MYVAN is a Social Network For Van Fans

MYVAN is a Social Network For Van Fans

If you’re into vans, you’ll want to join MYVAN, the new social network site for people that want to connect with other van fans.

Developed by Mercedes-Benz, MYVAN in an online community that’s designed to connect like-minded van enthusiasts and allow them to share experiences, opinions and knowledge. It will feature a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and content-specific videos.

The MYVAN site is for tradespeople who use specialized and customized vans for work. On the social networking site, they will be able to share ideas, pass on pointers and keep up with industry trends. It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what new and happening in the world of vans.

Even though Mercedes-Benz is the driving force behind the site, it doesn’t matter what kind of van you drive – drivers all van makes and models are welcome on the site.

“MYVAN will offer tradesmen who come in contact with the subject of transport sustainable benefits,” said Mercedes-Benz Vans marketing VP Andreas Burkhart, Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Vans. “We see MYVAN as an international format that has relevance beyond national boundaries.”