2012 Stark Industries Super Car by Acura is Palladium Powered and Costs $9.2-Million

2012 Stark Industries Super Car by Acura is Palladium Powered and Costs $9.2-Million

Oh Hollywood has such an imagination, and it appears that Acura can be just as creative as the best of them. The Japanese automaker has been assisting in the upcoming The Avengers film by creating a completely fictional, one-off super car for Iron Man Tony Starks.

This $9.2-million super car was spotted at the Sundance Film Festival sporting a Monroney sticker that you’d be used to seeing at any dealership lot. The vehicle is Pallidium-powered with an 80,000 TOHC 32-valve engine with titanium-forged block and nitrous (Hollywood has to have nitrous) fuel-injection system mated to a nine-speed HYPER-shift transmission. The brake calipers are diamond quartz while the steering wheel has a palm-scan ID.

The list of high-tech features continues on with advanced radar-deflecting capabilities with wave modifier, bulletproof hyper-traction tires, night-vision HUD windshield, and anti-ballistic shielding body panels.

What’s most interesting about all of this is Audi had formerly collaborated heavily with the Iron Man movies, including their own contest back in 2010 but now it’s Acura’s turn in the Hollywood spotlight. How fickle you are Tony, how fickle you are.

Hit the source for more photos of the Stark Industries super car.

[Source: GT Spirit]


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