Dodge Nitro SUV Joins Caliber As A Discontinued Model

Dodge Nitro SUV Joins Caliber As A Discontinued Model

Dodge‘s announcement that the Caliber’s production has ended was no surprise, and now the Nitro SUV has also been confirmed to share the same fate as the Caliber. Nitro monthly sales had continued to be dismal with its lowest in July 2009 with just 1,115 vehicles sold.

The Nitro at its best selling month was 7,532 vehicles and last month Chrysler sold just 1,661 of their outdated SUV. While other Dodge vehicles continued to get makeovers and receive technological improvements and enhancements, both the Caliber and Nitro sat stagnant, featuring underpowered engines and poorly designed four-wheel-drive systems.

Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne has been quoted as saying that a replacement for the Nitro was “under consideration”. We already know that the Dart will be replacing the Caliber, what Dodge decides to do for the Nitro SUV remains unknown.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • mark

    Well boys,put out the fire and call in the dogs.I can’t believe Dodge is killing the Caliber.Assinine is what i say,they just lost my brand loyalty.To kill off a car like the Caliber is stupid.I have a 2010 Caliber Mainstreet and i love it,gas mileage is great,the damned thing corners like its riding on rails,its very peppy,and its not bad to look at either.But hey,who am i to complain about this car being discontinued.Dodge losing just one persons loyalty is nothing to them,i get that.I’m gonna miss this car,its absolutely awesome in the wintertime.Thanks guys for killin one of the greats,just like the Magnum,shoulda kept em both.The Dart,bad idea.Never heard anyone say anything good about the Dart the first time around,ive seen the prototype pics,looks like they stuck a Charger in the dryer on high heat and it shrank.

  • Motown Rocker

    The Nitro was one of the few bold design statements that Chrysler was known for (the other being the Ram pickup). The 1930s style gangster vehicle look (short windows, boxy) and the notorious front end set this SUV apart from the rest. I bought an ’11 Heat 4×4 with the 4.0 engine, after having the first model year’s RT package and loving every mile of the 30,000 I accumulated before selling it. I’ve had Liberties, rode in Durangos, Explorers, Blazers, etc. and the Nitro’s bad rap has no basis. This SUV’s a sleeper with the 4 liter engine and 20″ wheel pkg–best snow vehicle here in Michigan that I’ve ever driven, and more than enough power to get up to speed on ramps leading to the freeway. The little-known 4.0 liter option puts the Nitro above and beyond the mundane performance of other vehicles in its class.
    For around $22,000 out the door for a well-equipped 4×4 Heat, I couldn’t do any better. RIP Nitro!

  • Joseph Musarra

    I had a 2008 Nitro and a 2010 Nitro.  I was planning on purchasing a 2012.  Now that Dodge has discontinued the Nitro, I will most likely go back to Ford SUV’s, either the Escape or Explorer.  I was very satisfied with my Nitros and am very disappointed that they have been discontinued.

  • Javaqueen74

    I am really sad to hear that the Nitro has been discontinued. It was going to be my next car purchase…and the only Dodge vehicle I liked. 🙁 I guess I’ll either go back to Ford or Jeep. So disappointing. 

  • Style Man

    I, for one, am not sad that the car is gone. I’m looking forward to the fiat-based small crossover from Jeep. This one can take a hike!

  • M Scimeca

    The Nitro is just a Jeep Liberty anyway, with few differences.

  • I still have my 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T, & I love it! Still see a good amount on the road though, but the fewer they are, the more rare they become haha!