Cadillac XTS to Get Livery Sedan Package, Extended and Limousine Models

Cadillac XTS to Get Livery Sedan Package, Extended and Limousine Models

Cadillac has some big plans for its new 2013 XTS sedan that made its debut at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. GM has announced that Cadillac will unveil the XTS W20 Livery Sedan Package at the upcoming 28th Annual International Limousine, Charter and Tour Show, but the big news is that Cadillac Master Coachbuilder (CMC) is working on an extended sedan and limousine variant of the new XTS.

The XTS W20 Livery Sedan Package is targeted towards professional use, and it appears that it’ll retain the regular XTS’s wheelbase length. The other two variants currently being worked on by CMC however, will be built for the chauffeured transportation market by the end of the year.

Limousine, Charter and Tour Magazine is reporting that CMC will be able to extend the XTS’s length by up to 70 inches for the “V4U” XTS Limousine, and up to 8 inches can be added to the wheelbase for the “W30” XTS-L sedan for improved rear legroom. Neither of these variants will be on display at the upcoming Limousine, Charter and Tour Show however.

“This new vehicle will help dispel some of the myths out there about Cadillac,” said Ray Bush, Cadillac Professional Vehicles Program Manager. “The Cadillac of old was from the standpoint of large, floaty vehicles. Cadillac has moved away from that with its new products launched over the last 10 years. The XTS will further that with outstanding ride characteristics that compare favorably with Cadillac vehicles of the past.”

  • Andrew

    Not having the XTS-L ready for the show is a mistake. The fact is the back seat has less real life legroom and space than an Avalon, Passat, or even Accord. The MKT will not be well recieved in the more conservative markets, especially with a tricky ingress/egress. Chrysler’s choice to abandon the livery market by not offering a LWB in the new body when they finally bring up the quality of the interior, and we are looking at a vacuum in the marketplace.