax credit for the Volt is nothing more than a tax cut. Aren’t tax cuts good according to the loony right?

    If you’ve read this far, congrats. Maybe your mind isn’t sufficiently closed to actually comprehend how science and testing are done.

  • desert

    You really didn’t expect anything that resembles quality out of government motors did you? suckers!!

  • nuclearboy

    Three weeks before a fire is better than the 215,000 car fires that occured this year. I’ll bet some of them occured less than 3 minutes after the accident, not 3 weeks.

  • netshark

    Politics and profit came before we the people. Same with Solyndra and a host of other nonsensical risky ventures that no reasonable venture capitalist or bank would have backed. Ever.

    Put government in charge and not only do you still have the “evils of profit” now you get to add the corrupt underhanded ethics of politics.

  • Tyrone

    The Government and Unions……always a bad mix for the U.S. Overpriced and shoddy construction….that formula won’t change any time soon.

  • netshark

    Bush? lol But but but but Boooosh!

    The left tried carting that excuse out for everything, it’s nauseating. They tried it when Solyndra blew up in boy wonder’s face, the ink wasnt even dry on the reports and they screamed But Busssshhh! Within two days we learned that under Bush, that solyndra deal was a NO GO. It was boy wonder’s group that put politics ahead of reason (and common business sense).

    You will find that this has to do purely with Obama, and nothing to do with Bush. (and that’s on top of the obvious Obama cover up on the Volt’s bad safety record).

    You know though, it doesnt matter what this administration screws up because they’ll always have their chorus of autobots repeating “Bush diddit!” How pathetic.

  • R Lange

    GM has one purpose — to pay off the UAW with your tax dollars.

    The Volt has one purpose — to pay off the wack job environmentalists so they support Obama in 2012.

    This bogus pos was designed and produced by big unions and big govt. But don’t worry, its being inspected by the owners, i.e. big government, and certified as safe. Except that it bursts into flames occasionally. Wait until the paramedics and first responders start getting electrocuted. Those buying or shilling the vote should be held responsible for their actions.

  • Rob Johnson

    So the government is covering up severe problems with a car made by a government-run car company. Is anybody surprised?

  • netshark

    Ha, look at the leftists who claimed bush suppressed green energy tech because “it was all about the oil”. big oil big oil, Bush hates green energy.

    Now when we learned this current administration was involved with supressing evidence on safety issues, who does the left blame? Of course, yes! You know who~! LOLOLOL. That boogeyman Bush must have snuck in while Obama was sleeping and hid the data. Yeah that’s it, he did the same with Solyndra, while Obama was golfing evil Booosh snuck in and signed Obama’s name to a bunch of deals to push it through aginst the Energy Department’s wishes. lololol. Nutty leftists.

  • Cromulent

    I wonder if the feds would have laid off on the bad reports if the Volt burned, say, coal.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    No one should tell me the US automotive industry is dead it is not. Look what they have done just recently they designed a car/barbecue now can Japan do that?

  • J_Ruben_Kincaid

    Volt works about as well as any car produced by a state owned company.
    This is great news for state run health care!!

  • Joe Doakes

    December 6, 1941

    Dear President Obama,

    I’d like to apologize to you for not writing recently. It is just that every time I sit down to inform you of my thoughts the news events of a world guided by your philosophy spiral down so fast I’m even unable to catch my breath long enough to put it down in some, if I don’t say so myself, humorous manner. For example, scientists recently discovered the largest black holes ever; I could have saved them all of the trouble, they are clearly located in Washington D.C.! It’s epicenter is Nancy Pelosi’s brain. Like most black holes energy goes in, but only garbage comes out of the orifice. That’s not working for you? I’ll do better:)

    GM apparently has had another bright idea. They are going to build a car called the “Roman Candle.” Complete with a battery pack, solar panel, a tank of gasoline, caustic coolant, and a cigarette lighter for easier ignition! And if ignition fails all one has to do is run it into a pole and then let her rip! In time, a solar panel will replace the battery, and the gasoline, this vehicle though will be equipped also with an irrigation system to better prepare it for it’s future roll as a planter. GM might even add in a packet of corn seeds to demonstrate how much greener this car can actually make you feel. Though as far as the green in your wallet, that you can kiss goodbye because the sources of energy for your new vehicle are going to be taxed into extinction, ergo the solar panels and the bag of corn seeds. Now where did I put those plans for that still? Oh yea right next to my “Dukes of Hazard” lunch box.

    Mr. Obama are you for real? Recently I made an off color joke about sending a blow up doll of you to the folks at “media doesn’t matter,” but as I pulled out the credit card to send them their much needed source of comfort. Think Linus from Charley Brown without a conscience and his blanket – that’s the guy who runs that bunch of basket cases of a Soros funded group of people – those are the people that need some really good “Obama Love.” Why? Well, Sir, they are still concerned that the Republicans may not pick Mortimer Romney as the Republican nominee, Like I’ve said before, I’m voting for him if I have to and a large enough quantity of Vicks Vapor Rub to stuff up my nose is in arms length, but before then I want a knock down drag out fight that truly prepares him to face you. I’d rather it be Gingrich, like I said before, I want a guy who knows the plumbing, and does not want to burn the house down, and give the insurance company the bill. I just want the water to run right:)

    And then there is the important stuff. Like the guys who actually want to use real bombs instead of writing you letters and emails, I don’t tweet, but I’m considering it. It takes me a long time to do something new. I like tried and true which is why I like big cars with big engines and big bombs in the hands of responsible militaries like ours. I’m just wondering how close we are to using them on Iran. They are nuts. Your crazy. But they are nuts.

    You know it.

    Tomorrow I will remember Pearl Harbor. Do yourself a favor while you are on your 5,000th vacation to Hawaii, and give it a visit. It may provide some needed perspective on what we as a nation are about to face. Might give you some much needed resolve to tell the left in this nation to take it’s thumb out of it mouth.


    Joe Doakes

  • Steve W

    How do you drain a multi cell battery pack, especially one this large that has been damaged in ways you cannot see? The analogy to draining a gas tank is bogus. Draining LiPo batteries too deeply can also start a fire. You need special equipment to drain LiPo batteries safely, without draining too deeply. To properly drain a damaged battery pack this large could only be carried out in a lab, unless GM has specifically placed taps at various points in the battery circuitry to allow compartmentalized or cell based draining. Even then you need special equipment, the type that is not likely to be widely available based on the size of the ecosystem.

  • SirGareth

    Bottom line, anyone who even considers purchasing a GM vehicle is a traitor to every principle our country was founded upon.

    We spent untold thousands of live and trillions of tax dollars fighting the evil and the corruption of communist enslavement and we have now elected a president who is a himself a communist and who has turned the USA into the USSA.

    GM is a communist car company; they survive by stealing our cash to live off the free people of the USA as a Marxist parasite. Ditto for GE. I will never again purchase even a light bulb made by GE.

    The stupidity, corruption, ineptitude, and criminality of our government is sufficient to foment revolution; nothing else will work.

  • glen whitten


  • enough

    Sounds like a government made car to me. Gee you think there may be a little conflict of interest between HHTSA and GM ? LMAO …

  • R Lange

    I want someone to start selling decals that say:

    ************** Welfare King/Queen Mobile ***************
    Over $10,000 of your Tax Dollars Bought my Volt

    The decals should be gummed on one side so they could be easily slapped on the side of Volts. Seriously, wouldn’t that be great? 🙂 Get every single one with an accurate sticker. PS — you Volt owners get more welfare than most single Moms on food stamps — frickin parasites yas are making us buy your cars.

  • Joel

    Motor Trend car of the year award isn’t even as prestigious as receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. {?}

  • brunoT

    What a shock!

    You make a new technology very complex vehicle that costs too much to be profitable w/o subsidies(stealing from taxpayers) and something pops up that causes a safety or functional problem so serious it could kill the company behind it…again.

  • David

    There is nothing better than buying a Government subsidized, Union built time bomb. Please! everyone with in eye shot DO NOT BUY Government Motor Company cars!

  • Dignon

    No wonder so many on this blog hate the Volt. The facts conflict with their Obama-on-the-brain conspiracy theories.

