Camaro Tops Mustang in Sales Race for Second Straight Year

Camaro Tops Mustang in Sales Race for Second Straight Year

More than four decades ago, the Ford Mustang became America’s first “pony car” and has established itself as the segment leader ever since. However, in the last two years, Mustang’s closest rival, the Chevrolet Camaro, has incontestably dethroned the Mustang as the new sales leader.

When the Chevy Camaro beat the Ford Mustang by 81,299-to-73,716 units in 2010, analysts believed it was down to buyer excitement over a newly-released Camaro. Surprisingly, sales figures of 2011 revealed that not only did the Mustang not regain its spot at the top, but the sales gap actually widened. Last year, Americans bought 88,249 Camaros and only 70,438 Mustangs.

Little explains why the Camaro has pulled ahead in sales while the Mustang lagged behind. Even when comparing performance figures between the two machines, the difference is negligible as the Camaro only has fractionally more horsepower while it carries a couple of more pounds than the Mustang. Price wise, the MSRP of the Mustang V6 and GT are both less expensive than its Camaro counterpart.

Competition between the two rivals promises to intensify for 2012. On the Chevrolet corner, Camaro is preparing a high performance ZL1 producing an outrageous 580-hp, capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 184 mph.On the Ford corner, the new Mustang Shelby GT500 answers the ZL1 with a staggering 650-hp, promising to reach speeds beyond the 200 mph holy grail.

No doubt, the GT500 is a statement car in its purest sense. If Camaro manages a threepeat for 2012, could the Mustang’s failure come down to its long-criticized live rear axle?

GALLERY: 2012 Camaro ZL1


GALLERY: 2013 Ford GT500


  • Carl

    With the obvious exceptions of Mustangs dated platform and live rear axle, Mustang offers way more modern technology “DOHC 32 valve V8” a much more modern interior offering Navigation and Dual automatic Climate. Ford has done good keeping it fresh, especially with the 13 GT500!
    However as the Camaro is seen as the newest car on the block for appearances which seems to be more important in this segment. I normally side with GM on everything when compared to Ford, however I know they can do better, at least bringing the equipment up.
    I speak for all cars!

  • gerald easton

    all this ford fan has to say, with all the talk chevy this chevy that you would think that there would have been 4 to 1 camaro sales over mustang. that goes back to the original mustangs. at the sales rate of the new camaro it would take 20 years to catch up and that’s if the mustang was pulled out.but don’t count on that happening.we enjoy seeing camaro selling. the production figures on both cars are very low in my eyes. considering there is 350 million people in our country, but only 20 million of those americans buy american.the other so called americans drive their honda with their support our troops stickers. goodby mercury, goodby pontiac,goodby plymouth,goodby hummer, goodby to those jobs for those troops that you promised to support. go camaro go mustang go challenger. thats the truth for the low sales.

  • Carl

    I completely agree Gerald Easton. Of the 4 dropped brands listed, the biggest losses are Mercury and Pontiac! “Both top brands before Americans stopped buying American!” Pontiac is dead because the Government wouldn’t save a “performance brand” that was still selling strong. Mercury is dead because the Grand Marquis represented true American luxury a car that desperately needed funding for a modern still big redesign. The current Ford executives just want to kiss green a** so they killed the Panther and Mercury along with it.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Danny

    Since introduction Total sales of Mustang have way outnumbered Camaro. Especially since Camaro had a couple of years of no Camaros. I don’t know where they get that data but i see way more Mustangs in NC than Camaros.

  • Mike

    I am Canadian and I see way more Mustangs in Ontario than Camaros, that includes newer ones? I know they are talking about new units byt check the roads boys !

  • Remford

    Holy irrelevant, Batman. Selling lots of cars has NEVER been GM’s problem – lest anybody forget how it lost tens of billions selling almost 30% more vehicles than it does today. GM seems to pursue sales LITERALLY “at any price”.

    By contrast, the business Ford has gladly walked away from has been every BIT as important as the profitable business it’s chosen to pursue. Those who continue to view sales volume as the most important metric are intellectual dinosaurs who will be responsible for driving Detroit BACK to the brink of collapse – often while claiming to be its best-informed “authorities”.

    Furthermore, by diverting power trains from Mustang to FAR more profitable F-150, Ford continued to strengthen its bottom line – ensuring HOWEVER many cars it happens to sell in the future won’t come with a $60B price tag hung on the backs of taxpayers, bondholders and creditors.

  • Real facts camaro is just a better car.  I owned two Mustangs since 05 and bother fell apart from the inside out. Now have a 2012 SS and there is no comparison. I don’t race so the 1/2 sec gain is no worry as the 300lbs pounds are added safety and a modern suspension. 

  • David R. Ross

    I’m not sure but as far as I know back in 80’s Camaro outranked Mustang.

    Here’s a brief history of 3rd Gen Camaro btw: