BMW Forcing MINI to Review Ad Agency, MINI Fights Back

BMW Forcing MINI to Review Ad Agency, MINI Fights Back

The eternal struggle of parent versus child will never go away, even in the business world. BMW, the parent company to MINI, has ordered that MINI USA conduct a review of it’s advertising agency for the US. Rather than quietly obey, MINI has decided to make a scene, going so far as to release a statement that it is quite pleased with its current advertising supplier.

“Mini USA has been very satisfied with BSSP’s (existing ad agency) services,” Tom Salkowsky, manager of MINI USA marketing, said in a statement. “They have helped support Mini’s growth over the years with groundbreaking, never-been-done-before creative. We are simply adhering to BMW Group corporate purchasing procedures.”

The incumbent agency plans to defend its spot with MINI USA, which is not surprising, considering some of the interesting spots it has dreamed up including the  “Best Test Drive Ever. Period.” contest, which took six word entries from all across the country to see who could come up with the best MINI test drive. This type of ad seems creative and new, which begs the question, why would BMW want to switch up an already working partnership?

BMW North America and BMW owned Rolls-Royce moved to a new Ad company last year, which might explain why BMW is trying to get MINI USA to change it up. Whatever the reason, we hope that MINI will continue to surprise us with fresh new ads (like the one above) no matter what the result of the review is.

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