Tata Nano Recalled For Defective Starter Motor

Tata Nano Recalled For Defective Starter Motor

The Tata Nano was supposed to be a cheap, simple car built for the people, but so far it has caused nothing but problems for the Indian automaker.

First it was an electrical issue that caused the Nano to catch fire which was the catalyst for a recall of 70,000 Nano’s. Now a faulty starter motor that the manufacturer says needs to be replaced is plauging the Nano.

Tata says that this recall is not actually a recall at all, as it was not spurred by customer complaints, but rather by Tata engineers designing a better starter which they feel all early model Nano’s should utilize. The recall will affect over 140,000 vehicles and is the largest recall in Tata’s history.

  • Raman

    Its not a recall,for calling out loud !! It is a free replacement drive that has been taken up as a recall, which again is non-mandatory,and that I think is a good thing. They are upgrading the starter motor for users having the old Nano. A commendable exercise by Tata Motors to do for its existing users.

  • Raman Chakravarty

    Tata Motors live by their name. Give back to the people who trust the company so much. It’s a huge step forward for Indian companies. A free replacement for existing users without any user complaint . It is a commendable drive by Tata Motors !!!!

  • satya prasad

    Recently I bought a nano. I have run 1000+ kilometers. I am proud to be owner of a nano car. Thanks to TATAs.

  • Mohammad Imtiaz

    mujhe tata nano dilado please………..

  • John Nomads

    I would buy a Nano, especially the diesel, if it were permitted in my country.