    Chevy Volt Vehicle awards

    · 2009 Green Car Vision Award by the Green Car Journal
    · 2011 North American Car of the Year at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.
    · Motor Trend 2011 Car of the Year
    · Automobile Magazine 2011 Automobile of the Year
    · MotorWeek 2011 Driver’s Choice Best of the Year
    · Car and Driver 10 Best for 2011
    · 2011 Edison Award
    · Highest-rated compact for 2011 J.D. Powers and Associates APEAL Study
    · 2012 Car of the Year in Denmark
    · Consumer Reports rates Volt #1 in Owner Satisfaction

    Environmental awards

    · 2009 Environmental Grand Prize awarded at the 2009 Festival International Automobile
    · 2011 World Green Car announced at the 2011 New York Auto Show
    · 2011 Green Car of the Year awarded by Green Car Journal
    · MotorWeek 2011 Best Eco-Friendly
    · Chicago Auto Show Best Green Vehicle

    Technology awards

    · Ward’s AutoWorld 10 Best Engines for 2011
    · SAE 2011 Best Engineered Vehicle
    · Top Michigan Innovation in 2011
    · Edmunds 2011 Green Car Breakthrough Award
    · Popular Mechanics 2010 Breakthrough Technology
    · Popular Mechanics Top 10 Vehicles Award for Technology
    · Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for OnStar MyLink for Volt

    Mobile Application awards

    · Popular Science Best of What’s New 2010
    · Consumer Electronics Show’s “Top Products” Award for OnStar MyLink for Volt Mobile Application

    Safety acknowledgements

    · Top Safety Pick by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    · National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Five-star overall vehicle score
    · Euro NCAP Five stars (out of five) in all categories

    Value acknowledgments

    · Best Electric Car awarded for 2012 resale value by Kelley Blue Book”
    · Kiplinger demonstrated in five years time the Volt can earn back 91 percent of a $19,000 cost differential between it and a Cruze internal combustion powered cousin

    Economy acknowledgements

    · 2011 Volt names most fuel-efficient compact car by the U.S.

    Environmental Protection Agency

    · 2012 Volt again named by EPA most fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicle

  • BMF

    Ah, the thrill of owning an electric car!
    1. Production, recycling, and disposal of the battery packs are more harmful to the environment than refining oil. Did I mention more expensive as well?
    2. Battery packs don’t last the life of the car. You will have to replace it at least once or maybe twice at 8-12 thousand dollars each time. Tesla offers a “special” where you can pre-purchase a replacement battery pack for only $12,000.
    3. Studies show that electric cars will require enough fossil fuel-created electricity to exceed the CO2 emissions of a conventional car over the same period of time–thus the new nickname “coal burners.”
    4. Hundreds of billions of dollars in tax money will be spent trying to improve battery efficiency so you can get more than 40 miles to the charge–the same distance the first electric car could go on a single charge in 1896. That’s technology for the future for you.
    5. Electric cars ensure that the US will be 100% dependent on foreign energy since the US doesn’t mine any Lithium. Chile, Argentian, Boliva, and China are the biggest producers of Lithium–none of whom are particularly friendly to the US.
    6. Electric car owners will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that other taxpayers’ hard earned money is being used to subsidize their political agenda to save the environment–except the electric car does more harm than conventional cars and is unable to achieve even a single stated environmental goal.
    7. The future projections for the power grid in the US indicates that it cannot support any sizeable number of electric cars plugged in at the same time–thus increasing brown and blackouts.
    8. The EPA is Hell bent on closing power plants to save the environment. The cost to charge your electric car is currently more than the equivalent in gasoline. Electricity costs will “skyrocket” (Obama’s own word, not mine). What then, more taxpayer subsidies so EV owners can pay their electric bills? As electricity costs drive upward, the government will be compelled to increase the gasoline tax to ensure EV sales don’t fall. What affect do you think that will have on the poor?
    9. The debate is not settled as to how to handle EVs in an accident with damaged or broken battery packs. Will a HAZMAT team be required? Will two companies need to be trained to deactivate the battery packs before removing the vehicle or will a trained technician need to be sent to the accident site? Will EV drivers absorbe the additional costs or will taxpayers have to pick more of the EV losses?
    10. What happens after a natual desaster when electricity is out for days or weeks? If your EV owning neighbor comes over to ask for a ride to the work or the grocery store, I suggest giving him/her the international sign of ill will and slamming the door.
    11. If an EV is traveling across country and has a breakdown, who is going to fix it? Perhaps have it towed to the nearest Volt dealership two states away.
    12. And my personal favorite: what happens when an EV runs out of a charge while toodling around town–walk to the nearest charging station for a bucket of electrons? Perhaps there will be a need for specially configured trucks that can serve as mobil charging stations and you can spend a couple of hours waiting to get enough juice to drive home. Will that be taxpayer subsidized as well?
    13. The unlucky number. California has already realized that they can force people who live in large homes more on their electric bills based on the estimated value of their property. That means EV owners are soon going to face much higer electric bills than their neighbor because electricity will cost them siginficantly more than people who own conventional cars.

    I hope I live long enough to see the expression on the faces of these gulible EV owners when they are told that their battery pack needs to be replaced for about $10,000 (I don’t belive that includes labor). Yes the price will come down, but not to the point where my average repair bill for my Volvo is $300 and replacing my battery costs about $50. And you EV owners are going to be crying like a rat eating onions when the EPA finishes destroying our ability to produce cheap electricity.

    The list of Down Twinkles for EVs is long and the hype is no more real than fairy dust in a child’s imagination. Electric car companies are going out of business faster than solar and wind companies. Those still in business remain so on the backs of taxpayers covering their increasing loses.

    When you set aside the fairy tales of electric unicorns and look at the cold hard facts, not a single electric car company would be in business without hundreds of billions of dollars in tax money keeping their doors open.

    Don’t get me wrong. If a company thinks they can produce electric cars and make a profit, I’m 100% in their corner—But, let them do it with private investors who also believe they can make money and let the buy pay for it out of his own pocket.

    Happy EV’ing out there. Like P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born ….”

  • EllieEnlightened

    Do you remember what they did to Toyota? An amazing bunch of hypocrits.

  • John Wolf

    We have the Chevy Volt. The Soviet Car I believe was called the Tribault? Sorry, it was also a state car.

  • dave campbell

    @ “john” crowing abotu HIS volt and solar panels.

    did you notice its NOT ABOUT YOU?? its irelavent what YOU CLAIM to do at home. This is about GM, a large auto mfgr, and a NATIONAL energy policy.

    Trolls like you are always quick to trot out your own personal, supposed, solar success story, but its odd that NONE of you ever DESCRIBE your vague and nebulous solar systems…

    makes the reasonable mind suspect it doesnt exist.

    The rest of us learned by First Grade that the world is NOT ABOUT US

  • Kiawahbulldog

    @dignon.. you must be one of those living off the goverment !!! Who else would have the time to look up all those medis driven ads for a car…Take a shower and grow up you left wing twit..

  • dave campbell

    Uh, pardon the stupid question, but why DISCHARGE the pack (in the context of a vehicle accident) why not REMOVE IT ASAP after the scene is cleared (car is towed off the road or moved to a wrecking yard)???

    remove it and store it in a cinder block receptacle.

    That eliminates the chance of it catching the vehicle on fire.

    This “drain the battery” is utterly illogical.

    AH! The fire to the vehicle is not the problem, the FIRE and TOXIC LITHIUM SMOKE IS.

  • HansJurgen

    Hope Obummer and our GooberMINT are victims of a crash come 2012! I wouldn’t buy a Government Motors car if that was my only choice. GM is a true “evil corporation” as the Occupy libtards call them.

  • dave campbell


    “12. And my personal favorite: what happens when an EV runs out of a charge while toodling around town–walk to the nearest charging station for a bucket of electrons?”

    Re-phrased, “what happens when theres a HURRICANE in the NorthEast that brings all the grids down? EVERYONES WALKING in a few miles…

    HAHAHAHA Not me, Im rebuilding a couple old gas powered vehicles to last another 20 years so Im immune to this idiocy

  • Dignon

    “Battery packs don’t last the life of the car. You will have to replace it at least once or maybe twice at 8-12 thousand dollars each time.”

    The self imposed ignorance of so many posters here is amazing. BMF, you are pushing opinion as fact.

