Massive Honda Airbag Recall Expanded Further

Massive Honda Airbag Recall Expanded Further

Honda‘s latest addition to its airbag recall affecting older Accords, Civics, Odyssey’s, Pilots and Acuras bumps the total number of recalled vehicles to more than 3.7 million.

The issue came to light three years ago, and has already caused one death and at least a dozen injuries due to airbags in some vehicles deploying with too much force. Earlier this month we reported that Honda announced 600,000 vehicles being added to this large scale recall. This latest development will include 272,000 new vehicles.

The problem incudes 2001 and 2002 Accords, Civics and Odysseys from 2001 through 2003, CR-Vs from 2002 to 2003 and 2003 Pilots. The recall also affects 2002 and 2003 Acura 3.2 TLs and 2003 3.2 CLs. Expect notice from Honda if you own a vehicle included in the recall.

[Source: ABC News]

  • Marcia Kaplan

    I have a 2003 PILOT. What should I do about the air bag recall?

  • Champ SENG

    My airbag light is on that indicates an airbag issue.I took the car in for a diagnostic test.The mechanic says it is a left side sensor problem.He says it could costs between 200 to 700 dollars.My question is,should I be paying for this.Is this a Honda problem.Like seatbelts,I believe this is hondas safety issue.I was told the airbag may not deploy.It is an 2005 honda pilot.I was told by some folks that safety issues in vehicles such as airbags are lifetime warranty.This is something that is not schedule for maintenance.Can you help who do I contact.The dealershop is not sure of what to do.


  • margo Muscatel

    I have a 2004 Honda CRV . Is there a recall on the airbag?

  • Phil DeMoura

    I have a 2004 Civic with the airbag light on. It doesn’t have any codes. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • Barb

    I had a 2000 Honda Odyssey. In a serious crash where my van went at full speed head on into a tree and the front left side was very damaged, my airbag DID NOT DEPLOY. Thankfully I survived, but had serious injuries. And I had no warning lights at all stating I had any problems with my airbags.