Bentley ‘Power on Ice’ Driving Event for the Adventurous One Percent

Bentley ‘Power on Ice’ Driving Event for the Adventurous One Percent

Race circuits crafted from Finland’s finest snow and ice await the one percent next month as Bentley announces its 2012 Power on Ice Adventure.

We strongly suggest attendance if you can get past the almost $11,275 dollar starting price without having an aneurysm. That said, it sure will be fun. It’s not every day you get to take your choice of a Bentley Continental GT coupe or Continental Supersports coupe on a track.

“The circuits are crafted from snow and ice and are unlike any other track or road you have seen before,” says Peter Barnes a senior instructor with Bentley Driving.

Should you decide to participate in some of the world’s most luxurious shenanigans, you’ll have somebody like Barnes in the passenger seat.

“Power on Ice mixes the pure exhilaration of slaloming a Bentley supercar on a purpose-built course or taking a spin around a ‘figure of eight’ track, with the opportunity to acquire advanced techniques from a personal instructor, that will enable drivers to handle their cars with confidence even in the harshest weather conditions,” Peter said.

Bentley says their cars are well suited for such driving. Their all-wheel drive system normally has a 40-60 rear-wheel bias to give a sporty feel but according to the company can instantly adjust to provide maximum grip. We’ll leave it up to someone else to test that in a hard corner.

Power on Ice was first established in 2005, and has been a chance for anyone to try their hand behind the Bentley wheel every year since, or at least that’s what the company says.

It’s true that anyone may participate, but whether they can is an entirely different matter. The starting price for the event would absorb 78 percent of a minimum wage worker’s salary, and that doesn’t include paying for a flight to Finland. The premium package costs just over $13,600, but at least we can still dream.