2013 Lexus ES to Make Buick LaCrosse “Laughable” Says Exec

2013 Lexus ES to Make Buick LaCrosse “Laughable” Says Exec

Praised as a true rival to the Lexus ES when it first debuted (though not by us), the Buick LaCrosse will soon be “laughable” as a competitor says one auto industry executive.

The unnamed individual dished the goods to the folks at the GMAuthority blog, commenting that the new ES will make significant strides in both fuel economy and refinement. It will reportedly be the quietest car Lexus has ever made, something Buick’s Quiet Tuning won’t be able to “hold a candle to”. The new ES will also grow in size, both in length and width, though isn’t likely to be as large as the LaCrosse, which is currently a half-foot longer than the Lexus.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that the ES will be offered as a hybrid (finally), delivering fuel economy in the high 40 mpg rating on the highway, with city mileage rated even higher. “The eAssist stuff [Buick’s hybrid system] won’t even come close,” says the source.

As for exactly who the source is, the GMAuthority team won’t say, but did confirm he (or she) is from neither GM, nor Toyota. Oddly, however, they were driving a LaCrosse.

[Source: GMAuthority]

  • BlackDynamite

    This is obviously a rumor at it’s purest, but considering the new GS, the LFA, and LF-LC concept coming out next week, I would take this pretty seriously.

    Toyota/Lexus have said this year you will see an unprecedented product avalanche that will impress you.
    I believe it

  • Richie

    Buy American

  • Ken

    Screw american cars

  • Ray

    What is laughable is the 5 million Toyo RICE ROCKS recalled. Highest ever buy an auto manufature. What is not laughable is the DEATHS THAT TOYO JAP CRAP CAUSED IN THE US.
    I have aBuick Lacross 2011. I will put my car up against anything TOYO RICKSHAWS have. I just wonder why these lousy jap cars are a;lways in the repair shop. Most Lexi dealers have their service departments open 24/7. Toyo. Still seeking the pursuit. But, it certainly isn’t perfection. I want Toyo garbage to laugh at my brother in law. his ES 350 was LEMONED LAWED. The newer one AIN”T NO BETTER.
    B U Y A M E R I C A N. Enough of this propaganda fron the land of the rising sun. This goes for the other JUNKS FROM japanm.

  • Michael

    Ray, you have your head jammed up so far you can probably taste your breakfast. GM makes the crappiest cars ever. I have owned 3 Lexus all for over 15 years. I can’t get a GM car to last 5. I wouldn’t drive a GM piece of crap if you gave it to me. I looked at the LaCrosse (you obviously don’t own one or you could spell it). Crappy cheap interior with poor quality wood and hardly any of it. Leather interior is cheap and thin. More road noise than a cheap Chevy. GM employees better start looking for jobs. They can’t build a car anyone wants to buy.

  • DelMarVa

    The 2013 Lexus may indeed be a fine car, but dismissing the current LaCrosse – which in most cases costs less $$ is an unfair comparison (and mostly unjustified).

    Here’s news to the Lexus promoter: have you seen the 2013 Cadillacs??

    THOSE new models will blow away that ’13 Lexus – in ALL categories ($35K – $43K range)!

  • Sammy Carr

    The idiot named “Ray” not only does not know what he is talking about but how could he possibly know about a car that is not even out yet? The hateful comments are typical of uninformed and uneducated Americans who somehow think that Japanese cars are in anyway inferior to cars from anywhere else in the world. I will remind him that it was President Obama who “bailed” GM or he would not have his Buick. Toyota was never close to going bankrupt!
    I like cars based on the car not the country. GM is producing some nice cars today. But I purchased a small Lexus CT 200h Hybrid that is returning 45+ MPG all of the time so my dollars for fuel cost’s will be lower. It’s a great car that is fun to drive and has creature comforts unlike any small car that has come before. Let’s stop saying defamatory comments about a country or it’s culture. Now I bet this guy RAY owns TV’s made in Mexico and computer’s built in China. So stop pointing fingers and let other’s have opinions without your raccist comments!

  • steve

    Laughable, ha that is what Lexus is to me. So now, just to be clear, the hurdle they have to clear is the Buick LaCrosse? Awesome. I look forward to buying my first Lexus dealer very soon.

  • Tony P

    i just bought a 2012 buick lacrosse w/e assist….this car is awesome!
    People need to quit talkin sh*t about American cars and just go test drive one. You’ll see this car is definitely on the same level as any Lexus. Also Thumbs up Ray! We’ll wave hi to all the Lexus buyers in there toyo loaner cars while theyre Jap luxo cars are being repaired!…hahaha!

  • H.A.C.

    I’m glad you like your Buick Lacrosse. Good NEWS now you and everyone else that bought that Buick LaCrap. Will be upside down for the rest of your life. Good luck trading it in next year. American cars is a copy cat of the world.

  • Robbayes

    Are you dense H.A.C.?  Tony P said he loved his LACrosse so why would he be tradeing it in?  Personally I’ve had a 99 Buick that’s still going strong with 150K plus miles.  So mind your own business and enjoy your Lexus with its sticking gas pedal……

  • Jake

    This is ridiculous.  First of all, AutoGlide.com, your praise in stating that YOU didn’t call the Lacrosse a competitor to the Lexus puts you in the absolute minority–You, and possibly one other publication.  That’s it.  Second.  I have the Lacrosse too.  We had a Lexus GS (NOT the ES) and we feel the GS or especially the ES held a candle to our Buick.  Lexus has vehicles that are very techno-savvy, yes, but the the technologies (many of them) are ridiculous.  They’re technologies the average person will never use, but will pay plenty for. They’re also making cars now that are just plain unattractive–sorry, yes, I went there.  As Buick’s vehicles keep improving in appearance, Lexus is cranking out cars that look like they were brought in on the space shuttle.  I’m 33, btw, not 63, so I think my eye for aesthetics is still pretty relevant.  

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for any new Lexus (in the near future) to make the Buick line laughable.  Not in this decade.  

  • Elpatt

    Lexus is better BEER CAN metal than Honda. But how dare you to compare it to a BUICK. That’s laughable!!!!