Start Your Chilly Morning Off Right With The Car Interior Preheater

Start Your Chilly Morning Off Right With The Car Interior Preheater

We hope you haven’t sent off your Christmas wish list to Santa just yet, because we have something you’ll want to add, especially now that the temperatures are dropping – the Car Interior Preheater.

If you feel bad about remote car starters that let your car idle until it’s warm enough to get into, this is the car heater for you. This programmable heater will defrost your car’s windshield and get it toasty warm inside. Just set it for 20 minutes before you’re going to drive away and you’ll be treated to a comfortably warm car in the morning – even in the middle of winter.

The Car Interior Preheater comes with two heat vents that tilt 180º to direct the hot air onto the windshield or throughout the car. Just put it on your car’s dashboard – no professional installation is required. You can start the heater up from about 200 feet away, thanks to a remote control. It can be recharged through an AC outlet or a car charger, which comes included with the heater.

The Car Interior Preheater costs $119.95.

[Source: Oh Gizmo!]

  • Nikki

    Can you give us a link where we can actually buy it? Because as far as I have seen it isn’t even available anymore. Not cool to tease someone who lives in an area that gets down to -30 to -40 degrees with something like this!!!

  • Amy Tokic
  • Amy Tokic

    It does look like its sold out, but I’ll send the company an email and see if it will be available soon – it might be that they’ve just run short of stock

  • Nikki

    Thank you! Thats where I found it too, had my check card out and ready haha! Much appreciated, I hope they get more.

  • Lisa G.

    Is there any other company to order this product?? I placed my name on the back order list for 12/12/11 with Hammacher Schlemmer on 12/08/11. I had not heard from them as to when these items were to be shipped to me. I called on 12/15/11 and was told the order was canceled on 12/10/11. I had no word from them. Customer service said they had sent a written letter to me explaining the product was no longer available. Is this their own product? Or can I order it from the company that actually produces it? Help!

  • Amy Tokic

    Hammacher Schlemmer doesn’t carry it anymore. The manufacturer is Heat and Clean. You may get a response from their end.

  • jerry

    Where can i buy this product

  • kerry nakonechny

    where can I acquire one of these items

  • connie

    yes, were can we get one of these??

  • fellow shopper

    Sharper image

  • mauriceh

    The picture conveniently omits showing the AC power cable that has to get to the heater.
    Seriously though a decent electric heater is under $50 at many outlets, such as Canadian Tire or Princess Auto.
    An electric timer is around $15.
    And the necessary extension cord around $20

    So, while stylish looking, this device is vastly over priced.

    You are welcome.

  • ray

    thanks, and not that i want one, but it says it says it’s battery operated

    and pushing a button from inside your home is probably a lot easier going outside, running an extension cord through a crack in the window and then having to plug it in.. not to mention reversing all that when it’s time to drive away.

    you’re welcome