2013 Nissan Pathfinder Concept Video – First Look: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

2013 Nissan Pathfinder Concept Video – First Look: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Taking a page out of Ford’s playbook, Nissan appears ready to follow suit in the move from SUVs to crossovers announcing that the 2013 Pathfinder will ride on a car-based unibody platform rather than a body-on-frame truck chassis. Over a year ago, Ford made a similar switch with its new Explorer.

As a concept Nissan hasn’t released many specifics about the car but has said it will be powered by a V6 with a CVT transmission and will continue to offer seating for seven. For more on the new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder concept check out AutoGuide’s first look video from the floor of the Detroit Auto Show below.

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  • Ray

    I’m 50/50 on this one. Not liking how the 2013 Pathfinder lost the bold and rugged looks the current generation has. Nissan should of kept this as Truck/SUV rather than making it into a Crossover.

  • Stephen

    Nissan went to unibody on the R50 Pathfinders of ’96-’04 and we all know how well that worked out: a vehicle that handled poorly and even worse when the rear suspension link bushings wore out, which was more than a common occurrence, and shock towers that rusted out to the point of them being recalled. While the concept may be a good vehicle, it should not be given the Pathfinder name as it’s an insult to what the Pathfinder should be: a rugged, body-on-frame, SUV that can be driven daily but is also off-road capable. The concept looks like a Nissan Rogue on steroids; give it a different name!

  • Jamoi

    I must say that I am somewhat dissappointed by the direction Nissan has taken on this one. While the new Pathfinder looks impressive and has been improved in many areas, it’s no longer a truck. Isn’t that what the Pathfinder was all about? A rugged, capable, 5-speed, 4X4 SUV? In 2011 when the Pathfinder celebrated its 25 year silver anniversay, Nissan bragged that it was the last of the genuine body on frame construction mid-sized SUV’s. Now Nissan has abandoned that philosophy and turned the Pathfinder into… a bigger Murano! Speaking of which; how will the Murano now compete against it’s new and improved, much prettier twin sister? I understand that redesigning the Pathfinder into a CUV allowed Nissan to also develop the new JX for the Infiniti brand (or maybe it was the other way around), but in both cases I dont think these vehicles represent what we love and expect from the manufacturer. A front wheel drive based Infiniti with CVT, that’s NOT built in Japan?! C’mon!! The JX doesn’t even have the trademark Infiniti analog clock for crying out loud! But I digress… Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a Nissan fan. I loved my old Datsun hatchback, loved my Sunny wagon, loved my 2004 Pathfinder, loved my 2007 Versa, love my 2011 Murano and love my 2008 G35x. But now I fear Nissan may alienate some loyal customers by changing a tried and true formula. I say if you really want to experience the sporty performance and off-road excitement that Nissan has offered for so many years in an SUV, stay away from the 2013 Pathfinder and buy and Xterra!

  • Joe

    I too am very dissapointed with the new Pathfinder concept. I was looking forward to the rumored redesign in 2013 as I am considering a switch to an SUV. I would rather buy a used model or move to another brand as I feel this model has now become yet another Murano. I foresee the Pathfinder and Murano sharing the same identity crisis that the Altima and the Maxima had not so many years ago. Crossovers are 4×4 minivans to me and I don’t wan a minvan I want something rugged!

  • Ricky

    This is a shame. They should call this vehicle something else because it doesn’t have the slightest resemblance to what a Pathfinder should look like. A) Its not a truck anymore; B) Where are the classic pathfinder backseat side-door handles that have been a trademark since the beginning? C) Why does it look like a Murano? D) Where’s the rugged/bold look that outdoor enthusiasts have always loved about this car? I’ve always driven a Pathfinder (I’ve had the last three models and currently driving a 2011), but sadly my love affair with this car looks like it will come to an end since there is no way in hell I would drive this.

  • jack77

    This is a major branding error for Nissan. Instead they should call it the new Murano. 2005 to 2012 Pathfinder have the best on road performance for an off road 4×4. With a 5000lb towing capacity 4.0 V6 it is the most capable vehicle and compared to the boring Honda Pilot and underpowered/overpriced 4Runner – the 3rd Generation Pathfinder Nissan is off enormous value – a redesign could destroy the heritage.

  • Colum Wood

    The same could have been said for the new Ford Explorer. The reality is the market for these vehicles is shrinking because only a small percentage actually use the utility.

  • stephen

    I think they moved the pathfinder to a crossover to better suit the needs of 90% of actual pathfinder users – who don’t go offroad at all – and to better tackle the competition (mazda CX9, Subaru Tribeca, and others) The new Nissan Patrol (which pretty much looks like the new prado) will be a better alternative to offroad enthusiasts.

  • Glenn

    I’m sorry to hear the Pathfinder is going to a crossover. I have a 2005 with 150,000 miles and not had any issues and was looking to buy a 2013. I need to pull a boat, so I guess I will have to look at the 4 Runner.

  • Chris

    Great Job Nissan! I currently own a 07 Murano and have been on the hunt for something bigger (third row seating) without sacraficing gas mileage. I thought about a used or a 2012 Pathfinder but poor gas mileage and the lack of design left me searching elsewhere until I saw the 2013 Pathfinder redesign. Can’t wait till it comes out in the fall!!