    For example, the Volt battery is a $3k replacement, today. It’s listed in the GM parts list. It’s likely to be even cheaper 12-16 years from now when it needs to be replaced. I save almost $2100/year in gas, *after* paying for the electricity.

  • Pilot.Dave

    No story here about GM – the story is about incompetent government “engineers” not draining the battery after the crash. They do drain gasoline tanks after a conventional car crash… even my kid sees their problem.

  • dano

    Even when a gasoline engine auto gets into a crash, the first thing done is the gas tank is drained and the battery disconnected. This is just common sense. So why would the NHTSA not disconnect the battery on the Volt? Obviously the NHTSA does not know what they are doing when testing a Chevrolet Volt.

    Another government bureaucracy at its finest.

  • the_dude

    Well I hope that obama friends and backers got rich off this deal so at least someone can get something out of it. Good job obama another notch in the belt.

  • Gregory Eads

    Wow! What a group of Patriots!! Keep you’re fingers crossed and just maybe another American innovation will fail.
    Then we can concentrate soely on the real business of America…. war.

  • snoop


    Get your facts straight. GM is not going to pay the taxpayers back because we are left with part ownership in a company(GM) that’s stock will NEVER be worth what we paid. We (taxpayers) just paid of the UAW. Would never buy a GOVERNMENT Motors vehicle made by UAW workers!

  • TestDriveAndSee

    So this is where folks who never got inside a Volt hang out. I own a Volt and it is fantastic, 11,000 miles and counting. More fun to drive than the BMWs and Infiniti M45 that I owned in the past. No lag on acceleration — a real kick, with a tight suspension and quiet, refined ride. It kicks butt. Give it a test drive and you’ll wake up.

    As for taxpayer dollars, think about the subsidy to oil provided by stationing many thousands of troops and supplies in the Middle East year after year after year. THAT is what is subsidizing your gasoline, and it costs taxpayers big time.

  • R Lange

    So you should drain the battery pack whenever the Volt gets in an accident? How bad an accident? Fender bender? And then what? Fill it back up again? Or is it forever at risk of self-immolation, of crispy criterizing any children left in the car while Dad runs into the Qik Mart for a Juan Valdez latte and a Ben & Jerry’s Eako-Freako?

    And how much would it cost to drain and refill? How long would it take? Who picks up the cost? Insurance? Govt Motors? The UAW? (hah, that last one was a joke)

    Can anyone answer these questions definitively? Why didn’t the article?

  • Gubmint Sambo

    How many presidents have we had and how did America fair. Very Well. It only took on eblack so called president to ruin America. IMPEACH THE PRIMATE BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!! This filthy monkey is spending like a boy in da hood crack addict so that we can all live like boys in da hood. Bell Curve in action. Send this monkey back to the homeland where he will be amazed by the wheel and fire.

  • joecool

    Is that Cash for Clunkers program still up and running? Here’s another slew of junkers for you!

  • Dignon

    Kiawahbulldog you seem upset that I used facts and citations to point out the Volt is actually a stunningly well designed, well engineered car. I realize that these facts don’t match with your opinions about the Volt.

    As far as my employment status, I started working at age 10 mowing lawns, delivering papers etc. I paid my way through college with part time jobs. I’ve always had a job and am a fiscal conservative. I get paid well because I have critical thinking skills, something in short supply based on 95% of the posts here.

    I paid $32k for my Volt because it’s a great car and one that will cost me less to operate. I do not buy cars based on politics, I buy them based on performance, value, ride, safety.

    You want to buy based on politics? Feel free. Just don’t mistake politics for facts about the quality of a great American car like the Chevy Volt.

  • theflew

    @Barry bin Inhalin

    Currently the Volt is the second best selling hybrid next to the Prius. So if it’s a POS it a better POS than the Ford Fusion, Honda CRZ, and Lexus, etc…

  • R Lange

    @Dignon, the “facts and citations” speak for themselves — all the King’s horses shilling this welfare mobile and painting lipstick on it and they are still falling way short of projected sales. Just imagine what those sales would look like if we weren’t forced to subsidize the leeches buying this pig.

  • John

    At $15,000 a battery just think how much gas that buys. As batteries age they hold less charge. What do you do in the winter to heat the car.
    Lets say you are in a traffic jam and it is cold you have to make a choice turn off the heat so you have enough charge to get home. You never know how long it will be for the road to clear.
    These cars are nothing but toys to use on a nice day.
    And the cars like the volt with a gas motor turns on with the the heat or air and you start burning gas.

  • jerrystroud

    This is what happens when socialists get into power. They waste billions of tax payers money to make the world in thier image, not what the consumers demand. The USSR tried it and it failed but a good socialist never says never and repeats the same mistakes over and over again hoping for different results.

  • Richard

    So, please tell me. Do I file this story under “Hope”, “Change”, “Openess in Government”, or “Integrity”?

  • DJN

    Give every community organizer one for free.

  • Richard

    Dignon- Do you have a funny moustache from drinking all that Koolaid?

  • MaggieLyn

    This is just another example of government being unable to do a better job than private enterprise! Everything government attempts, that private enterprise is capable of doing, fails and costs far more! This administration has been picking and choosing the winners and losers. However, their pics for winners have not turned out very well. Bad thing is that it’s your money and mine that they are losing! Wake up America and throw this narcissist out. I don’t think anyone aspiring to be elected to the office of President could do any worse!

  • Hugh Janus

    Not to confuse anyone with the facts, but there are about 300,000 fires in gas-powered vehicles ANNUALLY. So 2 out of 6,000 because of negligence by the testing organization in not draining the power source after a major accident doesn’t seem too bad.

  • Carlos

    I got an idea: crash a Volt, and a Prius in similar fashion. Than park both in an empty lot WITHOUT draining batteries or gas tanks, and see which one bursts into flames first.
    The majority of sheeptards in this country are brain washed by the America-bashing, import-loving media!

  • Mikie

    Geniuses. Every electrical power-storing implement requires powering-down before servicing.

    But remember that ultiimately, the Volt is a coal-powered car.

  • Dignon

    Lots of ignorant rants here.

    The Volt battery pack is a $3000 replacement. NOT $15k, not $8k, not $10k or whatever other number pulled from someone’s backside.

    The Volt battery pack is a $3000 replacement.

    The Volt battery pack is a $3000 replacement.

  • Marcus

    Over 250,000 vehicle fires per year at the scene of the accident. One Volt bursts into flames 3 weeks after impact, and only because the battery was mishandled. Wow. NHTSA really overreacting on this one.

  • TestDriveAndSee

    There were originally five (5) factual errors in the above article. After the correction, there are now four. See if you can find them.

    Do you believe everything you read? This article is written by a hack reporter who probably knows better, but knows that his job depends on feeding his sheep (most of the commenters here) what they like. You can’t blame the guy, what with all the American jobs being off-shored these days.

    Very few commenters here are fact-checking. The sheep are unhappy so they need to dump on something just to get a little relief. Sorry folks, it shows. Those ill-informed rants are exposing you for the mind-numbed failures that you are. If you had any neurons left, you’d be embarrassed.

  • Jeff

    What happened to the CNN Money report the other day saying that the Chevy Volt had the highest customer satisfaction of all cars on the road. All 200 owners were surveyed. The 150 that had car bq’s were excluded. CNN is the most trusted voice in media. Yeah right.

  • Garrett

    This is what happens when you sleep with the government.

  • GRJ

    It’s brought to you by the unions.
    All hype; but lousy performance.
    The more you learn about it, the less you like it.
    Downright dangerous.
    Yes… it’s the ObamaMobile.

  • GRJ

    Let’s hope more Obama voters start driving them!

  • Jimbo

    Has anyone heard just what the life span of VOLT battery might be.
    What the cost for new batteries would be or the Volt resale value when
    the batteries might be low? Just wondering since I have never see
    this information in print.

  • John

    Had enough of this lying cheat yet. Yeah I mean Primate 1. Bails out a private company ( G.M. )and more on our taxpayers dime and they failed, everyone of these bailouts. What don’t you get ignorant side of America. This guy hates America. How far down the toilet does he need to flush you and me as I’m tethered to your ignorant ass before you’ll admit you voted in a miserable failure.

