Chevrolet Volt Ads Look to Rebuild Confidence in Electric Vehicle [Video]

Chevrolet Volt Ads Look to Rebuild Confidence in Electric Vehicle [Video]

GM has a long road ahead of them to rebuild consumer confidence in the Chevrolet Volt after months of negative press surrounding the fire risk of their extended-range electric vehicle.

The advertising campaign will focus on just how safe the Volt is and will include full-page ads in 19 different US newspapers including The New York Times, along with television ads. The launch of the ad campaign coincides with GM CEO Alan Akerson testifying to Congress that a recent Volt fire that took place after a NHTSA crash test would never occur in real-world situations.

NHTSA said late last week after its two-month investigation that the Volt does not pose any more of a fire risk than any other conventional vehicle. Unfortunately, damage clearly has been done as GM North America President Mark Reuss admitted that Volt sales took a huge hit in January. GM will be restarting production on the Volt in February at its Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant and expects to build it with “very reasonable” volume. Their immediate focus however, is to rebuild the reputation surrounding the Chevy Volt as quickly as possible.

Check out GM’s first ad “Morning in Hamtramck” after the break.

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  • Tinapoli

    The congressional hearing was a sham staged to rehash the auto bailout, nothing to do with safety. If it where, they would be looking into why 250,000 gasoline car fires occurred last year (with people killed), instead of one test car with no one hurt, whose fire could not be replicated in further rashes. I did not leave the GOP, the GOP left me when they went to crazy town. I’m getting 120+ MPG from my Volt, the first American car I have bought and the best car I have owned, hands down.