AutoSpace Garage Lets You Show Off Your Luxury Vehicles

AutoSpace Garage Lets You Show Off Your Luxury Vehicles

Exotic and luxury automobiles shouldn’t have to share a space in the garage with everyday, average cars. Fine automobiles need a storage space that’s fitting to its stature – they need the Autospace.

Designed by Ecospace, the AutoSpace lets you safely store and display your exotic cars for your jealous neighbors to envy. This bespoke garage can be designed for multiple cars, and can feature a workshop, store, a garden studio or office complete with modular storage. Just a few of the options you can add to the AutoSpace include floor-to-ceiling glazing, security blinds, ambient lighting and electric roller shutters.

Made using sustainable wood and cedar cladding from renewable, certified sources, the AutoSpace is designed to maximize energy efficiency. For this purpose, it utilizes high insulation values through thick multi-layered floor, walls and roof. Once it’s built for you, the AutoSpace won’t need any extra maintenance, treatment or decoration to its external or internal walls.

“Certain cars become an iconic benchmark in automotive design, and we wanted to create a more appropriate solution where your car can be kept, enjoyed and admired,” said Amira Idris-Town, partner of Ecospace. “Whatever you drive, from a rare classic to the latest supercar, you need somewhere to keep your pride and joy safely and have convenient access it.”

Prices for the AutoSpace start from around £18,000 – that’s about US$28,000. If you’re interested in ordering one for your prized possessions, you can find out more at the Ecospace website.