Ladies: Class Up Your Ride With The Car Thong

Ladies: Class Up Your Ride With The Car Thong

Here’s one wedgie you’ll constantly be pulling out of your bumper – it’s the Car Thong.

Brought to you by Harry Balz Novelties – the company that gave us Truck Nutz – the Car Thong is meant to be the latest car accessory for classy lassies. That’s right – for all you girls that felt left out on the Truck Nutz craze, these extra-large thongs will make a definite fashion statement.

Made to fit on crossovers, station wagons and minivans, soccer moms have an all-new way to embarrass their kids and set the stage for thousands of dollars in future therapy bills. On a positive note, the Car Thongs go very nicely with Carlashes.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Princess Et91

    I wnat one of these, where do i find it?!?!


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