Consumer Watchdog Urges Hyundai to Pull 40-MPG Claim from Elantra Ads

Consumer Watchdog Urges Hyundai to Pull 40-MPG Claim from Elantra Ads

Consumer Watchdog is not backing down from its bid of calling out Hyundai‘s MPG claims for their popular Elantra, and has now issued out a letter to Hyundai’s CEO asking the company to pull its prominent 40-mpg claims from car’s advertisements until the EPA re-tests the model.

Elantra owners from around the country are reporting that their vehicles’ average gas rating is more in the 18- to 19-mpg range rather than the advertised 29-mpg city, 40-mpg highway that Hyundai is advertising. To add more fuel to the fire, Consumers Union and Motor Trend’s tests were well short of the 33-mpg combined claim and even the most mileage-obsessed drivers over at couldn’t get their Elantras close to the 33-mpg claim.

And while most people understand that there is a discrepancy between mpg claims from manufacturers and real world driving scenarios, their complaint lies in the fact that the Elantra falls well beyond a 10-percent difference. Consumer Watchdog is now calling Hyundai out as being deceptive and hope that Hyundai will pull the claims from their ads before more consumers purchase the Elantra under false pretenses.

Motor Trend tested the Elantra to 25.9-mpg while Consumers Union averaged 29-mpg. USA Today on the other hand tested just 22-mpg.

  • Kevin

    It seems to me that Consumer Watchdog has some vendetta against the Elantra since there are many other cars with much larger shortfalls on their rated MPG. I sell the cars and drive them. I know that the car can achieve the advertised fuel economy ratings as my customers do and Consumer Reports reported achieving nearly 40 MPG on the highway. Of course, driving habits and conditions can greatly affect fuel economy. I would also like to say to the author of this article that we are not dealing with “MPG claims from the manufacturer”. The MPG ratings are produced by the EPA, an independent government agency.

  • Chuck

    Kevin hit the nail on the head – they’re EPA numbers, not Hyundai’s. Also, I owned a 2011 Elantra and regularly averaged 28 MPG in spirited city driving. On a trip through the mountains from Richmond, VA to Cleveland, OH I averaged 39 MPG. I just traded the Elantra on a Veloster and gas mileage looks about the same so far.

  • Owen

    Trust me. It’s a complete crock. I’ve had a 2012 model for about 3 weeks now and am averaging about 28 miles per gallon. I use cruise control almost exclusively on the highway (at either 60 or 70 depending on whether the speed limit’s 55 or 65), I haven’t had the Active ECO mode off for a second, I start and stop smoothly and am almost always the only weight of even marginal significance in the car.

    The best I’ve done is about 31 mpg, but that was on fuel cycle that was 70 percent lengthy highway road trip. If the entire tank were spent on a single highway trip, I’d guess I MIGHT be able to approach the advertised combined 33 mpg … maybe.

  • Josh

    Your MPG improves after the car breaks in.

  • rick

    The day I took possession of my Elantra I noted the avg mpg was showing 22.4 mpg. He said the car has to break in and at 1K I’ll see a marked improvement. Came in to Dealer at around the 1,8K mark with zero improvement, Service Rep said the computer controlling the transmission was “adjusting to my driving habits” and if it doesn’t get better by 3K to bring it back. Never heard THAT one before. At that point I knew they were stringing me along. At 2.7K am getting 32.7 mpg on hwy. 19% below advertised: 24.5 mpg mixed, 26% below advertised: 20.9 mpg city, 28% below advertised. In addition, the avg mpg and avg mph indicators work sporadically or not at all. In less than 3 months the wiper blades need replacing. Have since learned I’m only one of many customers highly ticked off about the Elantra advertised versus actual milage. All my calculations were done without a/c on, windows closed, etc in good driving conditions with moderate traffic. I’m a senior and drive responsibly and conservatively.

  • corby

    I have a brand new one and am getting 33 mostly highway miles. I have not gotten 40 mpg yet on a highway run. I am calling the dealer and asking if it is even possible. It is not broken in either.. I bought it for the 40 mpg and I do drive at 55 with cruise engaged on a flat road….

  • Toyoya420xp

    Hyundai lies its a scheme to get people into there cars. Honda on the other hand dosnt