Fiat, Chrysler Optimistic For 2013 With Alfa Romeo Launch, New Models

Fiat, Chrysler Optimistic For 2013 With Alfa Romeo Launch, New Models

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FiatChrysler, is looking forward to 2013 for being a big year for the Italian-American brand. Marchionne is looking ahead to a collection of new Chrysler products, the reintroduction of Alfa Romeo back to America and have a chance to fully combine Fiat and Chrysler into one company.

Fiat, who now owns more than 50-percent of Chrysler, is waiting quietly for Europe’s currency crisis to clear up before deciding on future vehicle investments in the country. And with five money-losing plants in Italy, Chrysler has ironically become Fiat’s strong point in their portfolio. Chrysler made up two-thirds of Fiat’s third-quarter profits thanks to the rebounding US auto industry. On the other hand, Fiat has had to deal with the euro crisis and rigid Italian labor laws.

Looking towards the future however, Chrysler will be launching the Dodge Dart next year which is their compact car built on a Fiat platform to compete with Toyota‘s Corolla and Honda‘s Civic. But 2013 is when everything will be coming together for Fiat-Chrysler, with several refreshed Jeep models making their debuts, and the relaunch of Alfa Romeo into the United States.

We’re not sure how well received Alfa Romeo will be in the US, considering Fiat sales hasn’t exactly gone well in America. Chrysler has sold less than 18,000 500s this year, well shy of their original 50,000 target. We just hope they get a little more clever this time around with Alfa Romeo and avoid any sort of collaboration with J. Lo. Seriously Chrysler, more Fiats would sell if you didn’t associate it with J. Lo.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Eduardo Pironti

    I’m a proud owner of a Fiat 500 the car before the 500 was a D T S 2008. I never hade as much fun with any Car And I owned 23 of different makers and when Alfa come I will replase the Subaru. The 500 is a great car I also had a Mini You can have it.

  • luca spensieri

    I am the proud owner of 2 FIAT 500. One P and C. we just absolutely love these two jewels. One manual, one automatic. My wife wants to trade her Cadillac CTS for another 500. And by the way, we get better milage per gallon then FIAT discloses with both of them.
    I agree the J Lo add did not do justice to the 500.


    sucks  fiat is dragging chrysler  down the tubes!!  need new CHRYSLERS NOT FIATS !!!

  • Tillse7en

    What are you talking about? Fiat bailed Chrysler out, how is Fiat dragging them down the tubes?

  • Charles Lowe

    Chrysler would have been dead if not for FIAT ok buddy.

  • Charles Lowe

    My Abarth and Maserati are just awesome cars ok buddy.