World’s Cleanest 1979 Camaro Z28 For Sale [Retro Resale]

World’s Cleanest 1979 Camaro Z28 For Sale [Retro Resale]

You can stop rubbing your eyes. That’s not a computer generated 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28, that’s a real deal second generation F2 in immaculate, restored condition. To us, it’s not just the world’s cleanest 1979 Camaro Z28, but probably one of the cleanest cars we’ve ever laid eyes on.

What’s probably more remarkable is its asking price: only $29,900 with only 3,191-miles on the odometer. The jet black exterior is genuine GM code 19 black paint and was recently restored to better-than-new condition after seeing very limited road time through its 32 years of existence. Only the vivid orange stripes offset the immaculate paint job.

Under the hood is the car’s original LM1 350-cubic inch small-block V8 powerplant. And as you can imagine with just a  little over 3,000-miles on the odometer, the motor sounds as healthy as can be. The motor is mated to the factory three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission while the suspension is a Z28-specific F41 setup.

The wheels on the car were also restored, sporting new-age 225/70/15 BF Goodrich Radial T/As on all four corners. The interior is just as perfect as everything else on this retro resale, sporting GM’s Carmine Red throughout. Everything on the inside is classic Z28 without a single flaw to be seen.

The one-of-a-kind collectible comes with all the original documentation, owner’s manual, original maintenance pamphlet and a 1979 Camaro sales brochure.

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[Source: RK Motors]

Check out a video highlighting this immaculate classic below:

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  • john gurley

    Is this car still up for sale. If yes I have questions

  • kirk bigelow

    Very nice, is this car still available, and is it admissible to canada.

  • Bobmaacc

    Is this automobile still for sale?

  • Colum Wood

    Most likely. Contact the company selling it at the link.

  • Kenkc

    Have one that I ordered and parked every winter since new

  • Joshcamaro79

    Sorry guy, got you beat. I have the same car in midnight blue with 2934 miles. No restoration all original Even have the factory tires and rims (no dry rot, no cracks). I believe I have the cleanest 1979 z-28 camaro in the country. Want a picture?

  • John

    I know the car Joshcamaro79 is talking about.  He is telling the truth.  His car is perfect and all original!

  • Colum Wood

    Post up a link to a pic!

  • Brent

    I believe I have the nicest 79 camaro with 29000 original k, original paint and my car pulls the front tires off the ground

  • Gggbbbrrr2011

    I have an original survivor too. 79 z28 with 30k original miles. What makes mine better is that it has a 4spd. And it runs and looks like new. I would not sell it for nothing. Took me 8yrs to find one just like that. I also have a 70 chevelle ss all original with 41k original miles that I found in mexico and bought it for 5k last summer and yes its the real deal ss

  • Lloyd Reeves

    I had a 1979 Z- 28 in my younger years , boy that sure was a fun car ! these cars have style thats like no other !

  • Peteydoors

    i have 2 79 zees , but nothing like all your stories guys ,, one has 69 k original , not real clean but love em anyway

  • citizenrich

    My wife just have me the thumbs up to get out there and find one. My first car was a ’77 Z28 which I bought for 1600 bucks with saved up NY Daily News paper route money. Memories!

    I think a Z28 will go perfect with my BMW 550xi.

  • Dave

    1979 Z28 Survivor for sale. White/Blue gorgeous. 100% Original with 32,000 original mi. Contact Dave:

  • Mike dent

    I have the same car with 2221 miles on it still has window sticker on it

  • bill

    I have you all beat 1979 camaro that I ordered new 1st year Berlinetta but I ordered it with all the z28 wheels and spoilers and t tops

  • maxman

    I have a 1979 Z28 I ordered new and still have the car today ! All original body parts, never wrecked! I have everything except the original engine
    I did drop a 529 horsepower 350 in there ! Makes it real fun to drive ! I will be buried in my honey !! Lol

  • Trey

    Sadest day of my life. Was when i was 12 , my mother had a 79 z28 this tops midnight blue and all , but before it could be passed to me it was stolen from our street , cops found it a week later , gutted and destroyed . I loved that car .

  • Froggy

    My first car aka Froggy 1979 camaro I just turned 18 on my birthday I was so excited. I just found out he was one of 3,894 dark green in and out cars I always thought he was one of a kind now I know. I wanted to find him again or find another factory green one to restore. Curious on worth of one of the rare greens.

  • vvenator

    My first new car was a ’79 Z. Bought it when I finished Tech School in the USAF. Bright blue exterior, blur interior automatic, with T-Tops. I would dearly love to get that car back. Had so much fun in it. I am looking for another one.