Saab Suspends Warranty on North American Vehicles

Saab Suspends Warranty on North American Vehicles

After filing for bankruptcy on Monday morning, Saab is now suspending all warranty coverage on its North American cars.

Saab dealers have been told that all remaining vehicles they have on the lot are to be sold as is with no coverage; The warranty booklets were even removed from the information packets of new Saab’s. The demise of the company could mean better deals for some, but it also proves to be an unfortunate surprise for any new Saab owners. Saab has also suspended the processing of payments and claims that were underway, even if they were started before the automaker filed for bankruptcy.

“Saab owners should be advised to keep receipts of all related warranty work done or services performed until further notice,” Saab Cars North America said. It is not 100% confirmed that the warranty claims will not be honored, but for the time being dealers have been told to assume the worst.

[Source:Automotive News]