  • TestDriveAndSee

    GRJ, you never drove one, right? Right. The performance is incredible. You haven’t noticed the factual errors in this article, right? Right. And you don’t care whether the article is correct or not, right? Right. So you like to comment about things you know nothing about first-hand. Makes you easily manipulated, right? Right. The Volt is fantastic — take it from an owner who (by the way) did not vote for Obama and will not vote for Obama in the future either.

  • Richard

    Are you refering to this paragraph?

    ! Apparently, way back in June, General Motors heard about a Volt fire that happened three weeks after said vehicle was crash tested, yet it wasn’t until November that the company, or NHTSA disclosed there was a potential problem, urging both dealers and customers to drain the battery pack immediately following an accident.!

    Does GM provide a 25KW resistor pack in the trunk for the customer to enable discharging the battery pack, or do you have to carry one with you?

  • DemocRATS

    Doesn’t matter if it kills people, if it could hurt the O’s chance at re-election, they can’t let something like that out.

  • Prof. Ted

    I understand anyone who actually bought one of these pigs will try to rationalize it as ‘best value, higher performance etc etc’. After all you have been drinking the green kola and didn’t do a critical top-down assessment. Shame on you. This is not about politics but basic engineering and chemistry. The fact is that the productization and life cycle support of lithium-ion battery technology is not yet ready for prime-time. Without boring you with the chemistry etc they are, in my view, inherently unreliable as applied to the rigorous environmental extremes and wear and tear that the typical automobile is subjected to. All the hyped-up ‘best whatever’ awards are meaningless and only speak to the ignorance of the media etc who apparently have not studied the technology beyond a superficial level. Yes, they have not developed the adult critical thinking skills only an infatuation with a ‘sexy’ and supposedly ‘greener’ mode of transportation (it’s not very ‘sexy’ when the battery dies at 30 miles on a cold day). However, when the objective life cycle cost analysis is performed (without government subsidies) it is a no-brainer that a Volt is not economically viable nor logistically mature. Moreover, when just taking into account energy expended in the manufacture (in particular the battery), in the creation of an electrical grid infrastructure for charging, in the power for recharging, and in the energy expended for decommission and battery disposal- it is far more energy consuming than your garden-variety SUV! And all this to have a maybe 40 mile range as long as the AC and heater are turned off! Yes to each his own. Remember, we have seen countless examples in history of new ‘bleeding edge’ technologies that were introduced before they were truly viable. Many were fooled. The following sums up my opinion of this auto: ‘you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time; Abe Lincoln.

  • Rocky

    This type of battery usage in automobiles has always had problems.
    The White House and General (Government) knew this. Both party’s/owners knew the Volt was not safe. Both knowingly endangered the lives of American Citizens.
    This makes both General Motors and the White House (President Obama) Criminaly Negligent.
    My advise is to not let GM do a buy back and sue the President and GM.
    In this situation the President is not protected from lawsuits and civil criminal actions !


    IT DOESN’T MATTER, THE EMPEROR OBAMA KEENYATTA’S FASCIST (euphemised as so-called “crony capitalism”) scheme is to shut down all coal plants here after the election (except those owned by his campaign financier General Electric) so that utility bills will double, and there will be roving blackouts since he has no plan being implemented for alternate energy sources. That means when you go to plug in your electric car, THERE WON’T BE ANY ELECTRICITY TO CHARGE IT UP!?!?!?!? WHAT A TRAITOR THIS SOROS PUPPET IS!

  • RinPortland

    Just another green technology being forced into the market, by the government, before it was viable. This was a loser from the start, just like so many other green technologies that are simply not ready for the market. Innovation can NOT be forced!!!

  • Joel

    hmmm volt, vega i guess they need to quit naming cars w a V

  • Chicago860

    So Barry screws the bondholders…turns the company over to UAW…they screw it up for the rest of the stockholders. Let it fold. Let ’em all rot on unemployment

  • Brad Morgan

    I SHOCKED ! SHOCKED to hear that a Federal Gubment agency suppressed findings that would have negatively affected the Federal Gubment Motor Company and its ‘flagship’ green car.

    But hey – as long as Peggy Joseph doesn’t have worry about paying for her mortgage and her gas – all is well !

  • Paul Betzler

    No matter whose fault it is concerning not telling people about the Chevy volt, it is messed up. If there was a problem while crash testing a vehicle, why would you wait to tell everyone? People have bought these cars and they have a right to know for their own safety.

  • Steve Larson

    GM proud makers of Vega, Corvair, and now the Volt.

  • Dignon

    The only ones who hate the Volt are those that don’t drive them, because those that drive them love them. Just ask Consumer Reports or JD Powers. The Chevy Volt has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any new car.

    For those that hate the Volt, let your ignorance shine. Be proud of your Luddite heritage. Show the world how uninformed someone can be if they really work hard at it.

  • Mort

    GM = worst cars made. This is nothing new. Buy German or Japanese. Don’t support Government Motors!

  • Stan 47

    “Dignon” may claim that the retail cost of a replacement battery pack is $3,000 but if it’s anything like the replacement process for the Prius, shipping, installation and core charges add significantly to that cost.

    Not that this is all that unusual. Just about every vehicle sold in the last decade contains some “module” or another that will cost a few thousand dollars to replace when it goes south.

    Has anyone else wondered why the author sought out Joan Claybrook for a supposedly authoritative quote? Not only is she long retired, Claybrook was responsible (as head of NHTSA) for one of the most laughable safety experiments in history–an experimental “safe” motorcycle on which the rear wheel was the steerable wheel. A number of expert riders (racers, stunt riders, etc.) were hired to test it, and none could keep the bike upright.

  • JohnRalph

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (Hitler’s socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race). In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims, OWS and welfare voters on the dole.

  • steve Eckert

    We test drove a chevy volt and while the salesman was driving it I smelled something burning. He stated it was probably the brakes. As we pulled into a parking lot to switch drivers I told him I could see smoke rolling out of the dash, my daughter also stated she could see the smoke. The salesman said he could see it also. Before we came to a stop my daughter bailed out of the car. We stopped and shut the car off for about 5 min. The salesman drove around the block by himself and came back, picked us up and we finished the test drive. We had no more smoke but you could still smell something like an electrical fire. The salesman said he would have a mech. look at it. The salesman called us back about an hour later and stated it was the residue burning off the gas engine. Iam career firefighter and I know that something electrical was burning under the dash. The salesman stuck to his story.

  • Jim

    Lets see, Toyota was fined $16.4 million for a 4 month delay in reporting problems so GM should be fined $24.6 million for 6 months. Oh wait, right Government Motors.

  • Bill

    I won’t be buying a Volt.

  • RPDuke

    This looks like muckraking by autoguide. Powering down the battery after a severe accident should be normal – the equivalent of draining the gas tank after an accident, which is currently standard operating procedure.

    If there is a political agenda involved, seems to me it is one that autoguide has. Notice the mistake of trying to make it look like almost every Volt owner has requested a loaner, when in fact only a very small percentage have.

    What a shame that so many appear to have a negative political agenda about this particular vehicle – it is one of our real hopes to truly get us energy independent.

  • WRD

    Why in Gods name would anyone buy one of these overpriced death traps?

    Seems like the kind of car the “Kingfish” would build and try to sell to Andy.

  • Ronstradamus

    Who thinks ObaMarxist will fine his union buddies at GM like he did to Toyota?????

    What hasn’t Obama lied about?

  • CommonSense74

    Why the hostility towards GM (and Chrysler) for taking our tax dollars? An educated person would know that almost every automaker has taken either a grant or low interest loan from our government (usually for green purposes). If you would do a few moments of research many of them have received loans and grants from countries around the world. All of them should be called Government Motors! That is the problem with government getting involved in the free market. Aim your hostility at the proper place, an overreaching government elected by many people who should not be voting.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Well, I’ve gotta give credit where it’s due– the goobermint and the union thugs working together at least managed make this multi-billion-dollar-wasting, external combustion-engined POS without triangular wheels.

  • Paul B.

    Gangster government. Inevitable when you let government grow. Something to remember in November, 2112. Something we never should have forgotten. God help us.

