Top 10 Cars of the Tokyo Motor Show

Top 10 Cars of the Tokyo Motor Show

7. Toyota FCV-R Concept

Some might tell you that hydrogen fuel cell cars are about as relevant as Saab (and that they show as much promise), but the folks at Toyota are saying otherwise. To help get the point across, is the FCV-R concept car. Previous Toyota fuel cell concepts were just bolted on powertrains on to existing models, while this car appears to be all-new. And while slightly over-the-top it’s not an unrealistic look at what a future Toyota fuel cell car could look like. Toyota has said its looking to deliver a fuel cell model to market by 2015 (this car has a 430 mile range) and after seeing the FCV-R, it seems like much less of a pipe-dream.

  • Brian

    Maybe I’m missing something, but is #4 a typo? It’s the FCV-R, not the CFV-V, right?


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