MINI Cooper Recalled for Fire Risk

MINI Cooper Recalled for Fire Risk

BMW is currently cooperating with NHTSA to recall 88,911 MINI Cooper models that were sold between 2007 to 2011 for fire risk. Affected models include the 2007-2011 MINI Cooper S, 2008-2011 MINI Cooper S Clubman, 2009-2011 MINI Cooper S Convertible and additional variants manufactured between November 2006 to January 2011.

Back in summer of 2010, BMW began investigating reports of engine fires and the NHTSA opened their own independent investigation in October. It’ is only recently that the NHTSA has sought further assistance from BMW on the matter.

In total, NHTSA has received at least 12 separate complaints of MINI Cooper S models catching fire. Five of the fires reported have completely destroyed the vehicles while the rest have caught fire when the engine wasn’t even running. No injuries related to the fires have been reported fortunately.

NHTSA has recently found that the circuit board on the electric auxiliary pumps that cool the turbochargers are malfunctioning, causing them to overheat. At least 81 of these water pumps are known to have failed and four additional fires have been reported worldwide.

BMW will begin notifying affected owners next month, having needed time to get its supply and repair process in place for the number of recalls they’ll need to do.


    I had a 2009 Mini Clubman S that had and engine fire in September 2011 that totaled the vehicle. The Car was off, parked in front of my office. I had diven 7 miles when it happened. I believe that it relates the the tensioner problem that caused my car to fail under factory warranty, which is also a known problem. My car was completely gone thru by factory direction. I had only minor problems with my non S 2005 five model. Needless to say, I would never my a BMW product again.

  • Dauswuz893

    My 2011 MINI Cooper S still overheating as the fan is still spinning after the car engine is turned off.  I am not racing or anything like that–normal speeds.  I have already got the pump changed.  I am perplexed.

  • Mike Mashburn

    My brother-in-law just had his burst into flames. Barely had enough time to get out of the car before it was fully engulfed.  It burned it to bare metal.  Everything was destroyed.

  • GMAN


  • Mandy

    I bought a 2008 Mini Cooper S and have had so many problems with it not to mention the dealership I bought it from never informed me of the two recall parts it had On it at the time I purchased it. It always has a burning smell to it and smokes smh Never again