Ford F-150 Named Motor Trend “Truck of the Year”

Ford F-150 Named Motor Trend “Truck of the Year”

Since its introduction as a 2009 model, the Ford F-150 in many respects has raised the benchmark when it comes to 1/2 ton full-size pickups. Incorporating many features that improved ride, handling, capability and practicality, the lineup received a major boost (literally) with new powertrains for the 2011 model year.

Collectively this has resulted, not only in maintaining the one-fifty’s position as sales leader in the segment, but also in a truck that consistently stands apart from the herd.

This is something Motor Trend magazine duly noted, during it’s annual truck of the year test for 2012 models. When all was said and done, the F-150 scored a solid lead over rival contenders, including Nissan’s new full-size van, the NV, the Ram HD Laramie Longhorn and Toyota Tacoma.

And a big part of that had to do with the truck’s 3.5-liter twin turbo EcoBoost engine, which today, is accounting for around 40 percent of all F-150 sales in the US. Said Motor Trend‘s editor-in-chief Ed Loh of the EcoBoost. “It mastered every task we subjected it to, acing our instrumented tests at the proving grounds and swaying opinions during our real world evaluations.”

Upon the announcement of the 2012 MT Truck of the Year, Mark Fields, Ford’s President of the Americas remarked, We are proud to receive this award and even more pleased that our F-150 customers have additional validation of their top choice.”

Ford’s F-150 has previously garnered Motor Trend Truck of the Year honors in 1997, 2004, and 2009.

  • Roy Martin

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