Audi Traffic Jam Assistant Handles the Stop-and-Go

Audi Traffic Jam Assistant Handles the Stop-and-Go

In between moments of fun, spirited, and recreational driving, there are some boring moments spent queuing behind crawling traffic. At this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Audi introduced a new system that can alleviate this inconvenience with the push of a button, using a device known simply as the Traffic Jam Assistant.

Audi’s Traffic Jam Assistant aids the driver to help steer, accelerate and brake autonomously at speeds up to 37 mph. Based on adaptive cruise control, the system relies on two radar sensors monitoring fan-shaped fields at a 21-degree scan angle, each sensor reaching as far as 820 feet. A wide-angle video camera is also installed to identify lane markings as well as other vehicles, pedestrians, and guard rails. This range enables the system to not only detect the vehicle ahead, but other vehicles ahead of it as well.

Audi says that this technology will, “relieve the driver at times when driving is not much fun, such as in congested traffic.”

While Audi has not announced when the technology will be available for mass production or how much this system will cost, expect to see it first in a future Audi A8 luxury sedan.


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