2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Coming To America

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Coming To America

It’s official: The Chrysler Group has announced that a diesel variant of the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be offered in the North American markets and will be manufactured at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit.

The press release didn’t focus on just the Grand Cherokee Diesel announcement, as Chrysler also mentioned that it would be adding a third crew of workers and about 1,100 new jobs at the same plant next year. Unfortunately no actual details on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel have been released but it’s likely to be the same as the European version of the Grand Cherokee Diesel.

In Europe, the Grand Cherokee Diesel is powered by a 3.0L V6 CRD turbo diesel, one with 190-hp and 325 lb-ft of torque and another with 241-hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. Both are combined with a five-speed automatic transmission.

Look for more news on the diesel Jeep from the Detroit Auto Show next week.

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  • mihai

    I have a 2008 Grand Cherokee diesel and I love it.
    Next week I was planning to order an European brand diesel SUV. Now I will wait to get the new Jeep Diesel. I hope it will get the 241 HP engine.

    Do you know when it will be available for sale in Canada ?

  • Dan

    Hopefully the 2013 will a have a 7 or 8 speed transmission. 40 MPG Hwy would be great.

  • sheila dikshit

    I think the hemi 5.7 & 6.4 will get the 8 speed auto in 300C charger,grand cherokee but the diesel will use the 5 speed auto

    probably on price

  • John

    The Cherokee is getting the 8 speed for the 2013 model.

  • Yoda

    I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned for highway driving and for towing a travel trailer. Glad to hear it’s coming back!

  • Ed

    I have a 2008 Grand Cherokee diesel. It is a perfect combination of highway cruiser and conqueror of bad weather. The mileage is exemplary and the torque serves me well when merging or just teaching a V8 a lesson from a red light. I was looking for a replacement at Mercedes, VW, BMW, because Jeep dumped the diesel. I will now wait for Jeep’s new diesel.

  • Shawn

    It’s mind boggling how many people are being sucked into the MYTH that the more gears your auto. trans. has, the more MPGs you’ll get. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but you could stuff 15 speeds into an auto. trans and if you pick up 1 mile per gallon you’ll be lucky. 10 years ago Jeep was still using 3-speed automatics in some models. Those models got the same fuel economy as the 2012 lineup is getting with 5-speeds. Why do people think 8-speeds are going to improve economy? No matter how many gears you stuff in there, you still lose power to the torque converter, and your final drive ratio once you hit the speed limit will always be the same too.

    25 real world miles per gallon average is all these CRD Jeeps are ever going to do. I know.. I’ve owned two of them.

  • Wes

    I agree with Shawn, as i also own one (2008) . I too believe in all practicial applications.(daily driving) this addition option, of more gears in truly a smoke and mirrors thing, often clouding the real milage issues. This is truly a great vehicle (this is year 4) it does everything i hoped for including reasonable fuel consumption, which like all vehicles in the SUV catagory , could do a little better, but with its axle ratios(which should be considered more than transmission options ) regarding fuel mileage , but are rarely mentioned, or considered by buyers and sellers alike. Or better yet, where is technology regarding a quick change axle ratio?
    I have been, for two decades loyal to the Jeep badge, and for its intended purpose and price , comes very close to being exactly what i would have expected…and this vehicle is that and more, albeit there are issues with jeep in general , but remember its intended purpose was in my knowledge to be off road first, and then commuter.

  • WoodinVirginia

    Well Shawn & Co what are my choices getting only 18-19mpg with 10% ethanol gas in my Ford Explorer or getting 25-28 mpg in NON ethanol diesel that has power to tow my trailers, motorcycles and other goodies. Plus the truck stop in Central Virginia ( MM104 -I-95) off a very competitive price for fuel.
    Can’t wait for a American Diesel SUV to hit our shores, then maybe some of these car companies will get up off their A$$ and bring some more of them over here once they find out how much us folks in the boonies need them.
    Tired of this watered down gasoline we are getting ruining those fake EPA mileage readings they hand out in Wash DC. Why don’t the EPA base their tests on running ethanol on those vehicles?