  • freecheese

    The Big Three should have been treated like bankrupt airlines of the past. They parked their planes, fired their employees.
    Later, sucessful buisnessmen would come along and buy the planes, re-paint their new logo and name on the planes.
    They would re-hire former employees and make money !
    Why didn’t the Big Three get the same treatment? I’ll tell you. UNIONS.
    The democrats are beholden to the UNIONS, the UNIONS are beholden to the democrats.
    Mark my words. This buy-out was nothing but a band-aid on a problem that will re-emerge within 10-years.
    Why is it that the government let Hudson Motor Co., Studabaker and Willis of Henry J fame go bankrupt?
    In today’s international market, nothing is forever, and the Big Three are going to eventually fail.

  • Picman

    I hear that GM is going to look to the past and rename it the Blazer.

  • Windy

    Chevy should offer a fire extinguisher as a $500.00 option.

  • dareisay

    Can anyone tell me if these batteries are produced in China?

    I know there is one Chinese owned company here in the USA that is supposed to make them.

    If so, this will just be like the dog food and treats that killed our dogs, the batteries that blew up laptops, drywall that ate through electrical wires and emited chemicals, lead in our kid’s toys, lead in make up, putrid fish and chicken shipped to us from there……

    This maybe off topic, but why does our government never mention all this and vow to return our manufacturing jobs?

  • RB

    Government ownership, glorious green jobs, saving humanity for the future, UAW and Big Government giving big wet kisses, what could go wrong? I thought the Volt would be a extraordinary failure and GM has come through. Of course I morn my tax dollars that have been squandered. Government picking the winners is a loser game for the soceity at large. The cronies who get bought like it, but they are value destroyers, not value adders. I am praying America gets it and we don’t go further down the loser path.

  • boob

    Govt motors cant build cars very well, the govt doesn’t do anything very well who is shocked by this. Lets give them healthcare thats 1/5th of the GNP. What could possibly go wrong ?!?

  • Jackson

    A Volt catches fire weeks after a crash and everyone is all up in arms. Like 300,000 cars catch fire in accidents every year. And now everyone wants to blame Obama? Ignorance runs DEEP!… thats Chevy’s new moto. Shame on America for posting these ridiculous comments. That is what is wrong with this country. Everyone forgets the conception of the Volt was in the Bush era. Obama had nothing to do with it but ordering more vehicles for production etc. My goodness, a fire in one accident. WOW WOW WOW… lets hope your gas tank does not explode on impact if you are in an accident. God forbid you are an Obama voter… oh wait… you probably are because after all… YOU all did vote for him… how else did he become POTUS? Once again, I am waiting for that new Chevy commercial… “Ignorance runs deep”.

  • Peter

    Hey Dignon: What happens when you need to drive 200 miles to a weekend wedding in the next state?

  • annecink

    The same people couldn’t wait to blow the whistle on TOYOTA! Disgraceful, audacious and transparent as hell!

  • OrneryEagle

    Weren’t we a little suspicious when Obummer wound up promoting this product? Burn baby, burn!

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I would think that Goobermint Motors will start lowering their prices soon as they pass along the savings from the volume discount they’ll be receiving on bankruptcy filings.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Somewhere in a Siberian gulag, the Trabant’s engineers are laughing their arses off.

  • dave campbell

    r lange you dont happen to be in Iowa do you?

  • dave campbell

    ..and an inconvenient FACT if youre considering their lame attempt to compare a gas tank wiht this Lithium battery.

    I talked with a state Fire Marshall in Ohio years ago who said his Department tried to force a cars gas tank to ‘explode like in the movies.’

    they tried the burning rag in the tank, didnt work
    Holes didnt work
    trying to light the filler neck didnt work.
    NOTHING worked except dynamite.

    Put a nail through one of these lithium packs and you better RUN LIKE HELL

  • dave campbell

    got a couple polished liars here attempting to say that 2 fires in EVs is insignificant with a couple thousand gas car fires.

    Lying, false comparison.

    A burning gas tank doesnt generate TOXIC LITHIUM

    2 out of 6000 = ?

    250,000 out of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN MILLION = ???

    Theres no way to “mishandle” a gas tank and cause it to go off.

  • Dan in GA

    Only a DOLT would actually buy a Volt!

  • RHO

    Apparently you CAN polish a turd. At least you can polish the Turd otherwise known as the Volt. It has a paint job so it can be polished, but it is still a Turd.

  • KG1

    I don’t see a lot of progress in the auto industry over the past 50 years. My 59 Volkswagen Beetle gets 33mpg and can travel across the country. I wouldn’t trade it for five Volts.

  • Cisco

    If you like the Obamacare mandate and believe it Constitutional, then you’re going to love the Chevrolet Volt purchase mandate.

  • Tom Jensen

    What does anyone expect when the regulator and the owner are one in the same? Where else in the world can the board of directors of a company (the U.S. Senate) haul its competitors (Toyota) before a public tribunal and chastise them? If Osama can force Americans to but healthcare, he can certainly force Americans to buy the coming “New Yugo” on the docket at Government Motors. In Socialism, the consumer ultimately loses. Pity people still don’t realize that.


    The correct words would be ‘Safety Finding were REDACTED.’ It’s so easy to pull the Wool over the blind. <—period (shakes head here)

  • TestDriveAndSee

    The Volt is one of the best automobiles the world has ever produced. Most of you detractors are making statements that aren’t even true, and then ranting about it. Amazing!

  • Kathy

    Couldn’t come out with Chevrolet issues – the media had to cover the Toyota problems! Nothing’s wrong with GM – nothing’s wrong with this administration – nothing’s wrong with this president. Keep reading to your kids – The Emperor’s New Clothes. They’ll get it.

  • Windy

    From now on when I see someone with this car I will say, “Wow you bought a Chevy Torch.” “How many candlepower does it generate?” “Did it come with a fire suit?” 😉

  • John Best

    At least the government didn’t have to use our tax dollars to pay Ford to build the Pinto.

  • Jerry

    Awesome! So much knowledge for such a small group of people.

  • Dan Joseph

    Hard to guess, but I would say 100% of the folks who have a slam against the Volt don’t own one, have never taken the time to go drive one or have even noticed one when it drives past them. Every month my wife is laughing all the way to the bank as she spends a grand total of $23.00 per month in gas plus $20.00 per month in electricity. Prior to that, she spent $80.00 per week in gas. This April, when gas is $4.00+/gallon again, listen carefully…you will hear her laughing even harder as you detractors insist on maintaining your disadvantage.

  • Brian

    After your Volt bursts into flames, you can use Obama-care to pay your medical bills, foodstamps (since you will be unable to work), section 8, disability and unemployment(since you will be homeless and unable to work),and medicaid to pay for the rest. Then you can sue GM for Millions and have the treasury (taxpayer + borrowed China money) pay your settlement. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Jack Kennedy

    obama lies and Americans die

  • Real American

    where are all the obama sycophants to defend him on this obama boondoogle

  • Dan

    Wow, this all would almost be entertaining if it weren’t so sad. Factual data being replaced with useless analogy and rhetoric.

    The comparison of Obama and the Volt to Hitler and the VW Bug? The bug is the worlds leading seller of vehicles so where does this analogy get you? NOWHERE!!!

    Guys and gals, listen up. I am about as right wing conservative as they come. I didn’t vote for Obama last time and I won’t this time. I didn’t vote for him because of his politics, not because of what car he seems to like. I am no leftist hippie freak (I believe joint smoking was the prefered reference above), nor am I a business exec making seven figures a year. I am a school teacher making a modest income. I bought a Volt because I felt that it empowered me to finally do something personally to reduce our suffocating dependence on foreign oil. I am not fool enough to pretend that it is significantly “greener” at this point than most other cars. I realize that the majority of my electricity comes from coal fired plants. I am also intelligent enough to know that all the energy that my Volt does consume is manufactured, processed and delivered right here in the USA by American workers, supporting the American economy. Not a perfect solution, but certainly better for me than the alternative.

    My Volt has faults, it’s not perfect, but I did my research and I weighed those faults against the benefits long before I bought it. Yes, they are expensive right now. Will the technology get cheaper over time?…most certainly yes. But this is the best solution available right now. I don’t want to wait anymore for the “perfect” car. I doesn’t exist, never has existed and never will exist.

    If you folks can possibly get past your prejudice and look at the car for what it is…not what it represents to you, but what it actually is, I think you will find that it is deserving of all the awards it has received.

