Camaro GT Race Car Makes the ZL1 Look Like a Chick Car

Camaro GT Race Car Makes the ZL1 Look Like a Chick Car

YACO Racing’s collaboration with Sareni United and Reiter Engineering has come to fruition. We kept our eyes on Sareni United after we previously saw a preview of their new Chevy Camaro GT3 race car, and it appears that the final product is ready for public consumption.

Sareni United, founded and owned by Hans Reiter of Reiter Engineering, got the inspiration for a GT3 Camaro race car when he went to America in 2010. Armed with a team of a dozen people, the new car was developed within one year and the FIA approved the start of the homologation in October of 2010.

Powered by a 7.9L V8 with a newly developed Holinger gear box, with 650-hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Prototype testing was promising, with the Camaro running similar lap times as Lamborghini‘s Gallardo but the team continued to fine tune the vehicle.

YACO will be campaigning a pair of these race cars at the ADAC GT Masters races and may compete in the GT3 European Championship.

Pricing isn’t cheap, with the Camaro priced at over $250,000 (€195,000) based on today’s conversion rates.

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[Source: Sareni United via AutoBlog]