Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues May Cost $1,000 To Fix Per Car

Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues May Cost $1,000 To Fix Per Car

Following in the wake of the highly publicized Chevrolet Volt battery fire issue, GM is now working  to fix the problems, which are said to include adding reinforcements around the car’s battery pack along with protection to prevent coolant leakage as well as laminating electrical circuits.

However, the cost in doing so will reportedly work out to about $9 million, which translates to around  $1,000 per Volt currently on the road.

Nonetheless despite the fires, reportedly caused by coolant leaking and then crystalizing to cause electrical shorts, neither the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nor the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (which reported no fires as the result of its own crash testing) have plans to change the five-star crash ratings they awarded the Volt earlier this year.

GM, despite offering a free loaner program to concerned customers, is also saying that the Volt poses no immediate fire risk to customers following an accident, a sentiment echoed by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. So far, around 33 customers have taken advantage of GM’s loaner program.

[Source: Reuters]

  • Amy Sheppard

    a free loaner. But you put gas in it and drive it while your volt sits at a dealer lot OH, and while YOU are still paying the note.