Chevelle Concept Could Be GM’s Surprise Detroit Reveal

Chevelle Concept Could Be GM’s Surprise Detroit Reveal

As we get closer and closer to the start date for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI., more and more rumors are circulating the web as to what will be unveiled at this years show.

One such rumor is in regards to a mystery GM concept. Sources suggest it will be a Chevrolet product, and the name that has been kicking around the most is the Chevelle.

Rumors regarding a return of the Chevelle has been around for two years now and was initially expected to bow at the L.A. Auto Show two years ago, but all we got was a scale model. Many expected that the concept would have been unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, but that never happened either.

So could Detroit play host to this much anticipated concept? Will the new Chevelle be as cool as the 1970 model (pictured)? And will it be called the Chevelle or something else, as GM has the name “Chicane” also trademarked.

With the first press day only a few days away, you won’t have to wait too long to find out the answer.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Mark Lubick

    I seen a photo of a concept Chevelle a few years ago before the Camaro concept came out. If the new concept is anything close to that design it will be off the charts. Sign me up for one!!!!!

  • Jeff Stapleton

    I had a 1969 Chevelle SS 396. I loved that car. Bring back the Chevelle. And make it look like the 1969 or 1970 model.

  • Bob

    My favorite year is the 72′. I like the look of the rear end a lot better. The circle taillights were a pretty cool, unique look.