2013 Audi A1 to Get Rolling Cloth Top

2013 Audi A1 to Get Rolling Cloth Top

The Audi A1 will have a rolling cloth top in 2013, though further details are limited.

According to a report by German Auto Motor Und Sport, the company decided to go with a rolling roof instead of a convertible to save cost. The setup will be similar to what we’ve already seen in the Fiat 500c, though probably without the dropping rear window which promotes the convertible feel.

Of course, the A1 is still just another German treat that North America gets to ogle but not touch. Don’t expect the tiny bundle of fun to make its way to our shores until the second generation, which is a long way off.

Audi also speculated that the new A9 luxury sedan could be offered with a new V12 engine.

[Source: World Car Fans via Auto Motor Und Sport]