Honda Ridgeline Will Remain In Production

Honda Ridgeline Will Remain In Production

The Ridgeline is a slow seller, but Honda isn’t ready to give up their only truck bed-bearing model just yet.

The 2012 model will be getting a slight facelift along with a lower-cost sport (pictured above) model. The four-door pickup hasn’t managed to take hold since 2006 when it was first released.

Those slow sales fed speculation that the truck might disappear from showroom floors altogether, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. American Honda’s Truck Planner, Sage Marie, directly addressed the issue in an official statement, saying the truck is “here to stay.”

Tetsu Iwamura, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Honda confirmed that statement in an interview with at the Tokyo Motor Show.

“We’re fully aware of the importance of that model and we’re trying to make that model grow much more. At this moment, there is no intention to stop the Ridgeline,” he said before confirming that Honda is conducting research into improving North American appeal for the truck.

[Source: AutoBlog]

  • Scott Van Dusen

    A comment for ya’ll for the Ridgeline make it like a truck with the bed . like the Ford truck or Chevy.