2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Looks Very Familiar: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Looks Very Familiar: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

No one will accuse Honda of breaking the mold with the new Accord Coupe concept, revealed today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Then again, consistency is part of the Honda plan and has earned the company an excellent reputation. On hand for the car’s debut, American Honda Motor Co. Executive VP John Mendel pointed out the Accord’s unprecedented 26 times it has been named to Car & Driver’s Top 10 car of the year list.

Looking like a slightly stylized version of the current Accord, the new model is smaller overall and with a lower roofline, although Honda claims it has achieved the same interior space. It’s also a lighter vehicle, although Honda isn’t getting into specifics at this point.

The Accord will be the first model to use Honda’s new powertrains, featuring direct-injection among other technologies. Both a V6 and a new 2.4-liter 4-cylinder will be offered, with a newly developed CVT transmission for the 4-cylinder and a 6-speed automatic for the V6. Honda hasn’t announced specs but says it expects the Accord to deliver class leading fuel economy. Whether it can best the new Fusion’s 26/37-mpg rating will be, however, be tough.

In addition, Honda will offer an Accord plug-in hybrid which will offer three driving modes: electric, gas and gasoline/electric. The system will allow 10 to 15 miles of emissions free driving and let you choose when you want to use that electricity. Honda also promises a charge time of 1.5 hours on a 240 volt charger.

To help deliver improved fuel economy across the range, all Accord models will get Honda’s ECO Assist button.

As for safety, Honda will offer the accord with a lane departure warning system and a collision alert system. Plus, it will offer a unique blind spot monitoring system that will actually show, with video, what is in the car”s blind spot.

Look for the 2013 Accord to go on sale later this year.

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Watch AutoGuide’s First Look Video of the new Accord Coupe Concept below:

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  • brian

    Still waiting to see what the mileage on it will be. Can they please get rid of that HUGE chrome fog light cover?

  • autoCADaver

    A minimal effort at best, which won’t keep Honda even in their current sales place. It looks older than the car it has refreshed. More Honda nonsense.

  • FormerHondaOwner

    What’s is going on at Honda? Complacency is what ruined GM, and now apparently Honda is determined to follow that same path until they ultimately self-destruct. Where is the technological innovation and reliability that was synonymous with Honda? It’s sad to see the company taking this route. I, and no one else (but Honda, apparently) will be surprised when this “refreshed” Accord gets the same reception as that of the redesigned Civic.

  • Pawel


  • Mosura

    Not bad – I assume that the Bling-Bling will be toned down for production.

  • Pancho

    I want to know how much is it? And when will it be available for purchase?

  • DP

    I like it, save the Ford Fusion foglight bezels. Those need to be toned down considerably. It’s relieveing to see that they’re still offering their silky smooth manual gearbox, good move. I currently own a 2009 Accord Coupe E-XL V-6 6MT and I love it. Direct injection should bump up the current somewhat disappointing MPG and should add a little more power and torque. I have always felt like my coupe was a little bloated so I welcome the smaller body, lighter curb weight and lower roofline. Lets hope they upgrade those crappy 8th gen. brakes or I’ll be swapping them out with upgraded ones like I did with my current 8th gen.

  • Clement

    The coupe doesn’t look too different, and that’s a good thing; the 8th gen coupe looked good.
    I just hope they’ve really fixed the looks of the sedan.

  • bob

    Honda continues to plod along with carryover styling that will look more and more dated especially when compared to the more stylish, attractive’ and bolder styling of the fusion, optima, new mazda 6.
    The $20,000 chevy 140 coupe concept looks much better than this stale refresh which actually looks worse than the 2012 coupe. Styling wise this looks like the 2012 Civic fiasco all over again.

  • Zeshan Khan

    Very nice

  • jet

    More evidence that Honda’s downward spiral continues as the styling is dull and looks dated and really is not too much different from the prior generation. Acura and Honda now have the ugliest and blandest styling in the industry –Honda really needs to hire a completely new design studios as HOnda will never be able to sell me any of its cars based upon styling as I can’t think of any existing or future product that I would buy based upon its styling. Honda continues to disappoint me as it continues to use dated engines, dated 5 speed automatics, and although I once was a Honda fan, I really can’t think of a single HOnda product a that I would buy or recommend to anyone.

  • Ffa

    want this!

  • Cardinal2381

    @ Jet you dont know shit about style, honda is one of the only japanese car companys whos cars actually still look good.  they have always been about keeping it clean and simple and it works! i would rather drive an “outdated looking accord over a “new’ looking hundai genisis or some other fail of a car that these companys are coming out with now. there is a reaosn why honda has such a big following. ill let the sales numbers speak for themselves.

  • Tonedinh

    IM with Cardinal2381, Honda has been making ugly cars except for the civics, but the Accords has been the ugliest since 80s, i think they need a new designer, that would bump up the sales and reputation.

  • Scooby

     Entirely agree with cardinal, and honestly only complaint with honda is there are no rear wheel drive alternatives anymore, but as far as styling goes, YES Honda likes to take it slow and steady but at the same time when your companies priorities are Emissions, Economy, Performance, and then style you really cant beat it, take a fit for example, not the best looking car in the world, not particullarly sporty either, however still probably the single best cheap car that money can buy (new ones anyway) but in the end: 8/10 hondas ever built are still on the road today, End of story