Audi A3 Hatchback Getting the Axe, Sedan Only for North America

Audi A3 Hatchback Getting the Axe, Sedan Only for North America

Hatchbacks have their place in the U.S. but the term evokes a less-than-sporty image that sullies the sexy feel luxury manufacturers seek to embody.

That opinion is probably part of the reason why Audi is discontinuing the hatchback A3 for North America with the 2014 model year. Hatchbacks can make fantastic use of a relatively small space— at an aesthetic cost to some. While the decision may be frustrating to certain consumers, it will be hard to argue with the distincly Audi and definitely sexy new A3.

We got our first look at the A3 sedan during last year’s Geneva Auto Show, when the car was billed as a concept. At the time, Audi had a 408-hp turbocharged 5 cylinder shoehorned into the concept, which was actually about 6 inches longer than the A3 hatchback. It’s unlikely that we’ll see such a serious engine in the production model slated for North America, though our hopes still remain for an RS3 version.

Instead, a 2.0-liter 4 cylinder and a diesel option stand much better chances of shipping under the hood. The A3 is aimed directly at entry-level luxury consumers, young professionals who would be scared off by otherwise high luxury price tags. That means you can expect similar craftsmanship as other Audi interiors, albeit at a lower starting price of around $30,000.

GALLERY: 2014 Audi A3 Sedan

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  • Anders Richarson

    WTF Audi! Are you kidding me? I love the A3 hatch. What am I supposed to… oh wait… I can just buy a GTI.

  • leon

    a sad day for audi giving up on such a great car just to impress some non car people.

  • Sgt

    I guess the above comments are not from business savvy people. Some of us look at this from a totally different direction. Have you tried to go test drive a Audi A3. Hard to find because they don’t sell here. We are big spoiled American with big streets and lots of space. We are also overweight as a whole. So it makes sense why their are only 5% of us that really appreciate a sport back. However Audi is smart, playing to their strengths. I have a 2012 Volvo S60 and will get the Audi A3 Sedan when it comes out. Cheers.

  • Marc Perman

    The A3 sportback seems to have done quite well in the US, at least here in LA, where there are lots on the road, especially TDIs, including mine. I don’t see nearly as many 1 series BMWs, which the sedan A3 will compete with. Not surprising I suppose, since in Europe the 1 series BMW is a smart little hatchback, much like the A3. Audi will be forfeiting a nice niche by going sedan only. Next I suppose VW will drop its Jetta (Golf) sportwagen in the US and go sedan-only with that car.