Dodge Caliber Production Ends With Dart on the Horizon

Dodge Caliber Production Ends With Dart on the Horizon

No real surprises here, but Chrysler has finally pulled the plug on the Dodge Caliber’s production in anticipation to the unveiling of the all-new Dodge Dart next month at the Detroit Auto Show.

We’re frankly surprised the Caliber even lasted this long, having debuted in 2006 as a replacement to Dodge’s Neon to much negative press. In fact, the majority of the media regarded the Caliber as the bottom of the barrel in terms of small compacts, and was considered the worst of an already bad bunch of econoboxes.

The all-new Dart should be a sleek successor to the Caliber, based on a platform by Fiat’s Alfa Romeo brand. Many anticipate the Dart’s sales to be much more successful than the Caliber ever was.

[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Big Jim McBob

    Ford and GM got their act together after almost going up in smoke, but it looks like Dodge/Chrysler are still going to continue on making ugly, pointless cars that no one wants to buy. They are just surviving off of their minivan line at the moment.

  • jeff bishop

    Big Jim, you are so right I mean first of all, How on earth can dodge bring back a name plate that was used back in the 1960’s and the 70’s during the muscle car era and make it into a 21st century car I mean come on.don’t get me wrong but if i want a dodge it will be the charger but i am a ford person and i am waiting on the new ’13 please stop bringing back these past nameplates and making them into these modernized cars.