• mark sloan

    I love the new Chevy generation..

  • Berneal Dorse


  • Elyano Nascimento

    I love my chevy suburban! But I need a new one

  • Jamie Grogan

    Chevrolets are the Best Vehicles

  • shannon flowers

    Everyone should own a Chevy!

  • Danny DeCloedt

    Chevy is the best and always will be

  • rose brose

    what could i win

  • mike saiki

    Just bought a treverse and I love it

  • ashanti hairston

    I would love to win anything maybe corvette



  • Mary Ann Nietz

    Super Bowl, friends, beer, food, fun and Chevy!! Not nessasary in that order!

  • Dom

    Love my Silverado and my Cruze

  • Bobby Garland

    From Old school to new generation chevy are awesome

  • Dorine Anderson

    Please send info to my phone, for contest, 703-269-7658

  • tommy

    whith all the hoopla from chevy and all the giv e away,s this is going to be the best super bowl ever,

  • kevin higgs

    chevy cars are tight..

  • david sedillo

    Hopefully I’ll have better luck then with the football pool.


    A red Avalanch would go great

  • KaneKoa Mookini

    Ima still n love wit my Chevybaby n she is n anotha State…1976 3/4 ton wht miss her lots xoxo

  • R.. Happy

    It would be wonderful to win a new Chevy Wow!!


    I love that song about the Chevy an the levy! I am a child of the fifties! Do you know the words etc.? I might sing it for you if I win! /

  • Jerry w Hidenrite SR

    To win a new chevy would be fantastic,and to go to the GAME,priceless.Now that would be a Wish for any CHEVY FAN!!!!!

  • Neecie Surber

    Please,please,please…with a Chevy on top…..I need a new car so badly!

  • Jared Barber

    I love my chevy@ I never have no problems with mike chevy

  • I’d love to win a new Chevy pick up to pull my new flats boat.

    I’m surrounded by Chevy lovers, it’s time to join the team. I’ve currently got a 2010 ford flex & a 2011 ford f-150 in my driveway.

  • steven abblett

    my first car was a chevy camero rs.still the best car i ever had


    I like the new chevy because the come back in the standard of cars in the chevy family has made me look more at GM cars than any other good work. Keep it up
    Thank you

  • Ishola williams

    Chevy’s back on top best cars in the world!!! And Am Loveing It.

  • Ish Williams

    Chevy Love Is forever! And we are back on top of the world to stay. Still in Love With 1953 Chevy 3100 truck.

  • john w gager

    i have driven chevy for 50 years, GMs are the best vehicle on the road, and I tell all my friends to buy one.