  • Keith

    This is a travesty–particularly for those of us who own the current-gen. Pathfinder & do regularly use it off-road. Pathfinder means power and capability, and Nissan has seen fit to remove both with this Murano+2 design. Also, suspect that the selectable 4×4 system–probably the best in its class today–will be scrapped…along with the venerable V8 that’s put many a Range Rover to shame. I’ve twice selected a V8 Pathfinder after close consideration of/comparison with the Lexus GX. Seems the GX will now be the last man standing.


    wow i cant believe that nissan made this mistake, im a pathfinder owner and i will keep my curent truck and will cherish it

  • Hextreme2000

    While I have no doubt that this will be a trend setter in the large crossover segment, I am extremely disappointed with the Direction Nissan is going. Pathfinder is a name everyone knows and associated with rugged looks and off road capability. This looks like a moms luxury crossover. Very sad to see one of the last good and real SUVs disappear. I have always been a Nissan trucks and SUV fans, I guess I will have to hold on to my last real Pathy. I let go of my Xterra last year. I hope Nissan doesn’t decide to make that into a crossover too.

  • Jon

    A name like pathfinder should not be a car! I am very shocked to see the new curvy 2013 Pathfinder. It looks more like a Murano or Toyota Highlander.. They should have worked on the interior more. Like more leather seat options, roomier back seats, electric hitch ejector or something suave, 17 to 18 mpg at least! Changing to a car chassis?! Someone should be fired! I upgraded to the 08 Maxima and am happy so far.. Please Nissan, just think about it before putting this on the line. Keep the Nissan the same and change the x-terra!

  • Jon

    More like Puddlefinder or puddle jumper.. Pathfinder?! Come on.

  • DJ

    Just got hail damage to my v8 4runner. Guess this means I’m getting a truck next time. Hey Nissan here in TN. Do you guys ever see what we tow? Many boats aren’t less than 5,000lbs, including mine! Thanks so much or getting rid of theV8 – NOT!!!

  • Ryan

    What the hell is that? come on nissan, you have really screwed up this time. What happened to the tough Pathy. Imagine that lifted and bigger tires….? phhh. Maybe you should ask us for the ideas, (if you redesign, maybe loose the independent front suspension) you would get way more buyers and keep the look of the r50 r51 look.

  • Todd

    My dream car was the Pathfinder 05-12 models. This one looks sissy. No thanks. I’ll keep my 05 model!

  • Bob O’Brien

    I am curious to see this vehicle. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments because of the changes. Maybe Nissan should have named this vehicle something other than the Pathfinder and just discontinued the former Pathfinder. My wife and I have been considering one of the luxury SUVs (BMW X5 and Mercedes M Class), but looking what Nissan is offering in the Pathfinder and Infiniti’s JX, we may consider either. These two vehicles on the surface are looking better than most of their competitors.

  • It does look nice!!!!


  • This is really bad, I own a current Pathfinder, and I’m using it not only in the city, but for work. This new one is only good for city.
    The design is horrible, not even close to what it used to be.

  • thats the point ever one i know with the current one hates it 

  • Teppo

    I’ll keep on getting 4Runners as we actually DO go on jeep trails for camping and hiking a few times per year.   This new Pathfinder looks quite wimpy and just like most of the other “cute utes.”   I had a 1992 Pathfinder  which went everywhere.  It just was back when horsepower was weak in the mid 100’s and struggled up long grades on the highway.    Because of the mandate for better gas mileage the auto makers will be making less and less off-road capable vehicles and more soccer mom crossovers that’ll be more fuel efficient.

  • wareagle!

    I currently have a nissan pathfinder, and love the look of it, but hate the gas mileage. Not to say the new pathfinder looks bad, but it no longer looks like a truck based suv. I actually agree with a comment below, that said they should have just discontinued the pathfinder, and named the new model something else. I will never purchase a pathfinder again, although I am a woman, I do not like the car-based…crossover looking, “cute” SUVs, atleast not for myself. I am very disappointed.

  • Cell923

    Looks like a Santa Fe

  • Glennross01

    Couldnt agree more, i just got back from 4wding in low range on a track full of large muddy puddles. Got it up to the bottom of the doors and it handled it easy. That new model is too low at the front end to be useful for anything other than looking good at my 5 yr olds soccer game. That’s done it for me over to toyota prado for my next vehicle.

  • car_enthusiasist

    I agree with you..

  • I will miss the tough looking, squared off  Pathfinder that was. I drive a Jeep Patriot now for that truck, off road look, that also gets great mileage. Why not keep the look and chnage the powertrain?

    The improved mileage is great, but from a looks standpoint, it looks like all the rest now.

  • Bdonald27

    I hate it.  I love my 2007 PATHFINDER

  • Roy Jones

    It sucks! At a time when Jeep is smashing sales records refining their 2012/2013 Cherokee (though the 2014 will follow the station wagon mindset too); Nissan seeks to make less sales with a glorified station wagon. Sorry guys, you blew it. I am a Pathfinder owner and sadly I must look elsewhere for my next SUV.