    I am no auto expert or colmnist. I am not an electrical engineer speciallizing in battery technology. I am no economic strategist, nor am I some political lobyist. I am just a simple little old Volt owner. All I can tell you is the car does everything GM said it would do and more. I am truely more pleased with the car the more I drive it. 85% of my driving has been electric to this point and that number continues to rise. I realize that the people that hate this car will never be swayed because their hatred stems, not from facts or hands on personal experience with the car, but from prejudices influenced by alterior motives such as politics, among others. This is really unfortunate in my opinion because in the process, we are turning our backs on the very thing we were all crying for several. American leadership in the business world…forward thinking, competativeness and inginuity on the global manufacturing schene. The Volt represents this and should be a source of pride, not scorn.

    Just my two cents. Thanks for reading it.


  • Richard Joash Tan


  • kevin g san jose, ca

    What in the world? If it is true what Joan Claybrook believes that “part of the reason for the delay was the “fragility of Volt sales”, this is a scandal in and of itself. This board is not to be concerned with car sales for ANY car maker. They are there to promote safety – blindly. I think that this fire problem is worse in some respects to a normal gasoline engine fire, since there are cases where you can get your car fixed at the local body shop, and if they did not touch the battery, and you parked it in the garage at your home or bldg, it could endanger the lives of everyone in the home as well.
    If this is true then it looks like they are getting their orders from the wacko environmentalists (didn’t a couple scientists sort of do that with the raw data? Something like – “cover it up until we can spin it”?
    I am all for not wasting the environment, and trying to keep it clean, and I am not calling all environmentalists wacko, but there is that sect, (it seems these are the ones in charge) that think it would be better to wipe out a large portion of the population because of what we are doing to the planet when we exhale.

  • Dennis in WV

    Does Obama have a “morning-after pill” for this screw-up, too?

  • Jason King

    Most of you are a bunch of freakin morons. I own a Volt. It is the best car I’ve ever owned. I power it with solar power. I’ve gone 6000 miles on less than 3 gallons of gas. The rest is all from the sun. I power it with 9 solar panels, which cost $7k. I would have spent that in 2.5 years on gas. That means that after 2 more years, my driving will not only be emission free, but also cost FREE. So many of you people have posted wrong info here and obviously you’ve never even seen let alone driven a Volt. You are a bunch of negative whining jealous morons! I could sit here the rest of the night and prove almost everything said in this thread is wrong. But why bother? You are all so blind and stupid it would be a waste of time. Keep driving your 12mpg SUV and buying your $80 fillup every week. I drive past gas stations and laugh!

  • Mike

    “First we had Obama-care now we have the Obama-mobile…”
    “Obama is working hard to screw up both our health care and our cars…”

    All problems are due to Obama. If it rains on my day off. Obama caused it. I tripped and fell today because I was thinking about Obama. I missed the bus to work. I think Obama must have talked to the driver. I bought a lottery ticket, but I lost. If Obama weren’t President, I would have won. Obama, Obama, Obama. Every discussion must now include a derogatory reference to Obama. We must never miss an opportunity to slam Obama, even if it is completely irrelevant.

  • Kent

    Geez…used to own five Pontiacs in 2008… down to one!

    I loved the old GM….did someone say “Super-Charged or V-8! But won’t by another, I now had to four new Fords…”Turbos and V-10’s”!

    I don’t like it when it’s and cold I turn on the heat andI run the battery out! Last time I check my third grade science lessons; coal and oil come from the ground…so isn’t the Volt “Coal Fired”!

  • Lisa Merriam

    The Chevy Volt is like so much that appears “good for you.” No one really wants to eat the dog food:

  • Shrugged

    This is Detroit’s electric version of the Chevy Maverick, the pathetic attempt to adapt to the new small car market preference of the 1970’s. They haven’t learned a thing in 40 years because they keep doing what they have always done — and we keep paying for their faliures. Let them go out of business, PLEASE.

  • Shrugged

    Let me get this straight. Obama saved GM for a car that runs on an energy source (Coal fired electricity) that he says he is trying to put out of business. It kills people, and he and his agencies are hiding this fact. . . . And people continue to believe this sociopath America-hater?

  • hillcoguy

    These cars are results of a government owned auto manufacturer, as was in the old USSR. You’d think one would learn by merely observing the situation from afar. But NO! Take away the auto maker from the owners, stock holders and GIVE it to 0’bammys unions and watch that once proud AMERICAN company go down the tubes.

  • Andre

    Only fools elect a fool.

  • hillcoguy


    Gosh rich……being right one out of ten ain’t too bad!

  • whodat1

    Don’t recall the Volt! Keep selling them. I like to think of them as Evolution in Action.


    I’d buy a GM electric car, pre-owned…but I’m afraid it’d be re-Volting

  • saveamerica1

    With a small modification, The GOV MOTORS VOLT could be salvaged to be a true car of the year!
    By removing those enormous dangerous batteries, there should be enough space to install a small coal fired electric power plant. This would provide and endless supply of electricity to power the electric Volt. Just add a couple buckets of coal to the onboard coal power plant and the electric Volt could travel hundreds of miles on pure electricity!

  • Fred

    Obama is King of the Idiots… plain and simple. Nothing more needs to be said.

    If you can’t figure that out… then your a kind idiot too.

  • Jason

    Obama is like King Midas, only everything he touches turns to C r a p!

  • Jimmy john

    Another example of lousy American cars being sold. I will not buy another American car. That’s really a sorry statement. However, never again will I allow myself to be lied to by the any American car BS artists.

  • Mel

    This piece of junk should have been named the Chevy Kaboom, no?

  • Thucydides

    Want a safe, tested and functioning hybrid? Toyota and Honda produce those, and have for nearly a decade. (The Volt uses the same hybrid system the Prius does, only the control logic is changed to invert the ratio of electric to gas engine utilization).

    Want an all electric car? Nissan produces that

    Want an economical vehicle without the extra complexity and expense of electric technology? Any VW diesel can provide that.

    No wonder the Volt is DOA as far as sales are concerned; there are so many better products on the market

  • Victor Lombardi

    Dear Mr. Huw,

    Why are you surprised about the NHSTA’s failure to disclose this ?

    We all understand why GM would not disclosure and its a pattern repeated so often in history with these people.

    Under the Obama administration they have a unspoken directive – electric cars at all costs – obviously it does not matter to them about american lives either with statements such as they did not want to hurt the sales of the Volt- how pathetic.

    This is a Litigators dream case!

    Yet they fail to address some very key issues – our Electrical Grid in this country is antiquated – if just 3% of
    our population bought a Volt or any other electric vehicle it would shut down our electricity grid across the USA.

    So just as they caught some of the leading Climate Change scientists committing fraud in support of this administrations Climate Change Policy so they have caught yet another government agency committing a similar fraud – don’t you think this is pattern of fraudulent activity emerging now ?

    We are hearing all the same rhetoric over the electric car as we did with the Biofuel sector – which went they way of the Do Do Bird .

    We are wasting billions of dollars annually on repeated pipe dreams and more importantly than that – we are wasting precious time – this is a tragedy where you have an administration so bent on dictating there proven flawed directives on a populace that just sits there and does nothing – just like the Do Do Bird did !

    Can anybody spell- Extinction !

    This is what you should be writing about .

    Warm Regards

  • tom

    The last paragraph is unbelievably erroneous and needs to be corrected by Cnet says it’s 24 and not 5,000.

  • Tom from Texas

    Hmmm. Looks like no one is getting much of a charge out of the volt (pun intended)
    Not surprised here, because everything the government has touched for more than 20 years has turned to, well you know.
    It’s time to clean DC out. Here’s how, so spread the word.

  • irishalaman

    My guess is neither of the Obama Girls will be getting a VOLT on their 16th Birthday. Probably a Ford!

  • Geechee

    Hurry on down to your local GM dealer.

    “We’re stackin’ ’em deep,
    An’sellin’ ’em cheap.
    Don’t miss our “Fire Sale”!

  • Kevin Lafayette

    Isn’t it great when the government runs both the car company, AND the government agency responsible for safety testing? The benefits of big government, and to think how I have been against big government all these years!

  • constantvigil

    Chevy Volt: powered by coal.

    Obama, the media and the democrats are pushing for bigger government: we know what it has done to the economy but here is another taste – besides solyndra – of Government corruption.

