Fake Lamborghini Kit Car Packing a BMW V12 Quadruple Turbo [Video]

Fake Lamborghini Kit Car Packing a BMW V12 Quadruple Turbo [Video]

Although official stats are lacking for this beast, the video footage alone is enough to tell most of the tale.

This fake Lamborghini Diablo looks as impressive as the real thing from the outside, and when you see whats under the hood it begins to look like an enthusiasts wet dream. Outfitted with four turbo units attached to a BMW 5.0L V12 engine, this “Diablo” is a scary powerful machine that probably puts out more horses than anyone could ever want. But it certainly looks cool.

The video was uploaded by youtube user wcheck08 and comes from an undisclosed location which appears to be an auto show of some kind. Watch the video after the jump to see a walk around of this unique kit car.


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  • sam harpa

    hi all . i built this car myself at home. the photo/video is when the car was unfinished at newark show. it is now complete .take a look at complete kit car car of the year 2011. the exhausts are now straight for the twat that says theyve fitted them with duct tape (bet he hasnt ever built a car ,probably still sucks his mummys tits)

  • zafiris

    has been working several years with the kit car, unfortunately I’m in the country do not have the opportunity to build such a car [although my hobby is to design cars] So one of the one greater than my dreams probably will not ever take place. the car in the video I think is one of the best kit car, I have seen. All I have to say many congratulations