Bentley Sales Spike by 37% in 2011, US Still Largest Market

Bentley Sales Spike by 37% in 2011, US Still Largest Market

The recession has not been kind to most luxury car manufacturer’s. After all, with the economy on a downturn, even those who can still afford luxuries shy away from frivolous spending.

While the recession was the final nail in Maybach‘s coffin, Bentley has soldiered on and managed to survive the tough economic climate. Not only did Bentley survive, they have bounced back strongly in 2011.

Global sales for Bentley rose by 37% in 2011, totaling 7003 deliveries to customers. In December, they moved 1059 cars, which is not only their best month since the recession, but also the second best month in the history of the company.

The two big reason’s the brand was so successful in 2011 are the U.S. and Chinese markets. The U.S. market retains the top spot, as the biggest market for this British brand. 2021 new Bentley’s were sold to American homes in 2011, while 1839 units were delivered in China.

In Germany, demand for Bentley’s increased by 88%, while the rest of Europe also saw an increase. On this occasion, Bentley’s Chairman Wolfgang Durheimer said: “It has been a tremendously good year for Bentley. The dramatic sales growth reflects a global strength to the Brand and a recognition of the quality, craftsmanship and engineering excellence of our cars. It is also testament to the work of the entire Bentley Team whose passion and daily commitment has delivered this outstanding result. It has been particularly pleasing to see renewed interest in Bentley in established as well as new and emerging markets, all of which is contributing to a positive financial result for 2011.”

The most popular model in 2011 was the Continental GT coupe, and with the launch of the V8 version of this model starting shortly, it will probably help propel Bentley’s sales to even greater heights.