    OWS has got it all wrong: governement corruption is far more dangerous to the public than corporate corruption – Frank/Dodd started the recent financial meltdown.

    That is why 2012 will be a vote against four more years of the lying, corrupt, seditious, amoral failure Obama.

  • Rank

    I look at a volt, and I just had no burning desire to get one!

  • Don Davis

    I found a reference to this thread on the Chevy Volt forum — a site where many of you might find some actual, factual remarks from Volt owners such as myself. Now that I have read through all the incredibly baseless diatribes against the Volt it is obvious why our nation is in such bad shape… there are way too many ignorant, close-minded, luddites in our country. With all this misguided hatred and misinformed trash-talking it’s no wonder that we are losing ground against other world powers.

    I live 3 miles from a nuclear plant which generates all the electricity for our region. Owning a car that can use some of that energy versus enriching middle eastern oil sheiks seems like a really good idea to me. The majority of my driving can be done on battery power alone, making this car a very practical choice. When I do need to go further, the Volt burns gas at a reasonable 35 MPG. So far, in 2700 miles of driving, I am getting 197 MPG (that’s miles per gallon of gas the internal combustion engine has consumed). The cost of electricity per mile is roughly 3 cents. So, driving 35 miles on battery power costs me $1.05 — about one-third the cost of running on gasoline. Kindly explain to me how this is a bad thing.

    The Volt is also the first American Made Automobile I have purchased after 40 years of buying and driving foreign makes which have always seemed more advanced. Why? Because the Volt is a masterpiece of technology that does things no other car can do. If you haven’t driven one, I suggest you simply stop talking about the Volt until you do. Drive one and you will change your mind. Really. Sure, it’s easier to sit at your computer and bash out a stream of bilious crap based solely on your prejudices, but if you want to have any credibility at all, you’ll need to drive a Volt before you condemn it.

    BTW — Not one single Volt has caught fire during actual driving — even in accidents that have totaled the car. When compared to the statistics that show hundreds of gas-powered vehicles catching fire every day, all this media attention and public outcry is just, well, inflammatory nonsense.

    The haters who troll this forum need to get a grip. And a life. Your display of ignorance is downright disturbing. Its also horrifying to learn that there are SO MANY clueless numbskulls who are so vocal in their stupidity. It’s not the Volt that will bring us to ruin — it’s going to be the hordes of morons who can’t get their facts straight or rant about subjects they truly don’t understand.

  • Howard Roark

    Someone accused government motors of selling Volts as part of their Beta testing. Well, they are wrong. Government Motors is selling Volts as part of their ALPHA testing.

    The Volt, like every other “green” idea only “solves” a problem when one looks at it in the narrow sense. If one considers the entire system that the Volt or any other “green” idea affects the green solution is always a sub-optimal solution —

    Take for example the curly Q light bulbs. They are supposed to save the planet — however each one has a miniscule amount of mercury in it. Now, any particular “Q” light bulb does not have enough mercury in it to do anything, but multiply that by the billions, if not trillions of bulbs that will be in landfills and you’ve got a REAL water problem.

    It has been said that when the USSR fell that the communists in this country all became environmentalists. I believe that to be true.
    Take for a second example the mandated re-formulation of dishwasher soap. It was supposed to be seamless, however no one can get their dishes clean in a dishwasher any longer — especially silverware. No one, that is, except for restaurants — who have a special dispensation so that they can use the old formulation.

    Restaurants need to get their dishes clean….

    Or the windmills that have to shut down at night.
    Or the freeways that have to be diverted because of some frog.
    Or the endless problems and delays in building a power plant.
    Or the factories and plants that get built overseas because the cost to fight all the alphabet agencies and lawsuits from “green” groups makes building (and hiring) within the USA impossible.
    Or rampant idiocy on emissions controls placed on chain saws, charcoal grills, small generators, and 50 year old automobiles.
    Or Evergreen Solar, Solyndra, Electric car mfg in Iceland.
    OR anything related to global warming.

  • Victor Lombardi

    Dear Mr. Huw,

    Here is the real story you should have published

    Another massive fraud from this administration and their lacky and controlled Media Outlets

    Just paste the above into your Browser


  • Bobby

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your tin foil hat conspiracy theories ladies. Quickly find a way to blame the government, unions, environmentalists, Martians as fast as you can! Quick!

  • John Wolf

    I would love to purchase a Chevy Volt for $20,000.00. That is what is worth to me.

    Anyone with an offer:

  • John

    If you don’t believe this country is in trouble then read the above comments about the volt. Are our schools turning out complete idiots?

    If you want to comment on electric cars at least test drive or buy one then you can make an intelligent comment.

  • RobInPA

    It’s the latest scandal from the regime. . .

    “Not So Fast and Flammable”

  • Charles Hogan

    Anyone that would buy anything from GM,GE or ANY UNION is Un AMERICAN period.

  • R Lange

    You don’t need to drive a volt to know that the chumps who bought them got more government welfare than most food stampers last year. If it’s such a great car, why do the rest of us have to buy it for you? Nothing says “Leech on the Dole” more clearly than a Volt. Bunch of disgusting freeloaders.

  • Victor Whiskey

    Blaming Obama for all this is pretty stupid so are most of the comments about this story. I’m not crazy about Obama, however, no matter who’s in the white house, corporate stooges always pay them millions in lobby money to get free favors, and then they bitch about too big a government. Why don’t the captains (actually thieves) of industry stop dumping legal bribe (campaign contribution) money into the government and practice real capitalism.
    As for the Volt, ever since we got rid of carburetors and have switched everything to fuel injection, I’ve seen more gasoline powered cars burst in flames in road accidents, often trapping and incinerating passengers, than ever before. They will even burst on fire without a collision and that’s because the fuel system is pressurized. One bad fitting and gasoline will squirt on the hot engine causing a fire. It happens so often I wonder why there is no investigation. Had this been one incident in an airliner, the whole fleet would be grounded.
    And yes the Volt is a bad idea, not because of defects, all new designs have some, but because the auto manufacturing industry should not be paid for by the government.

    Victor Whiskey

  • Lincoln Robertson

    Will the federal government ever admit to dismal performance? No, because they are their own overseers. What a disaster federal health care going to be!!!

  • CAConservative

    They forced Government Motors to produce cars that no one wanted (reminds me of the East German Trabant). If capitalist corporate America hid the findings of a car that can catch fire the CEO would be hauled before Congress for a Soviet style show trial. The company would be accused of putting profit before people. They would state that this would be another example of corporate greed. Huge fines and possible imprisonment would follow. Since it is the government pushing their agenda, it is hardly a news item. Just wait for Obamacare to be fully implemented!!

  • djmartini

    I don’t understand you gear heads. Why so against Electric Vehicles? Don’t you get excited over new advances in the industry? Don’t you care about our country?
    Don’t you want to wean ourselves off of foreign oil? or do you still want to support our enemies overseas.
    Electric vehicles are COOL! ! They’ll work out the bugs, maybe move on to Hydrogen next. But don’t dismiss the technological advances in the industry. Loud, dirty gas guzzlers are going the way of the steam engine, get over yourselves already! Convert to alternate fuels including growing hemp for oil and yes , coal. We have lots of coal. Clean burning coal can produce the electricity we need instead of burning foreign oil.

  • Stevesr1944

    This Volt thing is all Bush’s fault! I don’t know why or how but I bet
    BO and his merry band of socialists will be able to explain it.

  • Machismo

    GM wanted to make $40,000 of a car that had no track record. Like trying to fly a lead baloon! What a bone headed decision for the management at GM. It is this kind of Stupid highly paid leadership that needs to hit the street looking for a different type of work. First of all, you make the car easy to afford, build a track record of quality, reliability, then edge up the price a bit every year as improvements are made. People cannot afford to spend this kind of money on basic transporation.

  • R Lange

    I’m not against electric cars at all. I don’t care if they sell cars that run on unicorn dung or fairy dust, as long as it is private investors producing for owners buying with their own money. What galls me is that the Volt is nothing but a taxayer financed political payoff to the UAW and the AGW scammers. And freeloaders coming on here to tell us how great the car is that we were forced to help buy for them.

