Nissan Recalls Nearly Every Juke Sold For Door Lock, Turbocharger Defects

Nissan Recalls Nearly Every Juke Sold For Door Lock, Turbocharger Defects

Nissan is recalling 118,000 Juke crossovers world wide due to a pair of defects that could pose problems for owners. Nissan says that the door locks could freeze in cold-weather, presenting an annoying problem for owners in cold climates. In addition, a boost pressure sensor on the turbocharger may malfunction, causing a check engine light to appear.

Both issues aren’t exactly critical, but definitely could be annoying for affected owners. Nissan also said that the issues were regional, with Japan, North America and certain European countries affected by the door lock issue. Virtually every continent save for Australia is affected by the turbocharger issue. Nearly every Juke sold worldwide – 118,000 in total, will have to have something fixed.

  • Rosaire Martel

    31 décembre 2011

    Le problème de ma Juke SL TI 2012, c’est que je ne peux dégager les essuies-glace du pare-brise alors que je dois le faire pour déglacer celui-ci. Le capot nous empêche de les dégager. Pour le moment, les essuies-glace ne s’arrête pas dans le haut du pare-brise, même si je met(off) le moteur du véhicule. On devrait créer une condition à l’ordinateur du véhicule qui ferait en sorte que lorsque je met le moteur à off, et que l’interrupteur des essuies-glace est à (on), ceux-ci s’arrêteraient dans le haut du pare-brise, et alors je pourrais les dégager. Est-ce possible de faire ainsi. C’est important pour moi ici au Québec, car nous somme dans un climat nordique et l’hiver est longue ici.

    Autre question: Est-ce réelle que sa performance en gazoline est de 6.6 l/100 km sur la route et de 8.0 l/100 km
    en ville? Je suis loin de cette réalité même si je conduit dans les meilleures conditions possibles.
    J’utilise du super sans plomb, et sa consommation est d’environ 11.0 l/100 km .
    J’ai mille kilomètres au compteur présentement.


  • Paula Smith

    J’ai achété un Juke 2012 (un vraie Joke). Moi aussi le consommation est très mauvaise. 11.4 sur la grande route et 14.2 en ville. J’ai returné le Juke le lendemain et ca ma couté 6,000.00$. J’aimerai que vous me contactez parce ce que je veut aller plus loin avec ca. Le phamphlet est loin de ces chiffres. J’ai acheté un Rogue et le mileage est mieux que le petite Juke.

  • Mrs reilly

    I bought my Juke new Sept 2012 .In Nov got in the car but then back door wouldent shut the passenger had to sit in the back holding the door shut while i drove this happened 3 times Took it back and was told what do expect with how cold it is. I bought wd40 to spray in lock which helped but this should not happen. Now i have gone down in the morning and cant open the door iv tryed opening it with key in lock still wont open but after about an hour it opens . Nissan have said they cant do anything until it happens when its with them . I am not locking the car as i am worried i wont get in it in the mornings and when i come out of work midnights .As anyone else got this problem as im so angry with Nissans.

  • Celeste Rodriguez

    I have a 2012 Nissan Juke. There is an issue with my driver side door lock being frozen and unable to get keyless entry into my vehicle. Im sure this issue isnt the worst issue I can have, but its very frustrating that they cant do anything about it eventhough there are recalls on this vehicle for the exact same reason. I called Nissan Corporate and because my vin and part numbers are not on their recall list, there is nothing they can do. Obviously if Im having the exact same issue as all the recalled cars have, its definitely a more widespread issue than they think. I will never buy another Nissan again. Worst customer service ever.