Ford Boss 302SX Mustang Concept Unveiled

Ford Boss 302SX Mustang Concept Unveiled

Ford is thinking about adding a mid-range track car to their Boss 302S and 302R lineup. They quietly debuted a concept called the 302SX at the recent Performance Racing Industry trade show in Orlando, FL.

Don’t let their modest unveiling fool you, this car is something to talk about. It borrows aspects of the new Cobra Jet drag car and the Boss 302R race car. With that step comes a jump from the standard 444 horsepower to more than 500 out of a built 5.0-liter V8.

It also means a slew of improved parts like the six-speed transmission out of the 302R.  Upgraded exhaust,oil and fuel systems offer the engine help while a fully adjustable coilover suspension, adjustable front and rear sway bars, camber/caster plates, Brembo brakes and racing slicks deliver track-gripping performance.

The interior is also trimmed back including lightweight seats, and a quick release steering wheel. Proving that this is a serious track machine, as if that isn’t enough, Ford is also tossing in a system to record lap times.

The 302SX is a concept for the time being but Ford says it’s testing the market to see if releasing this latest iteration is worth their while.