    Then we find out they happen to catch fire from time to time… good grief. As GM stock sinks who do you suppose is losing the money? You do realize that your government owned stock is worth roughly half of what it sold for in January 2011, right? Meanwhile GM is planning to increase production of a boondoggle that doesn’t even sell with thousands of $$s of welfare payments thrown in. And people think the Volt is a good deal for America?? Right up there with AZ beachfront property.

  • kenny

    Why are we subsidizing personal use vehicles and gas? I don’t get it? Shouldn’t that be left for mass transit, better built walking/biking cities? Personal auto use puts more stress on our roads, keeps the machine of having to keep up roads and create more parking lots going. Enough. This is not a worldly means of investment.

  • Linedancer

    How stupid would one have been to purchase a Volt in the first place?

  • Crashlander

    If he gets elected again look for him to make us all buy one. Like health insurance.

  • Logical_Thinker

    Gene has an excellent comment above (though with a bit of flamebaiting, granted far less than the majority of the comments on this discussion).

    Read it. Then take a breath, and realize Gene is right. Thanks Gene.
    The Volt is a great car.

  • Logical_Thinker

    Dan has an excellent comment above. Read it, take a deep breath, and realize that Dan is right.
    The Volt is a top notch car; extremely safe.

  • Logical_Thinker

    Don Davis has an excellent comment above. Read it, take a deep breath, and realize that Don Davis is right.
    The Volt is a safe, excellent car.

  • ela funt

    Where there is electricity, there is fire.

  • Hugh Janus

    Starting to look like there’s a better chance of finding intelligent life in the ocean than reading the comments in this thread. Scary!

  • kenny

    I will buy health insurance for 70 cents a day, instead of half of my minimum wage for the month, thanks.

  • Stephen Paul

    Damn all of you ignorant a-holes must be republicans. Why the fuck don’t you morons just go take over Canada or something, get the fuck out of my country. There is NOTHING that you idiots stand for, believe in, or spew from your polluted mouths that is anything good for America. It’s funny, you cock sucking idiots wrap yourselves in the flag as if your patriots, then do everything that you can to destroy MY COUNTRY ! Get THE FUCK ON ! The Occupiers may not know exactly what to do, but they know something has to be done, it’s quite simple actually. To fix our country, all that must be done is for US TO DECLARE OPEN SEASON ON REPUBLICANS ! Get ride of the Greedy, Self-Serving, Treasonous Senior Party Members First, then ELIMINATE the other 95% of the republican party, because they are simply put THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of our population. After we make the Republican party Illegal, and EXTERMINATE AS MANY REPUBLICANS AS POSSIBLE, we should then make it ILLEGAL for any AMERICAN to Breed with any of the surviving former Republicans. This way we can cleanse our country of shallow gene pool from which these morons came !


    Mr.Davis: per your e-mail -‘When I do need to go further, the Volt burns gas at a reasonable 35 MPG. So far, in 2700 miles of driving, I am getting 197 MPG (that’s miles per gallon of gas the internal combustion engine has consumed). The cost of electricity per mile is roughly 3 cents. So, driving 35 miles on battery power costs me $1.05 — about one-third the cost of running on gasoline. Kindly explain to me how this is a bad thing.’
    You evidently suffer from don’t-think-i-tis. By virtue of your statements above you have no problem equating a 35 mpg mileage rate to somehow magically equal 197 mpg…..I suspect your math training was conducted in the hallowed halls of the Obama White House…….pick a number guy….first it’s 35 mpg, then that ‘magically becomes 197 mpg?… your own words, if I put 2 gallons of gas in your car, you could travel 436 miles….right ? So as to not confuse you further, that’s 2 gallons of gas at 197 / gallon + the 40 miles you get per full charge of battery power…….WOW, the VOLT just broke thru every physics barrier known to the engineering world. You are starting to sound like the dimwits in D.C…..remember her famous ‘we have to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it’ phrase?…..I think you’ll feel very much at home in that ‘club’.
    Do yourself a favor…..stop drinking the Kool-Aid, and look at the WHOLE picture,then tell us again how great a deal this car is. I won’t get into semantics about fires, because I doubt anyone really knows or is capable of telling us what caused those……and if they are, they won’t….’bad for the image, you know’. But really Sir, do ‘get a grip’ as your perception of the world is somewhat skewed…..maybe YOUR battery needs a re-charge?

  • George Kay

    I saw this coming when I changed the batteries of my flashlight to check the voltage.I hope some bright minds can help out GM.

  • ML

    Stephen Paul: Mind your manners, boy.

  • Damien

    All this vitriol about Obama. GM was sunk by W. USA was sunk by W.

  • Rob

    Did not vote for obama. will not vote for obama.i do own a volt.I would rather take a chance on an american car than hand my money over to toyota or honda.really like the car,it is a step in the right direction

  • JL Negron

    The Volt system can still be salvage but will require redesign of the battery to accept a liquid cooling by extending the existing electronics cooling to encompass the battery pack; the firmware will also need to be updated to include running while the vehicle is charging in the garage.

  • Maso

    This whole issue is ridiculous. The car catches fire three weeks after a huge impact, the NHTSA doesn’t follow GM’s safety protocols for discharging the battery, and somehow the car is a deathtrap.

    For those of you who are hell bent on slandering the car (and from the comments posted above, most have no clue about how safe the car actually is or how is really works) I hope you enjoy watching America become a second tier nation, because people eat up sensationalized media coverage like the box of donuts they just ate and kill any hope of home-grown innovation. FINALLY an American company makes a world-class technology that nobody can match, and yet you clowns can’t stand to see it succeed because it’s made by “GUBMENT MOTORS”.

  • Stan Esposito

    The negative comments here are astounding. Is our country is so full of hatred for one another. You all should go to a local Chevy dealer and test drive a Volt. The Volt is not for everyone but you cannot deny the technology and fit and finish. If you count all of the negative comments they probably come from about 30 or 40 people if that many.
    A very small sample of Americans.

  • carl

    250,000 gas-powered cars catch fire after crashes every year in the US. This one caught fire after 3 weeks and after the wildly irresponsible people doing the testing did not follow the manufacturers instruction of draining the battery.

    It’s the equivalent of allowing a wrecked car to drip gas next to a flame source for 3 weeks. Idiots.

  • markus

    Bush approved the GM bailouts too but everyone is pointing to Obama like it was a conspiracy. Nice try!

  • “The United States government still owns a significant stake in GM.
    There’s an obvious conflict of interest in a government agency
    investigating a government-owned company. Moreover, the NHTSA cannot be
    impartial because it has become a cheerleader for electric vehicles.”
    All true!

    GM is government-owned and it would not benefit GM nor the Government
    if any problems with ANY of their vehicles are brought to light. That
    makes people want to buy something else.

    What both GM and the Government need is for more people to actually
    choose to buy GM vehicles to where GM is actually making real money (as
    opposed to recirculating bail out money) and can repay the billions of
    dollars of taxpayer money so generously bestowed upon them by Bush and

    It is highly unlikely that repayment of any kind will ever happen.
    What is more likely is that GM will be bankrupt again within the next
    few years and need another tax payer bail out. They’re doing the same
    thing they did in the past and expecting a different outcome…

    It is only logical that ANY problems experienced by GM will be
    downplayed by GM AND the Government. Where are Ray LaHood and the
    like-minded who jumped all over Toyota for imagined SUA incidents?

    The number of Volts sold to date is very small, miniscule at best.
    If more Volts had been sold and on the road it stands to reason more
    Volts would have caught fire.

    So the Volt is GM’s Pinto. Still no big deal. Not all Pintos
    exploded when in a collision, and not all Volts will self-ignite when in
    an accident. What GM needs is an ad-campaign to get more people to buy
    a Volt.

  • really nice one dear thanks for sharing site.

  • Larry Schuler

    Best NEW car I’ve ever owned is our 2013 VOLT – and I’ve had a long line of new cars and trucks.

  • wrong fuel

    Great post, thanks for sharing with us.

  • wrong fuel

    safety is key on modern cars, thank you

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  • An interesting point on the subject been raised by Clarence Ditlow, executive director for the Center of Auto Safety in Washington D.C. He said that he is “surprised that NHTSA didn’t drain the battery after crash testing as it is standard procedure to empty the fuel tank on conventional gasoline powered vehicles.” He also says that the NHTSA incident underlines the need for “greater transparency when conducting crash tests,” as well as setting proper industry standards when it comes to new technologies.