  • jim carter

    We have late model suv that r diesel. We would like tohave jeep diesel. When r they coming

  • Robyn

    Beware! This sounds like a great idea but remember that if you buy a Jeep, the Jeep dealership service shops are supposed to be able to diagnose and repair problems, but they are not trained to do so. I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel that sat in Cutrubus / Layton Hills in Utah (where I purchased the Jeep new in 2007) for three months in 2011 while they and Chrysler’s Star Hotline failed to diagnose a simple problem with the diesel motor.
    Jeep service shops are ill equipped to diagnose or repair diesel motors. Please learn from me and DO NOT BUY A JEEP WITH A DIESEL MOTOR! I do not wish for anyone to experience the nightmare I went though but until Chrysler is able to first diagnose a problem, and second train their technicians, I fear I am neither the first nor the last of the extremely dissatisfied Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel owners.

  • joey jo jo

    I think they should run the exhaust through the hood so it’ll look like a semi.

  • it’s true, I own a ford f-450 diesel and the ford dealership doesn’t know how to service my diesel engine.  They have misdiagnosed and caused me massive repairs and expenses due to their incompetence.  Unfortunately, American companies don’t train their employees to properly service the diesel cars they sell, this is why this country sucks. 

  • Dmerts

    If you don’t like it, then get the hell out.

  • Popcorn-Billy

    I for one am happy to see Jeep do this.. That said, we live in a rural area and have lots of really good diesel mechanics.

  • TiredOfIt

    I agree Robyn. we bought a diesel JGC Overland because we wanted a vehicle we could use in a high mileage situation. It has been an ABSOLUTE nightmare -in the shop an average of every 6 months in the last 4.5 years. I wish we could get rid of it but we owe more than it is worth and would never saddle some unsuspecting buyer with this piece of junk-even if we were willing to take a loss on it.


    Same here. Exactly the same. I actually looked up this topic because I was thinking (foolishly) of getting another Jeep GC Diesel… now that I say it out loud (and read these comments) I see how ridiculous that is. Mine has been in the shop constantly. I don’t even know if it’s gone 6 months at a time without being in the shop, and the techs are NOT trained and equipped to deal with these things. Thank god for the extended warranty.

  • Jeepgranddiesel

    you all must be learn a thing or 2 about your vehicle. I have an 07 Jeep GC Diesel with 200,000k on it and not an issue to speak of. Stop drinking the kool-aid and looks at this in a positive light

  • Americantrader

    Can I buy a Jeep diesel in Europe and bring it back to USA?

  • Marv Garland

    I agree.  I have an 07 with 80K on it.  I really like it.  Some are correct however, that dealers need a coupling for their computer that will read the Mercedes deisel engine through the Chrysler computer port. 

  • Duggy72

    What an excellent engine. One of the best things about a diesel is touring range, petrol cannot compete. When in low range is the greatest difference. My previous WK 5.7 got around 30ltrs/100 (Australia) off-road where as the current diesel hovers around 13ltr/100. That’s a massive amount. The other benefit is all that magnificent low down torque it simply clambers over obstacles with less fuss than it’s petrol propelled brother. Get it. Take it touring. Go off-road. Enjoy. 

  • Superh

    I have a liberty diesel, gets great mileage, but was not prepared to have so many problems with o2 sensors or the fuel pumps at the gas stations that only have big nozzles to fill up at with a small gas tank hole.  Love the diesels tho. Hope it has the mileage on this new one 

  • texndac

     I had an 07 GC with the 3.0L Mercedes; yes there are problems with those GC’s. The 3.0L that will be in the new GC’s is built from VM Motori which came in the 05-06 Liberty’s which is a great diesel manufacturer. The 2.8L that i have in the Liberty is the easiest to maintain without having to visit a dealership with the exception of purchasing a fuel filter. I am excited about the 3.0L VM Motori engine going in the GC and excited that the GC will no longer offer the Mercedes 3.0L high maintenance diesel.

  • Andy Radlgruber

    Dear Land Rover. Its time to pull up your little boy pants and get the dang diesel engines into north america or you’re going to lose out big time.