Top 10 Cars of the Tokyo Motor Show

Top 10 Cars of the Tokyo Motor Show

2. Subaru BRZ Super GT Race Car

Almost our number one choice for the top car of the Tokyo Motor Show, the BRZ Super GT race car ranks so highly because, frankly, it looks outrageous. Taking the new Subaru/Toyota sports car platform and prepping it for race duty, Subaru has already announced it will compete in the GT300 class next season. And as an added dose of excitement, it’s hard to miss the STI badging on the fenders – a strong sign that Subaru’s mototrsports division may have something in store for the production BRZ yet.

GALLERY: Subaru BRZ Race Car


  • Brian

    Maybe I’m missing something, but is #4 a typo? It’s the FCV-R, not the CFV-V, right?